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    I agree with your ideas and also think that they both have some advantages and disadvantages.Nevertheless,personally I prefer going to school and being more social. On the other hand, I think online education is the best choice to do in these cases where we are not able to go to school.

    You can also look at this…[Read more]

  • Hi Danny,

    I really agree with your ideas that you have shared in your post. I really like how you clearly explained the results of it and being legal in some states and supported your ideas with datas. You may want to look at this website too(https://medlineplus.gov/druguseandaddiction.html). Good job.


  • These days, most of the people are talking about the same thing “COVID-19” or “pandemic diseases”. According to a website the definition of pandemic is:a pandemic is an epidemic of disease that has spread across

  • In today’s society, video games are becoming more and more popular and some of the children prefer to stay at home and playing video games rather than going outside.So, this causes some dilemmas between video g

    • Hey Kutay! After going through all of the posts made by other students this one pulled me in because normally when you hear media talking about video games, they tend to shun the gaming community. I definitely agree with you post because I play video games, like a lot. The connections that I am able to make are very nice. Kids that I meet at school normally have xboxs and it is so nice to just sit down and play some games with them. One of my best friends lives in Ogden (27 miles away from judge) and we rarely get to see each other because him and I are always so busy but we always set aside time during the weekend to get on Fortnite and play together. An example was Saturday. On Saturday we got on xbox at 9 a.m and played until 12 a.m. We have so much fin together because of these gaming devices! If you have a xbox come talk to me because I would love to play with you!

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    I liked your article and how you approach to “family” from different ways and different meanings. I also agree that definition for “family” can change from person to person. You can also check this website: https://family.lovetoknow.com/about-family-values/meaning-family.

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    I read your article and I think you did a really good job because I think, nowadays it is a common problem. So your aricle can be effective for children and also I think that some children are doing that because they do not know the possible consequences for underage drinking. You can check this website if you want:…[Read more]

  • For me one of the most important factors for success at school is, physical activity. Some people may think that it is a waste of time or not beneficial because students are getting tired but after I did some

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    I liked your article, and found really interesting that according to Elizabeth Hartney reducing crime related to possession of amount of marijuana. Your article gave me an idea from different perspective. I think you did a great job!! Also you can check this website, it is related to your article.…[Read more]

  • Xochitl, I agree with your ideas about fossil fuels and its effects to climate change which is a big threat for our future. Also I think that you may find this website (https://www.northwestern.edu/fm/fm-staff/10-ways-to-stop-global-warming.html) interesting. Great job!

  • In these days, I think that global warming is one of the biggest threats which is getting dangerous.

    In my opinion there are so many things that we, as humanity,  can do to prevent global warming.

    • Hey Kutay, I really liked this article. I liked how you gave us examples of ways to lower our carbon emissions, and explained how if we don’t do something our planet could be facing a lot of dangers.

    • Hi Kutay! I’m Pauline! I really liked your article and how you pointed our specific ways in which we can lower our carbon emissions! I found this article which shows more ways we can lower our carbon footprint hope you like it! https://www.nytimes.com/guides/year-of-living-better/how-to-reduce-your-carbon-footprint One of the ways I found most effective is to eat less meat and eat what you need and not waste food.

    • Hi Kutay! I read your article and really enjoyed it! I agree with you when you say that global warming is the biggest threat to our planet at the moment. I think that the solutions you found and proposed, like driving less and decreasing the burning of fossil fuels, are great. I just think that more people in our society need to be educated about it. Lots of people do not know the source of global warming or the solutions they could help make. I found this article that talks about even more solutions and would highly suggest reading it if you are interested in learning ways we can stop it: https://www.nrdc.org/stories/how-you-can-stop-global-warming This was a great article!

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    I agree that for our health we should combine eating healthy and exercising regularly. In my opinion they can not stand by theirselves and eating less doesn’t mean it is healthy. I think examples were really good to support the idea.

  • Obesity is one of the most common problems which is rapidly growing in today’s society. Obesity is a health problem which is not only related to what we eat, there are so many other reasons for o

    • Hi, Kutay. After reading your article about obesity, I do agree that obesity is one of the most severe issues in the current world, and it also can cause some terrifying health problems for us. I find the website, https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/strategies/index.html, which has more information and solutions on obesity that supports your article. Thank you for your post, and it is interesting and knowledgeable.

    • Kutay, I completely agree with your points. Obesity is a serious health problem that has plagued the entire United States. I read an article that gives a few facts about the obesity in the U.S. and it is truly remarkable that we have gotten so fat (the link: https://www.healthline.com/health/obesity-facts#1). When you said that “technology has an impact on obesity, because it causes inactivity.”, I completely agreed. I think technology has either made us too lazy or too busy in our lives. This leads to inactivity or activity making us too busy to make healthy food leading us to eat more fast food. I loved to read your article, and I will be looking forward to anything else you write.

  • Hi Kaan,

    I totally agree about your ideas. Also I think they are dangerous for kids and teenagers so they should be forbidden.


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