• LOCATION:Brooklun Bridge,New York,NY 10038

    Description:This creature is a very big metal gate that looks bigger and bigger when you get closer to it.All peoples all around the world talks about it .This bridge

    • Dear Kliton:

      I am impressed by the wonderful picture you have taken. Because it shows its magnificence building a great bridge.

      One part of your store that stands out for me is where you give a description for people to know more about this bridge. I think this is good idea because maybe some people they don’t konw about this bridge when you give them more idea they will know more about this.

      Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because when you write about something you give informetion about what write about like you write about bridge and you give description about the bridge.

  • I am impressed by my interview because I got different answers and I also understand something from someone I interviewed.

    One answer that I got that stands out for me is from the happiest person

  • Peoples are treated different from each other. Black peoples are also treated different from white peoples when it’s about healthcare institutional and system. Our healthcare system is not what people are usually reminded of when they hear the term “racism”, however it should be. Racial minorities are no longer denied entry to hospitals due to th…[Read more]

  • Most of the peoples all around the world prejudge other peoples. And the reason that this thing happen is that peoples are different from each other. All peoples have different skin color, different religions ,

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