• The topic of my hook was foster youth in California. I am trying to present on how not many foster youth are getting support in the system. I had to record myself at least 3 times to create the final version I

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    The link above is my recording of eye contact.

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    The text excerpt I chose to present in my third recording was “Now All Ariana Grande survivors of the Manchester Arena bomb will be given free tickets to this Sunday’s benefit gig” by Joe Nerssessian. I feel that

  • The two videos I watched was “TED’s secret to great public speaking” and “Good and Bad Examples of Presentation.” Down below are the links to my annotations. Chris Anderson wanted the viewers to understand that

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    I chose agriculture because I’m interested in the plants that we eat. The three questions I have is who is checking the crops?, how do they know that it is healthy or not?, and why are there so much chemicals in

    • Juray replied 2 years ago

      I have definitely once wondered about the questions you are asking because the whole GMO thing seems like it is difficult.

  • Genetic engineering is modifying the characteristics of an organism. Watching the tools they used for the genetics made my stomach nauseous. #gutreaction #geneticengineering

    Photo by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³

    • Yes it can be nauseating, but it is also thrilling. Imagine what else we could do with genetic engineering. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

  • I like how you went in depth with your topic and I feel like we are at risk if we keep letting a scientist modify our crops.

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    What steps do you think we should take to get rid of it?

  • I support biotechnology because it helps our health and lives on our planet but we need to stay on top of it because we not sure of how long this will last to keep us healthy and alive. We need to do more research

    • I agree with biotechnology because our health is important to use nobody wants to die early we want to live long lives.

    • How does biotechnology helps our health and lives on the planet ?

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    Biotechnology help improve our lives and health of our planet by developing technologies and products with cellular and biomolecular. For example food products such as bread and cheese. Biotechnology work with the

  • The foster care system is a 454 year old system that consists of a caseworker, foster parent, foster kids, and a therapist (if needed). The goal for foster care is usually to reunite the child with the birth

  • The foster care system can have a negative effect the academic performance of children in foster care. One child who moved between several different homes remembered the negative impact those moves had on his

  • Why aren’t the caseworkers checking on minors in group/foster homes?
    Who is in charge of placing minors in the homes?
    What is the support system that minors have when they are in the system?

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  • In the music video I noticed the different types of races and no matter where we come from we are one big happy family and treat each other the same.


    I saw many positive things in the lyrics. The song is

  • I see a black man holding up a sign that says, “Hands up don’t shoot”.


    I think this image is about the police to think twice about shooting. I agree with him because the police have been shooting people


    I see women holding up signs and cheering.


    I think this image was about women coming together to be recognized. I actually agree with this because women have been looked down on for years and not r


    The image shows a sign that says english is the only language they speak and nothing else. They have to learn it.

    I think that whoever wants to come into their town is to only speak english and to learn it.

  • I see a billboard sign that says text and drive. Beneath the caption there is a place called “Wathan Funeral Home.” There is also houses beneath that.


    I think the billboard sign is basically an invitation to d

  • I wake up at 6:45am. I grab my tablet from the side of my bed and read my fanfiction which is of course Transformers. *At 7:10 I would wake my sister up and go into the bathroom. When I go into the bathroom I

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