• There are lots of logical reasons that disprove global warming. Conserve Energy Future says, “Scientists who argue against global warming say global warming isn’t real because since the 90s there hasn’t been

    • I thought it was interesting when you mentioned the fact that scientist have known about the earth climates rising because of high levels of co2. Some denied that climate change actually existed because there wasn’t any drastic climate changes. Currently some still believe that global warming is not real while people all around are being affected by floods, hurricanes, and other natural storms that are more aggressive because of high levels of co2.
      Here’s a source that you may be interested in. This video focuses on the green house gases(methane) trapped in ice sheets being released in our atmosphere because the ice sheets are melting from global warming.

    • Hello Koree,
      I like you mentioned that climates changing is not only about rising temperature but also the extreme weather. People need to realize how serious the climate change is.
      Here is an article about some increased extreme weather. https://www.climate.gov/taxonomy/term/3453
      sincerely wuyou

    • Hey Koree,
      I found your article to be quite educational, since I myself often got confused with this. I found something that might interest you (https://climate.nasa.gov/resources/global-warming-vs-climate-change/).
      – Sincerely, Paula

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