• Kutay E

Hi, I agree with your ideas and also think that they both have some advantages and disadvantages.Nevertheless,personally I prefer going to school and being more social. On the other hand, I think online education is the best choice to do in these cases where we are not able to go...

Hi Danny, I really agree with your ideas that you have shared in your post. I really like how you clearly explained the results of it and being legal in some states and supported your ideas with datas. You may want to look at this website too(https://medlineplus.gov/druguseandaddiction.html). Good job. Kutay.

Hi Danny, I read your article and I think you did a really good job because I think, nowadays it is a common problem. So your aricle can be effective for children and also I think that some children are doing that because they do not know the possible consequences...

Hi Kaan, I liked your article, and found really interesting that according to Elizabeth Hartney reducing crime related to possession of amount of marijuana. Your article gave me an idea from different perspective. I think you did a great job!! Also you can check this website, it is related...

Climate Change View Comment
  • @Kutay E
  • November 23, 2019

Xochitl, I agree with your ideas about fossil fuels and its effects to climate change which is a big threat for our future. Also I think that you may find this website (https://www.northwestern.edu/fm/fm-staff/10-ways-to-stop-global-warming.html) interesting. Great job!

Hi, I agree that for our health we should combine eating healthy and exercising regularly. In my opinion they can not stand by theirselves and eating less doesn't mean it is healthy. I think examples were really good to support the idea.

Is the juul really cool? View Comment
  • @Kutay E
  • November 4, 2019

Hi Kaan, I totally agree about your ideas. Also I think they are dangerous for kids and teenagers so they should be forbidden. Sincerely Kutay

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