• It all began with a buzz in news and media outlets: a virus that had attacked China and had left many of its victims hospitalized and in self-isolation. Never would we have thought that situation would have

  • Kheriya,
    I really liked your post as the issues you addressed are sadly very prominent in our world today and specifically in the U.S. I like the persuasion your post has, the passion behind your words is very clear. You appeal to a variety of groups, including teenagers, teachers, parents, and handful of other societal groupings. This not only…[Read more]

  • Hi Jayme,
    I find your topic very interesting and I appreciate that you have taken the time to link the readers to your sources while also expanding on their relevancy to your claim. I think that many people are misinformed, including myself, on this topic and seeing that perhaps we have the wrong idea with regards to healthcare is eye-opening. I…[Read more]

  • It is clear that climate change is an impending issue with which people are faced in a number of ways, both directly and indirectly. Through research I have observed that there is a movement that gained and has

    • Hey Kathryn, I really enjoyed reading your post. I remember taking your survey and seeing the specificity of some of the questions you asked. I am for the side that does believe that protests matter, it gains a lot of attention on media especially since our age group takes up a large majority of it. But although I support protests I don’t think they are racking enough attention for corporations to want to contribute to the change needed to slow down global warming. I’m glad you are taking on a topic that is so prevalent, I look forward to reading more from you.

      Here’s an article about a youth activist (Greta Thunberg) that I think you’d enjoy

  • There have been extensive sources written about the impact and involvement of youth in the environmental cause, and in this post three will be presented in order to further understand this occurrence. 


  • The climate change generation has increasingly formed part of peaceful protests and demonstrations urging local and global policymakers to adopt environmentally responsible plans. Various articles have been

  • Fanny, I think you did a great job identifying an issue that isn’t talked about very much. It is important for people to realize that cuisine can be particular to a place and in a country like the US the perpetration of it can imply inaccuracy in process and result in discrediting of the “original” chefs or cooks. I appreciate the shift from…[Read more]

  • Mashlin, this is a very informative piece of writing and a very important one too. You did a good job of identifying the issue and proposing a solution for it as well. Pointing out that the main reasons for migration include safety hazards is an imperative part of the reason to keep TPS running especially for Central Americans. Perhaps including…[Read more]

  • A couple days ago, I came across an article about climate change and specifically about how students and young people are going about the issue. The annotations I made on this article serve to highlight some of

  • Kaitalin, I agree with your statement about different food from different cultures. I too believe that not all food is the same, and especially that the certain flavors or ingredients used in foods from different cultures vary depending on their geographical location and the ingredients that are available to people in their countries. Maybe…[Read more]

  • Emanuel, your post very well highlights the motives many people have for leaving their home countries and immigrating to the United States. I too am a child of immigrant parents and I can speak to the experiences my parents have had living in this country and building their lives from scratch. A lot of the time people do not realize that leaving…[Read more]

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    Danny, your article is very well written, and I like that you present points of view from both sides of the issue. In the future, I think maybe expanding more on what has led people to have certain stances on this issue would be interesting to look at, as well as providing statistics on gun ownership and mass incidents.

  • Luis, I really loved your post about emigration from the Dominican Republic. What sparked my attention and intrigued me the most was when you said, “Many people come to this country to protect their families to have a better life in another place because their country doesn’t have a good president or for the need of food or money”. This s…[Read more]

  • I think this is a great post about the environmental effects of plastic in the oceans. Like you said, it is important to do something about this issue before it becomes too late. On that note, I would like to ask if you have looked at or read any articles that propose possible solutions to this threat. “We need to start showing the public this…[Read more]

  • The immigration topic in the United States is something worth looking at . In the article President Trump’s Wall of Compassion by Rovvy Lepor, the main argument is that the wall that our president has a

    • Immigration is an issue that should be talked about and addressed. It is a misconception that Trump supporters and those who support the wall hate immigrants, when in reality, we want immigrants and accept them. They just have to go through the right processes and enter legally. We’re a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation with laws. Immigrants are more than welcome.

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    Me agrada mucho tu publicación, y creo que tus puntos y preguntas tienen mucho valor. Cuando escribes, “Mi pregunta es porque hay personas tan repugnantes con las demás personas que no saben sus tradiciones o lenguaje? En vez de ayudarles para así poder seguir aprendido nuevas cosas.”, pienso de la misma manera. Siempre me he indagado sobre ese te…[Read more]

  • This is great! I am in complete agreement with you about the error in using standardized tests as a means to measure student intelligence. The value of learning and true inquiry is done away with completely in such processes, and thus does not show an accurate evaluation of students’ abilities. When you say “This option seemingly gives students…[Read more]

  • There are many online sources that describe the DACA program and give examples and possibilities of the future of the nation without this program. DACA is deferred action for childhood arrivals, and basically

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