• Education is considered to be a basic right in the modern world, one that all should have access to, but with rising college tuition and living costs, it may seem achievable.  Many arguments have sprung up

  • This is an interesting insight, Chanburak. When reading 1984, I was intrigued by the hypocrisy of the parties. They are meant to represent the law and the suppression of simple pleasures, and the members of the parties are meant to enforce these oppressive laws through propaganda and fear. All the while, the members partake in the “forsaken”,…[Read more]

  • Hey yo Jacqueline!
    This is pretty neat. I’ve heard loads about the influences of “nature vs nurture” in my psychology class as well as science classes, and I find it to be an interesting concept. I have often found myself questioning the role of nature as well as nurture when it comes to the ways in which animals, both human and non human,…[Read more]

  • Charlie, this is a very interesting insight. I have always found it to be counter intuitive for a president to change the focus of NASA’s work when so much money has already gone into it. My dad used to work at NASA in the aerospace medicine program and so this is a topic that has been floating around my household for quite some time. It would…[Read more]

  • Hey Jacqueline, this is pretty neat. I have heard before that many languages are considered endangered, much like animals, but I didn’t really realize the sheer quantity of languages that fall under this category. I think it’s kind of sad that your grandmother deemed languages other than English “superfluous knowledge’, but I can understand why…[Read more]

  • America has a knack for ignoring uncomfortable issues, regardless of the degree of importance.  Perhaps we take too much to the phrase, “ignorance is bliss”, and attempt to hold onto blissful unawareness.  Per

    • Kira,
      I found this article very insightful and I agree that many Americans are not taking well to Trump’s presidency and are lashing out violently. I do not think him reversing the right to hunt extinct animals was morally acceptable. I am not, nor ever have been, a fan of hunting. People call it a sport, but I believe that both teams should be aware that they are competing if it were really a sport. You may find this article helpful with future research. https://www.peta.org/issues/wildlife/wildlife-factsheets/sport-hunting-cruel-unnecessary/

  • Made in Singapore

    The singing bowl chimes, resting elegantly on the smooth mahogany shelf.

    Product of India

    The spice jar preens, tucked amongst a wide variety of oddly shaped containers.

    This shop is full of

  • Javier, I think you did a great job on your research topic so far. As a Californian growing up in the Bay Area, I understand where you are coming from. Where I’m from, the homeless population was incredibly high, and the population below the poverty live even higher. I find it interesting that so many young people on probation are impoverished,…[Read more]

  • Carson, I find this very informative. The effects of the loss of a species in an area can be devastating to the organisms of the area. Every organism serves an important role in an ecosystem, some more so than others, and by removing any one species, the ecosystem changes dramatically. This is a common subject taught in biology classes and so…[Read more]

  • Hello Walter, pollution is a big problem world wide, and should be treated as such. I agree that big corporations are large contributors to the waste created and dispelled in many countries, and restrictions should be placed on the degree of waste that can be produced. California’s beaches are coated in a layer of plastic and other trash and Los…[Read more]

  • Hello again! I really appreciate your analysis of the problem of crude jokes centered around mental illness. In a way, It makes sense why people use the “kill yourself joke”. The subject of comedy is often also the subject of upsetting instances and occurrences. Similar to racial, gay, or political jokes, suicide jokes are widespread in the…[Read more]

  • This is very interesting Raymond! Many people, including myself at one point, interpret Robert Frost’s poem to be a call to individualism and nothing more. I love how you used your interpretation of the poem to introduce your central question of predestination. Obviously, there are variables that shape our personality from the start, “factors…[Read more]

  • Sweden is known to be one of the best countries in the world when it comes to waste management with only approximately one percent of its waste going to landfills.  So how is this possible? Where does it all

  • Hi Jacqueline! I must say, I love your writing! This topic has been boggling my mind for quite some time now and I’m happy to see that it’s not just me that is concerned about the future of our environment. What you have explained in this is super informative as I didn’t have a clue that bioenergy increases methane. Something that I would like…[Read more]

  • This is a really interesting view, Grace. When most people think of their achievement of the American Dream (or lack thereof), they often refer to their position of employment and their possessions. I wonder what factors changed the perception of it. Perhaps you could continue your writing with possible reasons as to why the perception of the…[Read more]

  • This is really cool Keaton! I think it’s great that you’ve noticed this as well. In my AP U.S. History class last year, there was virtually no mention of Asian American activists during the Civil Rights era. I have to say that what I found most interesting in this writing is the bit about Yuri Kochiyama as “the woman who holds Malcolm X’s head”.…[Read more]

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    I had a question about our furry and lovable friends, the ones we share our lives, food, and homes with– dogs.  How do dogs view their humans?  Are we part of the pack, food dispensers, captors, or family?

    In a

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