• Koji Nagata-Brown

    Youth Voices #1

    April 25, 2018

    Period 5


    Desdemona 1.3.208-218


    I have respect for you as my father,

    But I have important decisions to make.

    You have given me an education and a r

  • In the spirit of “Owning Shakespear” I choose to be Duke from the play Othello, Act 1, Scene 3 lines 229-240.

    In this scene, the Duke is trying to help Brabantio make the right decision about letting his

  • Yaqui,

    This is a great poem! I love how you talked about how people can make a difference in the world, but they have to put their mind to it. You can’t just believe in change, you have to become the change if you want to make a difference. I liked this a lot! Keep writing more!

  • Hi Sam,
    I think your article is very interesting. Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting advancements in technology that we have today. I think that in the near future, AI will play a huge role in our day to day lives and possibly even run the world!
    Here is an interesting article that is very practical for our…[Read more]

  • The legalization of medical marijuana would be very beneficial for our country because of the social, financial and medical impacts of legalization. Most of the country agrees that medical marijuana is the

    • Koji,
      This is a really interesting post. I have obviously heard about the debate over legalization but I never thought of the connection to the opiate problem. That is a very interesting idea and I personally think that if it would relieve the pain of people in need of opiates then it would be a very sensible idea to use medical marijuana. Do you know if there has been any testing in this matter of marijuana in place of opiates?

    • Koji, your post was very well written. I have also read a lot about the emerging and controversial legalization of marijuana within the United States. I found the article that I included in the bottom of my comment quite compelling. It shows the social and physical preference for marijuana as a pain killer as compared to opiates. This article examines some of the positive ways the legalization of marijuana could affect the current opiate crisis. I find your topic very intriguing and I look forward to reading more of your research. All the best my friend——

    • Hi,
      I thought your post was very well written. I am just as curious as you about this topic. It always puzzles me because if we have a potential way to solve a scary problem why wouldnt we do it. Im sure marijuana could have its downfalls just like any drug but through all its research it seems way less harmful then cocaine or all the scary drugs. I hope eventually people will stop getting addicted to any sort of drugs because they do ruin lives of the users and those around them but that seems unrealistic to ask of people so for now if theres a better solution by replacing with marijuana I say we start trying to switch people.

  • There is a lot of stigma surrounding the infamous drug, marijuana. Most of this stigma is based on the stereotypical “stoner”, the one that sits at home all days and eats potato chips. But as early research is sho

  • Hi Gerardo, this was a very good poem. I really liked how you describe how your past has made you a stronger person. I hope that you continue to make more poems, and that you continue to describe your past and how it has changed you into the person that you are today.

  • Hi Mason,
    I think your article was very interesting. I think that the bystander effect can apply to the politics in our country today. It seems like people care about certain issues but refuse to get involved. Take gun control for examples, there have been so many mass shootings and nothing has been done to control the guns in our country and the…[Read more]

  • The past few days I have been conducting research on the social and economic effects that the legalization of marijuana could have on our country. I have found that there is convincing evidence that the new and

    • Koji- I really like the point you made in this article, and you did a great job making it! I think it is really important to look at what groups legislation effects, and after looking at this case in particular from your article, it is clear to see that there are certain groups that are more targeted when marijuana is still illegal. I also liked that you looked at the counter arguments, such as it being a gateway drug, and you gave the reader the perspective of a teenager, which is very relevant in this topic.

    • Koji,
      I thought it was interesting that you were able to tie minority groups into this argument. While I haven’t thought about that, it is true. With this new booming industry, people that were originally behind are able to catch up and succeed. I agree with Lindsay as well with you being a very good voice for this topic. It is fresh and new. Do you think the legalization of marijuana would change any traditions or social norms we have set in place in recent years?
      Helpful Link I Find Important: https://www.healthline.com/health/marijuana-and-epilepsy

    • This is a really interesting article Koji! You do a really good job of taking an issue that is really relevant today and bringing up points that no one really thinks about. It is important to realize how big legislation can have positive effects on groups, and how the lack of it can cause harm to groups. By taking the main points against the legalization and showing why they are ineffective, your argument becomes that much stronger. I found this article on marijuana legislation, and I think you should check it out! http://www.drugpolicy.org/issues/marijuana-legalization-and-regulation

    • Koji!!
      This was a really amazing review you have to give on why marijuana should be legalized, I love how you tackle the understanding of it from many different points of view. I believe you could make an amazing argument with what you have written down here. A great source to use is a documentary on Netflix called The Legends Of 420. It tackles the importance of marijuana being used in the medical field and also how harmless it is. They go around asking many different types of people what their beliefs on it is and they all get the same answer. That it should be legal

  • Hi Ed,

    This is a very well written article. I liked how you said that there are a lot more studies to be done and that we can’t fully conclude the effects of helicopter parenting, but that from what we do know helicopter parenting does have negative long-term effects on children. I personally think that my parents sometimes do to much for me,…[Read more]

  • Hi Charlie,

    I found you’re post very interesting. Space travel and exploring the universe is very fascinating to me. I think building a base on the moon would be cool, but it may be an inefficient use of resources and time. I think if we were to colonize any of the planets in our solar system, our best bet would actually be mars. Not only is it…[Read more]

  • Hi Andrea,

    I find this topic very interesting. The universe is so vast, so infinitely large that it is impossible to wrap my brain around it. Because the universe is so big, I agree that there must be some other life forms outside our solar system and maybe in our own galaxy. There is a lot of debate and different view points on this topic, so I…[Read more]

  • Hi Billy,
    this is a very interesting topic that you have chosen. Your topic concerns all of humanity, and plays a huge part in our future generations. I often wonder how long it will be until we kill off our species, or we destroy all of our resources and food. A good resource/video i think you would find interesting is linked to this comment. I…[Read more]

  • Marijuana has been a large topic of debate for the past decade. No one can seem to agree on whether or not this drug should be legalized for recreation, legalized for medicinal purposes or legalized at all. As

    • Yo Koji!
      This was a dank article (pun intended). I really liked your title because I just barely watched “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, so it really stood out to me. I find it interesting that by legalizing marijuana, we would actually reduce crime in cities. My question is, should there be a legal age to smoking Marijuana? And how old should it be? It is illegal to buy/sell tobacco to anyone under the age of 18, and buy/sell alcohol to anyone under 21. So what would the regulation for Mariana be?

      You might find that this article will give you a tickle:

    • Koji,
      This was a very well written article. I enjoyed the fact that you included both sides of the argument. I personally support and found your pros interesting. While the legalization could be a negative because of deals and the illicit market, I think that there are more pros than cons. My sister has epilepsy and it effects her greatly but it has been proven that marijuana helps with the effects of epilepsy. Here’s a link: https://www.epilepsy.com/learn/treating-seizures-and-epilepsy/other-treatment-approaches/medical-marijuana-and-epilepsy. What do you think?

    • Koji, I really enjoyed this article especially with such controversy this topic brings with it. Legalization of marijuana will not only benefit the economy but will bring numerous jobs with it as well. People are going to get their marijuana anyways, there is no way of ridding this country of it, so why not tax them on it. You pointed out the economic benefits well but I think you should also mention the medical and physical benefits. you can find some here, https://www.investopedia.com/articles/insights/110916/economic-benefits-legalizing-weed.asp. You could possibly mention how it’s been seen to stop epileptic seizures, or how adults in the work force tend to enjoy they’re jobs more, with regular use not using while on the job. I enjoyed this article hope to hear more from you soon.

    • Koji,
      I really enjoyed reading this article, and feel it is a very big controversy in our society today. I liked how you argued both sides of the argument, and didn’t completely stick to one side of the argument. I personally support the legalization of marijuana because of my anxiety, and there has been many studies showing the positive impacts of using medical marijuana with anxiety. I found this article >http://www.westword.com/marijuana/anxiety-and-marijuana-why-i-chose-pot-over-antidepressants-9633709> about a guy who has struggled with anxiety his entire life, and had a bad “trip” with marijuana back in college, but found that using small doses of CBD in his every day life worked better for him than having to rely on antidepressants such as Xanax. My question to you though is, what do you think a healthy age is to legalize marijuana, and do you think it should be just for medical use, or do you think there could be some goods to legalizing it recreationally?

      Thanks for sharing

    • Koi,
      You included a lot of interesting statistics and we totally support your cause. Some things were not developed on enough like what exact laws you want put in place and where.

      You might find some more interesting details at

    • Koji, This was a well written article presented. The ideas you mention provide a nice outlet towards two different view points towards legalizing and the legalization of marijuana. Your objectivity is refreshing as many who write about this topic, depict their opinions rather than describe the circumstances revolving around the legalization of marijuana.
      The one idea that brings up some questioning is, how will we properly convey towards society that legalizing marijuana will make for a safer environment. As you said will not result in the growth of an illicit market, but actually result in the opposite. Marijuana bas many benefits including the treatment with cancer, used as a proper coping mechanism.
      With the thought about the affects it would have on the economy, will this assistance in relieving some of our debt as a nation, be short lived, and temporary such as other factors that have skewed the market.

  • Koji commented on the post, Heartbeat 2 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Taleb,

    I think this is a very good analyzation of the quotation for George Orwell’s book 1984. I agree with you, i think that he included the describing words “frightening loudness” to emphasize his passion and emotions during this part of the book. I think by adding these descriptive words to a book, it makes the book a lot more appealing to…[Read more]

  • Hey Kyle,

    This was a really cool article. I had never heard of the story about Thoreau and how he moved to the Walden Pond. I think it is very interesting how he moved from his comfortable life in New York City to a solitary wood cabin on the pond, it makes me think about what his personality was like? Was he anti-scoial?

    I found an article…[Read more]

  • Dear McKayla, this is a great poem.

    I especially like the stanza, “Flashbacks in my head renewed

    A sleepover in the middle of June

    Laughing and playing.

    Little did we know the next morning in the street you’d be laying

    Lifeless, as blood trickled through your beautiful curly hair that always smelled like coconut oil

    And we didn’t know whe…[Read more]

  • Dear Colin, I really like your essay about net neutrality. I believe it is a super important issue of our time today, and it is essential that we keep net neutrality in place to stay competitive with other nations. The internet is essentially a ultillity in today’s day and age, so it should be treated as one too.

    Here is an article on how to save…[Read more]


    Should self-driving cars be allowed to drive on public roads? States across the nation seem to think so, as more and more states continue to legalize autonomous vehicles. California is one of those states,

    • Hi Koji,
      I found your article to be very interesting and informing on the topic of self-driving cars. It does seem like self-driving cars are the way of the future, with safety concerns being the main obstacle. When self-driving cars start to become more common, on the road, car insurance could change drastically as well. Overall, I think this topic will continue to be the topic of popular debate.

  • Hi Shane!

    While I think that you make a few really sound points, I think that advanced robotics could really help our future! Robots are much faster and more efficient when it comes to making calculations and simulations than humans are. It is already proven that robots could help diagnose and treat cancer, simulations on climate change and much…[Read more]

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