• Holley, this is all really interesting! All of the pets you own sound amazing and as someone who loves rats, it was very exciting to read that you have six of them. I understand the feeling of not fitting in, but I am very glad that you now have a group of friends that you seemingly really like! I can’t wait to read what you write next.

  • Halley, this is a really interesting topic! I really liked how you explained the purpose of mediums and specifically how you said “many religions teach that when one dies, their soul lives on and lingers around those who are important to them. Mediums have the ability to communicate to these souls.” I’m very excited to see what you write next!

  • One of the most recent and popular films that was heavily influenced by John Hughes is The Edge of Seventeen (2016). Even if you didn’t know the director was heavily influenced by Hughes, you would likely b

    • This is very interesting to look at. It is very apparent that Hughes is still influential today and I didn’t necessarily realize that. Maybe it would be good to look on the larger societal effect and how these tropes influenced by Hughes’ work have indirectly affected society.

  • Samantha, this is a really great observation! The Hunger Games is such an intriguing novel and it is very interesting to see its parallels to today’s society, especially because The Hunger Games is supposed to have a dystopian society. I look forward to seeing what you write next!

  • Mariah, this is still a very interesting topic! I am intrigued by the direction that you chose to go in with your research. I thought your second source was especially interesting and I never thought that the female body would lead people to believe that women were more likely to worship the devil. I look forward to seeing what your next set of…[Read more]

  • In the first source I looked at, the author looked at some of the most iconic parts of Hughes’s films and touched on why they thought he was so impactful. They thought that one of the reasons his films stayed r

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    Abigail, this is an amazing poem! I really enjoyed reading about your view on happiness and how you are joyful no matter what happens. I specifically liked when you said “it is realizing the simple fact that / life is hard; you cannot control what people do / but you can control what resonates within your spirit.” Those lines were very impactful…[Read more]

  • Hailey, this is such an interesting topic! The psychology behind sports (and specifically competition) is very interesting and I like how you delved into the different kinds of motivation since they are seemingly so different for each athlete. I also liked how you added that collaboration and competition are often both necessary on teams. I look…[Read more]

  • The first source from the Gale database that I looked at was actually an obituary for John Hughes, but contained a lot of details about his impact on film and his life. The article included a lot of quotes from

    • I totally agree that the essence of the characters that Hughes’ captures in his movies remain completely relatable! I like how you mention that there seems to be an increase in the lack of respect for teenagers in general. However, I think there are several filmmakers that understand that, maybe find a few you could compare him to.

    • I really like the angle by which you’re approaching this topic. One of the things that makes students angry is undue condescension from their higher-ups. Even though adolescence is a time of learning and discovery, young people wish to feel empowered in their own convictions, and not belittled by what they deem to be arbitrary authority figures. Reflecting on The Breakfast Club, I think it is the portrayal of these kids as genuine human beings put down by a bumbling school administrator that makes their very-real problems all the more relatable to audiences.

    • Katherine, first of all, I love John Hughes so I loved your article. I loved the way you approached his work and intertwined it with your own opinion. Students often have difficulty relating to their superiors or those who seem to have power over them, so it was interesting to read about that. Just because people are young doesn’t mean that their opinions are not valid or that they shouldn’t be heard. I think that is especially prevalent in Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. Both movies focus on adolescents struggles with parents and superiors. You might like this article. https://www.apa.org/education/k12/relationships It focuses on students’ relationships with teachers. Overall great job!
      -Anna Drossos

  • Zariya, this is a beautiful poem! Although I don’t know you, your writing gave me a vivid image of where you come from. I particularly loved your mentions of Junie B. Jones (I too was a fan) and the very impactful lines about the bullet your dad took for your mom and the loss of your grandfathers. I look forward to reading what you write next!

  • Mariah, this is such an interesting topic to research! The second source on photos of modern day witches was especially intriguing and I loved the author’s attribution about the rise in witchcraft in the United States. Although this book is primarily focused on the Halloween season in Salem, Massachusetts, it still has a lot of information about…[Read more]

  • The topic that I will be studying for my Explanatory Essay is why the filmmaker John Hughes was so influential and how he still has an impact on film today. In the first article I read, the author came to the

  • I recorded lines 175-186 from 4.2 of Shakespeare’s Othello. I played Desdemona when she turns to Iago for help. I learned that tools such as tone, inflection, volume, and pacing can be helpful in displaying w

  • Evelyn, you made a very compelling argument and I enjoyed seeing your point of view on this subject. You made great points about how students have the right to exercise their first amendment right when it is not for hate or harassment. I specifically liked your inclusion of the court case and when you said “This proves that harassment can be…[Read more]

  • Especially in recent years, technology has seemingly become more omnipresent in our lives. New products like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home have been designed to aid us in aspects of our lives that we would have

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    Mariely, this was very intriguing! Your thought process about this topic was very interesting to read and I enjoyed what you had to say. I specifically liked when you said, “This option I was most sure of but any of these options are just options that I’m not sure about, and I also try not be so anxious about the future and try to just simply g…[Read more]

  • Emma, I really like the message you convey! I have always struggled with doing things outside of my comfort zone so it was nice to read this. I really liked your example of, “For example, rather than going to sleep in your warm cozy bed, go camp outside in a tent,” because it shows that simple acts like sleeping outside can help push our…[Read more]

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    Dayana, this is a great piece and message! I remember hearing the golden rule, “treat people how you want to be treated” since I was very young and it has had a big impact on my life. I really liked your examples of how we can help others: “helping someone doesn’t necessarily mean actually doing something for them, being someone’s shoulder to cry…[Read more]

  • Li, this is a great article! I was unaware of the concept of blind photographers before I read this so I’m glad that I was introduced to it! I thought the line, “but, when we see things according to stereotypes, we also lose our ability to see” was very powerful. I can relate because stereotypes are constantly shown to us everyday. I found some…[Read more]

  • Maggie, this is a great essay! Your writing is very compelling and I really enjoyed reading this. I can relate to this because I am also very upset about how Americans are desensitized to sexual assault and I wrote about the upsetting confirmation of Mr. Kavanaugh in my Sociobiography. I thought it was very interesting that the female Democratic…[Read more]

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