• I recorded lines 175-186 from 4.2 of Shakespeare’s Othello. I played Desdemona when she turns to Iago for help. I learned that tools such as tone, inflection, volume, and pacing can be helpful in displaying w

  • Evelyn, you made a very compelling argument and I enjoyed seeing your point of view on this subject. You made great points about how students have the right to exercise their first amendment right when it is not for hate or harassment. I specifically liked your inclusion of the court case and when you said “This proves that harassment can be…[Read more]

  • Especially in recent years, technology has seemingly become more omnipresent in our lives. New products like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home have been designed to aid us in aspects of our lives that we would have

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    Mariely, this was very intriguing! Your thought process about this topic was very interesting to read and I enjoyed what you had to say. I specifically liked when you said, “This option I was most sure of but any of these options are just options that I’m not sure about, and I also try not be so anxious about the future and try to just simply g…[Read more]

  • Emma, I really like the message you convey! I have always struggled with doing things outside of my comfort zone so it was nice to read this. I really liked your example of, “For example, rather than going to sleep in your warm cozy bed, go camp outside in a tent,” because it shows that simple acts like sleeping outside can help push our…[Read more]

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    Dayana, this is a great piece and message! I remember hearing the golden rule, “treat people how you want to be treated” since I was very young and it has had a big impact on my life. I really liked your examples of how we can help others: “helping someone doesn’t necessarily mean actually doing something for them, being someone’s shoulder to cry…[Read more]

  • Li, this is a great article! I was unaware of the concept of blind photographers before I read this so I’m glad that I was introduced to it! I thought the line, “but, when we see things according to stereotypes, we also lose our ability to see” was very powerful. I can relate because stereotypes are constantly shown to us everyday. I found some…[Read more]

  • Maggie, this is a great essay! Your writing is very compelling and I really enjoyed reading this. I can relate to this because I am also very upset about how Americans are desensitized to sexual assault and I wrote about the upsetting confirmation of Mr. Kavanaugh in my Sociobiography. I thought it was very interesting that the female Democratic…[Read more]

  • Student loans and college debt can be a difficult topic to discuss, especially as many of us are nearing college. We are always shown statistics that seemingly only get worse and it seems as if additional

    • This a very interesting and informative post. It is unfortunate that student debt is growing, but good that it is growing slower than before. As I near college, student loans and debt concern me, as it seems as if there is no getting around the responsibility of paying them off. The results from CBS News are pleasing, but not very assuring. I think that colleges and universities should be more involved in helping students pay them off.
      Great job!

  • Tori, I really liked this piece! I liked your point that everyone has anxiety in some shape or form and can relate this to my anxious moments. I thought that your depictions of anxiety in sentences such as, “I will examine every person in a store and watch every move around me thinking what if this happens what if that happens” were really gre…[Read more]

  • Halley, this is a great point! I really liked how you added other solutions to the issue of capital punishment at the end. This reminded me a lot of the debates my theology class had last year about the morality of capital punishment. Although we only answered if it was or was not ethical, it surely would have been interesting to discuss other…[Read more]

  • These are all great points and they are all very compelling! I loved how you commented on the decline in acceptance rates at top colleges because that is very applicable and often understated. The Cheney High School teacher has an interesting approach and I’m glad you included that in your response. I was able to relate to quite a lot of this!…[Read more]

  • Books have been banned for various reasons. For instance, some have been banned for sexual content, uses of slurs, or anything that is “age inappropriate.” In addition to this, books can also be challenged and

    • I really like what you’re trying to say here, Katherine. Books have always been a big part of the human experience and by banning certain topics, awareness about the world is being taken away from children. This reminds me of how Nazis attempted to burn all the books relating to subjects that they did not agree with. People have the right to read what they want. You said, “Banning books also interferes with The First Amendment. In addition to protecting one’s freedom of speech, The First Amendment also protects freedom of religion, which books are often banned for.” I’m really interested to see what else you have to say on this subject. Well done!

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