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The Running Shoe Debate: Maximalist vs. Minimalist (Abstract, Final Research Paper)

This research focuses on different types of running shoes. Many articles, experiments, and statistics were examined to determine whether maximalist or minimalist running shoes are better for preventing injury and maximizing your training. Many studies indicate that purely running in one type of running shoe increases your risk of injury and  does not maximize your training. Purely running in a […]

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The Running Shoe Debate: Maximalist vs. Minimalist (Pioneer database research)

  My research question is, Which running shoe is best for injury prevention: maximal or minimal running shoes?   While searching the Pioneer database, I came across a few studies that were very interesting and helpful.     Suzanna Logan, Ian Hunter , J. Ty Hopkins, J. Brent Feland and Allen C. Parcell from BYU University published study that measured […]

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Which running shoe is best for injury prevention: maximal or minimal running shoes? (Tag: running)

Print this page. Author Katie

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The Running Shoe Debate: Maximalist vs. Minimalist (Part 2)

In the Gale Research Database I found various articles and research about different types of running shoes. In a study published by Reuters Health Medical News, runners reported higher rates of injury and pain with minimal (less structured) shoes. After three months of  switching from a traditional shoe to a variety of minimalist shoes, runners participating in the study had 2-3 […]

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The Running Shoe Debate: Maximalist vs. Minimalist

  As a competitive runner who logs 25-30 miles a week the most important thing to me is keeping my body healthy and injury free. That means choosing the right pair of shoes is critical. When I started running, I truly believed in minimalist shoes. I swore on the Nike Free until I ran into a major hip alignment injury. After […]

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Should the Federal Government Require Children to be Vaccinated for Preventable Diseases?

There has been a long debate about whether the government should require children to be vaccinated. Even though there are no federal laws that mandate vaccinations, all 50 states “require” certain vaccinations for children entering public schools. According to an article published by New Republic, forty-eight states allow religious exemptions for vaccinations, and in nineteen of those states you can […]

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Do we really care about the environment?

A study published by the Nature Climate Change  found that people who believe that climate change is a serious problem often times do little or nothing to try and combat the problem. “…members of the public who are “alarmed” about a warming planet show relatively low levels of public-sphere action, such as volunteering or protesting”. Research associates from the Social and […]

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