• Hi Mason,
    I really liked your post. I do agree with you that teachers and students need to learn what to do in these type of situations and how to react to it. However I do think that we need to have some patrol in schools because it is a another safety part. I am interested in what the government will do to solve this problem.

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    I really like your post on mental illness. I believe mental illness is a major problem in the society today, therefore it is a great research topic to write about. I really like how you talked about different websites that could help people and families who are experiencing mental illness. One interesting point that you brought up was music…[Read more]

  •    Over the course of the past week and half I have been researching some surgical techniques on amputations and how the outcomes affect’s amputees. I have researched two types of amputations called the c

    • Dear Katie, I love the research piece that you constructed above. The piece that you have written has educated me on the different types of surgical amputations that can be performed. I also can’t wait for you to share your story with having the traditional procedure and then getting the Earth procedure as a revision story. Thank you very much for educating me on this topic. nice work.

    • Tom replied 3 years ago

      Katie, this post is really interesting and very educational on the idea of these types of amputations. I believe that your story for the traditional procedure will be a great addition to this post. This was really a great post.

    • Alexa replied 3 years ago

      Katie, you picked an amazing topic to research and you yourself have first hand experience which will give your research paper something that most people can’t bring to theirs. I personally didn’t know that there was more than one amputation surgery. After reading your writing I would agree with you and say that the Ertl procedure is best. Great writing.

    • Heidi replied 3 years ago

      This was very educational. Prior to reading, I had no background knowledge of amputations. You wrote in an easy to understand way but also included detail about the procedure. It was also very interesting that you included a personal connection to this topic. Very well done.

    • Sean replied 3 years ago

      This topic is cool, since if the Ertl method proves to be the best method for amputations then maybe amputations will no longer hinder people in their lives. It is very well written since it describes the background of the Ertl method and how it works, and you also connect to your own life which makes this post compelling.

    • Ryan replied 3 years ago

      I think it’s really cool how deep of an interest you took in something that can be so important to others. All of the important and significant facts that you had were all very educational and I’m glad you got them from a reliable source so that I can count on them. Besides that I like how you included a little bit of history in the development of amputee’s.

    • Dave replied 3 years ago

      Experiencing amputation can be a life changing experience. A fake limb is never the same as the original. I hope one day, we can achieve the creation of regeneration for lost limbs, which will be especially useful for many veterans of war.

    • Dear Katie, It is great to hear about a topic like this, especially from someone who has had a personal experience with this. It was also great that you included your research. I think it is so amazing that people who have limbs amputated and then a surgery seem to do so well with their new lifestyle so I think that in this domain the medical field is really progressing! Some people in the para Olympics are even better or faster than those in the regular Olympics because of how well their new limbs and recovery work for them!

    • Mae replied 3 years ago

      Katie, this is a great research piece. It is informative, well written and you have good sources. I can tell this is a topic you care about, and you put in the effort to research it. Before reading I knew next to nothing about surgical amputations, and now you helped me become more educated on them. I look forward to reading more about your own experience, and I will make sure to read the next thing you write about this topic. Good job!

    • Katie, this article gives a short and very informative explanation about amputations. Not only did you provide information about both methods but you included a personal experience. It helped make the issue more than just a medical article but an informative article that is easy to understand for someone who has never been exposed this topic. Great job!

  • Dear Ellisandra,
    Thank you so much for commenting on my post. Yes, I do agree with you that amputees in other countreis should have better access to prosthetics. I am glad that you are interested in technology and science because that would be a great career for you to go into, since it always changing!

  •       I have decided to research the surgical techniques of amputations and how the outcomes affect the quality of life. In my research paper, I will share my personal experiences about the conventional am

    • Katie, thank you for sharing. I have never heard of the Erl procedure. I have seen amputees but I had no idea what the procedure or system was for it. I think that amputees should be more easily accessible especially in other countries who have people who need an amputee. Technology and science advances always intrigue me because there always new findings and advancements.
      Thanks for sharing!

    • Katie replied 3 years ago

      Dear Ellisandra,
      Thank you so much for commenting on my post. Yes, I do agree with you that amputees in other countreis should have better access to prosthetics. I am glad that you are interested in technology and science because that would be a great career for you to go into, since it always changing!

  •      Have you ever been distracted while driving? Texting behind the wheel is a huge concern in today’s society. Most of us know that texting while driving is dangerous, so why do people risk their lives? Many

    • Hello Katie, I found this post very interesting and completely true. Teen drivers especially today cannot bare to part from their phones for more than bout 5 minutes unless they absolutely have to. This is a very important issue today. I’m sure if teens and young adults could just wait to check their phones when they get to where they are going, I’m sure this could prevent a ton of accidents from occurring. Great post!
      – Skylar

  •      During seventh grade, I was in and out of the hospital with  a MRSA infection in my ankle. I know from first hand that there needs to be a cure for MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). I care

  • I really like reading your post, Manwinder. I agree with you that finding hope helps you get through some hard times. I can relate to things that you are talking about because in order for me to get through the tough times of my medical experiences, I had to have hope. I think when you have hope in yourself, you will gain a lot more out of life. I…[Read more]


         Have you ever been so interested in something, that you have a certain mindset to learn about it even more? I am determined to go to college, in order to get a good enough job to have health insurance and

    • Dear Katie,

      I am very happy about your post “Reaching For Your Dreams” because i feel the same way you do about having the right mindset in order to achieve your goals faster. I also agree about those who have a negative mindset will take much longer than those with a positive one. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “My attitude has helped me through tough times,” because that is the way everyone should be when trials and tribulations come around and knocks people down but will not weaken you but strengthen you. Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time I was playing in my first rugby game and in the beginning it was going well until I busted my head open. But when it happened all I thought of was my mom never letting me play again. However, while in was getting staples in my head I had a good positive attitude that got me through the pain and time before I got back into it. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I want to hear more about yourself and how having a good mindset will help you through tough times.

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