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    Heroic and Honorable Characters

    In The Once and Future King, there are many characters that exhibit heroic and honorable traits, often sharing a large amount of similarities with many fictional characters that are popular today. It was revealed farther into this book that...

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    • Hello Kristin, I like when you talked about Itachi Uchiha from Naruto how he was misunderstood by people and his brother. I think a lot of villain’s in animes, TV-shows, movies being misunderstood because they are ready to go against world for one person or they did mistakes and it turned them into villain. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I liked they way you expressed it.

    • Hey Kristina (nice Kakashi profile picture, by they way)! I agree with you on all of these characters- I think that all of them are honorable, even if they weren’t portrayed that way during the whole show. Another character I’d like to add is Naofumi from an Isekai anime series, Rise of the Shield Hero. After Naofumi was transported to another world, he was betrayed by the King and Princess, being labeled a criminal. However, Naofumi still had a good heart and saved many people from the waves of monsters. He swore off being nice to anyone after the betrayal, but he still made close comrades and saved lives. I believe that this character is heroic and honorable at heart. I appreciate hearing your interpretation on these characters, I love all of those series and book. ~✰

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Heroic and Honorable Characters

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