• After reading Dear Miss Breed I was interested in the general public’s opinion of Japanese Americans treatment during the war, especially getting their rights taken away even though all except the first g

  • Hey Chandan, I agree with your points in this post. Individualism is a core american value. All your points were strong and you cited sources to back up your claims. Good job

  • Triston, I agree with your points in this post. Americans mostly value the first amendment and all our other freedoms given to us by the constitution. All of your points were solid and supported by evidence. Good job

  • Nice points Eric, I agree that immigration is a core part of America. The fact that in 10 years there will be over 11 million jobs created really surprised me. Immigration definitely would help fill those jobs. It’s kind of ironic that America is called a melting pot when right now immigration is being cut down on but that could change with a…[Read more]

  • To me, being an American to me only really requires that you are born or live in the United States. There are no restrictions on what race you are, your education or intelligence, what job you have, or even what

    • FIrst, I would like to address that this passage had a lot of context in it, good job. I also like the fact that you incorporated a quote from a book in it, showing your appreciation to the rights and life you have now. I definitely agree how American is a mixed society effectively making it a melting pot. I do notice that there is a lot of jumping around in your passage. You have touched every aspect of being an American, but I do suggest committing to one aspect of American culture and expanding on it so this passage can acquire more fluidity. Right now, it is displayed as a compilation of not yet developed ideas. Once again, I do enjoy reading your passage though.

    • Hi Michael.
      I like how sincere you were when writing this passage. I think it majorly showed when you used your independent reading, “Dear Miss Breed.” I would never thought to use that as evidence and shows how much you learned from it. Like the first comment above, I would like to see you focus more on your statements. For example, you said that, “Many American feared…” This would be a great place for evidence or explain why more in depth! I feel like I needed to be more persuaded in why more people should believe in diversity and patriotism. Overall, great effort!

  • James you brought up some great points, water bottle consumption will probably not go down unless some legislation is passed. I kinda already knew plastic bottles didn’t biodegrade but I didn’t know they photodegrade (or what photodegradation was) before reading this post. If legislation is passed to cut down on plastic usage through a water bot…[Read more]

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