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  • Mashia, having both read “The Hate U Give” and watched the movie, your fictional mock trial statement has profoundly impacted my view of the story. Starr Carter’s compelling address on mass incarceration and police brutality has struck a chord with me, shedding light on the urgent need for societal change. Your portrayal of the systemic…Read More

  • This essay featuring the United States Attorney General’s defense of the justice system is both timely and compelling, sparking an important debate on fairness and justice in the wake of Khalil’s tragic death. The author skillfully navigates complex issues surrounding mass incarceration and police brutality with clarity and conviction.…Read More

  • This essay by Nana Carter powerfully highlights the systemic racial injustices within the US criminal justice system, particularly focusing on the experiences of marginalized communities like Garden Heights. Through compelling storytelling and statistical evidence, Carter effectively underscores the urgent need for international attention and…Read More

  •   This essay highlights how people from different social classes are kept apart, showing how white people didn’t want black people living in their neighborhoods because of racism and class differences. Before reading this, I didn’t realize how much segregation affected where people live and their conditions. It’s eye-opening to see how highways…Read More

  • This greatly explains on how civic planners played a role in creating segregated neighborhoods in Atlanta, a big city with lots of people and traffic. It explains how, in the past, there was a campaign to keep African-Americans in certain areas, both before and after slavery ended. Civic planners made decisions that pushed African-Americans into…Read More

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