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    I think this is a great question Tara because everyone has a different answer. Art to me is anything with creative elements in it. Whether it is ceramics, paintings, writings, poetry, etc. I think art is all around us it is just perceived differently by each person.

  • Dear Rosa,

    I really enjoyed reading what you wrote. I thought the topic that you chose was very interesting because it is not a common topic talked about. I myself think that movie theatre popcorn is always better than popcorn made at home. I find it cool that you can purchase it and have it made at your house. However, the option of getting…Read More

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    How much Trash Is In the Ocean?

    There is an astounding amount of trash in the ocean. National Geographic claims “there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean” (Nat. Geo, 2019). The trash in the ocean is counted in three ways. The first...

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    • I thought this was very well written. I liked how you started very matter of factly and then gave a quote to really secure your claim. You also gave very good information about each thing you talked about. Specifically, when talking about the “Great Garbage Patch”, you gave a ton of facts and quotes to get the message across. I liked how you ended with a solution and a call for all people to take care of the word as citizens of the planet.

    • Katie,
      I think this is one of the most important topics to look into today’s world. Our oceans do so much for us and I believe that all the trash in the ocean is overlooked much too often. You did a great job talking about the “Great Garbage Patch.” It was very clear to see that you know what you are talking about! Another important thing that you did was offer a solution. Many people just say “hey this is a problem… I do not know how to solve it but it is a problem.” So, it really helped to have a solution offered. It really made the whole piece come together in a very informative way!

    • I enjoyed reading your thought about Marine pollution, Katie. Humans have done a lot of things that are irreparable to our environment. We live on land, but we do so much damage to the oceans. We should be ashamed of this. I think you are right that we should reduce the use of non-biodegradable materials and recycle the garbage that has been thrown out in the ocean. I know that non-biodegradable materials are in our lives that sometimes we have to use them but I think if we do a good job of recycling and sorting, things will be much better. Thank you for sharing, Katie.

    • Katie, I’m so glad that you brought the focus back to such an important topic in our modern day. I feel that many people are vaguely aware of the immense amounts of plastic that exist in our oceans and global communities but always turn a cold shoulder to such an immense problem. As you said, such a “sickening” fact is hard to come to terms with and if we want to change we must first spread awareness, and I think this post is a great way to continue spreading that.

    • I think that your post is well written and focuses on a major issue in today’s world that the global community overlooks. As you said, it is our responsibility to reduce waste in our oceans and turn around the marine pollution that human activities have caused. I agree that humans should use more biodegradable materials and use less disposable plastic in order to reduce the amount of trash in our oceans while also taking other steps. I think that it is important to inform more people about the significant environmental damage and harm to marine life that marine pollution causes in order to increase awareness, since this will enable the global community to have the most effective response and make the most progress in reducing marine pollution.

  • Dear Arooj,
    I really enjoyed reading your article! I really liked some of the points you brought up because some of them you don’t nefariously think of when hearing animal testing. The point I found interest is about animals having emotions and what the testing could do to them. We are basically using them to see if the products will harm us in…Read More

  • Dear Seth,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. I had similar issues to you. I really could not keep my energy levels up at all. I was tired and drained almost every day. I found your article very useful. I think that in today’s world everyone is sitting on a computer all day every day and forgetting to get out and exercise. I noticed a similar…Read More

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