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    (Tiny robot could stop bleeding from inside the body using heat)

    Researchers at the Max Planck for Intelligent Systems in Germany have developed a centimeter-sized robot with soft and hard elements inspired by pangolins. This robot, equipped with overlapping aluminum plates and magnetic materials, can shape-shift and produce heat when...

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    • I think this is very interesting. Technology is becoming more and more important in every aspect of life, and instead of viewing as an obstacle to overcome, we should see it as an advantage that helps more people. And it sounds like the people at this Institute in Germany have done just that. Also, when you said “precise medical interventions, such as drug delivery and localized cancer treatment.” it made me think the less room we leave for human error, such as skipping a medication, the safer the patients will be. How else are these robots being used, though? And there has to be medical stipulations or requirements; what are the ones specifically relating to this discovery?

    • This is a very interesting post. I was just wondering if you have a source for this information. is this article the source of your post. I’m also curious about how the robot would move about the body, would it move through the blood stream?

    • interesting topic kenny. I hear what you are saying about “It can deliver drugs, stop bleeding, and potentially incinerate cancer cells in a targeted manner”. having robots be able to heal wounds and stabilize patients will help out a lot. But it could have unforeseen consequences.

    • Wow that’s such a cool scientific development! Thanks for sharing this. I wonder what downsides there may be to using these small robots. Maybe they’re high maintenance or expensive? I feel like it would be hard for such tiny robots to generate significant heat to kill cancer invasions, unless if they are in a very huge quantity. According to this source, a nanobot can cost up to $100,000 so it might not be quite financially feasible.

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    (Lego robots used to make DNA structures for tiny machines more quickly)

    Lego robots can be used to speed up the process of building DNA structures for tiny machines. By designing and assembling a Lego robot with the necessary components, such as motors and sensors, and programming it using Lego Mindstorms...

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    • Lego was always my favorite toy as a child, I enjoyed assembling, small, inconspicuous bricks into mind blowing buildings, figures, or cars. It is really interesting to see how lego is not just a ‘toy’, but actually something that could be innovative in all kinds of fields such as biology. Besides the DNA structure machine mentioned in the article, lego was also applied to various other fields. For example, I remember once seeing a lego prothetic arm on TV which was really striking to me.The wide variety of lego bricks provides almost an infinite amount of innovative ideas and provides a great community for people to spread and share their creativity.

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    ( How AI is speeding up scientific)

    ​AI is revolutionizing ​scientific research by speeding up the process. It can analyze large amounts of data faster than humans, uncovering patterns that may be missed. AI also does tasks, freeing up the researcher's time for higher-level work. By...

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    • I think that this is really interesting. Its amazing how these robots will be able to help us out in our work but at the same time accelerate that work. We will be able to advance in science so much quicker. Great post!

    • I find this article very intriguing. I also wonder how AI will grow and improve over the years and how it will impact the future. I haven’t heard much about AI being used for advantageous reasons, so your article brought me a new perspective on the topic. You may find this article interesting. I’d like to know what role AI will play in our lives in the near future and if it will affect my life positively at all.

    • Can you explain in more depth how AI actually aids people? Perhaps share an example of how it has helped with research. AI is an interesting topic and how it will change the scientific field is something worth exploring. Bellow is an interesting article you may find useful.

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