• Hi Charlie,

    This was a very interesting point. I agree with you that in terms of technology, we have made huge strides in the past century starting from the industrial era. It seems as though we can only move forward and at an increasing exponential rate. I found the site with the predictions very intriguing, especially the prediction of space…[Read more]

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    Hi Amjid,

    I really appreciate your post on the word “finesse”. l think it doesn’t get the attention that it deserves, because not only is it an amazing descriptive word that could be used every day, but it is also very fun and satisfying to say. A suggestion for your post would be how you use the word finesse in your every day life, and give some…[Read more]

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    Zamboni. The satisfaction of just saying the word, zamboni, is similar to beating a high score on a game or getting a good grade on an assignment. After saying the word, zamboni, images of an ice skater twirling

    • Koji,
      This post was great, and honestly reading it made my mood better. You are right that the word ‘zamboni’ is only satisfying. I honestly came into this post expecting something different, but I’m glad that is wasn’t. This writing made me wonder what are some other ways that the zamboni has helped people, so I looked up stories and it was quite interesting. Thank you for making me rethink the way I see zambonis, making me laugh, and I hope to read more from you in the future.

    • Koji,

      I thought this was an interesting approach to writing about a zamboni. Being a figure skater, I totally relate to this, however I do want to point out that figure skaters don’t do twirls. I do think everyone could use a little zamboni in their lives.

    • Koji! Wow, this post made my day! While reading this, I could instantly feel my mood improving. You made me think about what other words bring people joy, I bet there’s a lot out there. I happened to look up what the most satisfying words are to say in the English language, and let me tell you, saying some brought me joy! Zamboni just happens to be #5!!! http://www.pajiba.com/seriously_random_lists/the-25-most-satisfying-words-to-say-in-the-english-language.php
      Keep up the good work!

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    I am inspired by your call to join the military. Joining the military is a big feat, putting your life on the line is not an easy task. The fact that you want to protect our country by risking your life is very inspiring, being a part of the military is one of the most respected careers I can think of.

    I really appreciate how you carry…[Read more]

  • I often find myself contemplating on my life and what it means to be happy. So often times I wonder, will I be satisfied with how I lived my life when I leave this Earth. Our time on this Earth is limited, we

    • Koji, this was a very interesting post, and I think its holds true in many aspects. I definitely agree with that statement of how our society focuses heavily on self improvement. Everywhere you go there is some book, or article or accessory you can buy to “change your life”, and how friends can impact your lives in ways that materialistic things cannot. I remember in Thailand where people were more happy and content with the people they had in their lives, instead of the “stuff” they owned. I read in this huffpost article, that those who considered friendship very important were more satisfied in every category from their health, their personal achievements, their safety, their relationships and their lives as a whole. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/mary-quigley/friendships-make-your-hap_b_8238262.html. I find it interesting that friendships correlates so closely with happiness, and I urge you to find more information and studies on this. Thanks for sharing

  • Dear Matthew,

    Internet safety is an important issue that I think is not talked about enough in our homes, workplace and classrooms. Something that our generation today isn’t aware of, is how big of an impact social media has on our future life, including the schools we get into and the jobs that we get.

    I think your research paper could be…[Read more]

  • Javier, your research project deals with one of the most important issues in the US and around the globe that we face today.

    We know about the poverty in third world countries and the people who die every day to hunger around the world, but sometimes we forget about the poverty in our own local communities. I am also concerned about the poverty…[Read more]

  • Hi Anna, I agree with your statement that all of us should strive for happiness. Happiness should be such an important part of our lives and it should drive our motivation, relationships and goals. That beings said, what is the happiest place on Earth? Even though the Central African Republic has an average of 2.69 on the happy scale, people there…[Read more]

  • Dear Colin, there is no doubt that Kanye West and other rappers have played a huge part in changing the lives of youth throughout the country and the world. When you ask the question of if Kanye has played a negative role in our lives or a positive role, I would answer with both. Kanye has brought light to many social issues throughout our country…[Read more]

  • Some things that I can do to make the world a better place is by going on volunteer trips. Organizations such as Youthlinc can help me volunteer around the world, especially in third world countries. I can also do

    • Koji this is a great post and I’m very happy you are interested in making a change in this world through volunteering and helping those in need. The opportunities you listed are very great and I’m sure your participation would help many people but there are hundreds or thousands of other volunteer organizations that would love your help. The bone marrow transplant is a vary serious type of operation and I’ve heard it is extremely painful. That is a very intense way of giving back to your community but if your really into it, I’m sure they would appreciate it. Currently I’m volunteering at the VA hospital and it has been an amazing experience. I highly recommend helping out here if you are interested in medicine or just meeting our veterans. https://www.volunteer.va.gov

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