• American culture is being free. Many people know the United States is a free country and often move here  for that reason. We even have a written rule that we can speak, preach, petition,assemble, and press. Our

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    I agree with your argument because I also think we are a diverse country. I like your use of the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to strengthen your argument. I do have to disagree with the thought of our country being the freest. I can see where you come from but I feel as though many things limit our freedom like the government…[Read more]

  • Beliefs and values are often used by people to classify what, “makes you American”. In the United States we are known for having certain values and cultures. What could those be? People often hear freedom and equ

    • Hi Abbey,

      I admire your American value acronym, it makes the rest of your argument more organized and flow smoother. Overall, I agree with your argument about diversity greatly. America is definitely one of the most diverse countries in the world, if not the most. Using the Declaration of Independence as backup for your argument was very important. However, recent and past events in this country could counter the argument if all people are created equal — racially and religiously. I agree that Americans are informal also. I believe that it is a very essential American trait and value. Americans are even informal in the way they dress, almost everywhere they go. I really enjoyed reading your argument, it made me look at American values and beliefs to a much broader extent!

  • William,
    This topic seems to be coming up a lot lately. I agree with you on the fact that standardized testing is unfair to students. Many people get test anxiety and the thought of being timed to finish a test makes matters worse. Also, many students do not do well under pressure and don’t like the generic, one sided questions and answers of the…[Read more]

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