• If there were less guns there would be less violence. Guns are everywhere you can get guns off the streets for a cheap price. Way to many people are getting killed just by guns. Roughly 11,961 murders committed

    • Jake replied 1 year ago

      So, your entire argument is completely feelings-based. Which is fine, I’m glad you’re passionate about this. However, allow me to contradict you. Yes, the 11,000 number is about right for firearm homicides, but the number for a firearm saving a life is anywhere between 500,000-3 million each year according to the CDC. So, just saying that “less guns=less violence” is completely unsubstantiated. Look at Australia, they had a mandatory buy-back for all firearms and their violent crime skyrocketed. The UK, very very strict gun laws there so people started using machetes and acid. Look here in the US at Chicago, strictest gun laws in the whole country and is the murder capital of the United States. I understand where you’re coming from, but taking guns away from law-abiding citizens (which is almost all gun owners) is a horrible idea. Criminals will just find other ways to harm and kill people. We won’t ban knives, even though you’re statistically more likely to die by a knife than you are by a rifle according to FBI Crime Statistics. We won’t ban cars, even though car accidents and drunk driving are both huge causes of death in this country.

  • I totally agree this!! we should be able to learn in peace and not be worried about someone shooting out of nowhere.

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