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    hi James, I think that you did a good job talking about religion and political issues. I think that this topic is very talked and debated about. I also think its something that should be accessible if needed.

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    Fake News

    Recently, fake news has been very talked about the 2016 Trump v.s. Hillary election and even after that. According to an oxford essay,”Fake news is not new, but the American presidential election i

  • Sex trafficking has become very prevelent recently. Some people ask exactly what sex trafficking is. Sex Trafficking is when someone uses force or fraud to cause a commerical sex act with someone. “A Commercial S

  • In recent months there have been many cases of lung disease that is believed to be caused by nicotine and thc vapes. President Trump quickly decided to ban flavored vapes. I think that they decided not to look

    • I really like how you pointed out the facts about how banning these products is ineffective by saying “the FDA needs to regulate the ingredients in the product rather than the consumer”, and then gave ideas for ways to fix this problem that would be more effective. It also made me wonder the statistics of have many kids have smoked/vaped within the last 20 years.Before reading your post I had no idea that bootleg THC products were causing fatal health problems for consumers so I looked up more information on this problem.

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