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  • Dear Oscar,
    I really liked reading your Memoir because it was very interesting. A part that I liked about your Memoir is “ I’d come from school and play it in my backyard”. I really like this part because you’re explaining that you love soccer and that was your first thing you would do when you got home. A good thing is that your dad taught you h…[Read more]

  • Dear Jimmy,
    I agree when you said that you use to hate going to get your shot or had a appointment because I also used to be scared to get my shots but now I am just like whatever. A part that I liked about your Memoir is “ I feel indifferent about my name in all honesty”. I really like this part because in your Memoir you explained how you lik…[Read more]

  • Dear Xin,
    I really like your paragraph because I agree with you when you say that it is not fair that the lower class people get payed less than the higher class people. Something that I really like about your paragraph is when you said ” People is affected by where they live because the place that the poor people are living in are bad unsafe and…[Read more]

  • Dear Leo,
    I really like your paragraph because you are giving statistics about Oakland has a lot of trash. But then you start to talk about how we can change Oakland and how we can make Oakland look better. A quote that I really like is when you say ” In the creek it could be a beautiful place to hangout but the people just trash it and wont do…[Read more]



                                                                                  Gentrification In Oakland


    You might be asking yourself what is gentrification or what does it mean. Well let me tell what i

    • Dear, Kimberly of gentrification hurts Oakland

      I am amazed by your post about gentrification hurts Oakland because it is a problem that has been going on for years. I agree that gentrification has been happening because of the increase of money. Also the level of wealthy and poor people because wealthier people privilege their power over money which shouldn’t be happening. A sentence that stood out to me was when you said “They experience gentrification a lot because they don’t have the same privilege as others” I agree because this shows that there hasn’t been fairness/equality around people. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because the topic interest me a lot and there has to be some kind of solution to solve this.

    • Hello, I really like that you picked this topic because its relevant. I also like that you knew what you were talking about in your post.

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    Dear Naycet,
    I really liked your paragraph because it was really powerful and strong. Something that I really liked was when you said that you don’t have to look the same to be a powerful and strong woman. I agree with you when you said that people assume that you are a uneducated and immigrant girl because I am a Latina too and they assume that…[Read more]


    I have chosen to include the picture of the USA and Mexico because it represents that I was born in the USA, my nationality, but have a family that was born in Mexico. I am a very proud of being a Latina, my

    • Hello Kimberly, I found your comment to be interesting. I can somewhat relate to this, being an immigrant in the United States and learning to adapt to a new culture. I like how you stated the importance of friendship, “my friendship is really important to me because my friends have been there for me and I don’t know what I would do with[out] them.” Friends are important and everyone needs friends to live a happy life. I recommend if you find good friends to stick with them for the rest of your life. The last point you make is about your religion, which is important and should be kept, coming from a catholic faith I also believe in the Virgin Mary and Jesus. Anyways, thank you for your writing, I’m excited to see what you write next and good luck on any future project.

    • Dear Kimberly! I loved reading your post,in some ways i can relate to it, booth my parent are born in Africa but i was born in France and having to deal with my own identity sometimes it becomes harder. You also included friendship which is one of the main and important aspect of human kind. I came to an understanding that no matter where you were born or what nationality your parent are, we are all from the same race, which is the human race. The representation of friendship through the necklace is also an example of how things can play a man role to represent something more then the value it originally possess.

    • Hi this is Jorge from Fremont High School. We are currently finishing our shadow boxes at the moment. I noticed that your shadow box is well crafted and looks like you spent a lot of time creating. I also did the same for my shadow box too. Keep up the good work.

    • Hello im Jerry from Fremont high school. I didn’t get the chance to finish my shadowbox but yours looks great. It looks like you put a lot of effort and time into it, I love it.

    • Haii Kimberly my name is jane im a Fremont High School freshman I really like how your box was made i connect to it and the change.

    • Hello Kimberly, my name is Bryan and I go Fremont HIgh School where I did the same project. A question I have is are you religious or do you have any beliefs?I really loved how you have the Mexican and the American flags as your identities

    • hi kimberly! This is kavon from fremont highschool. We just finished our shadowbox and i notice that your shadowbox is very creative and you put lot great effort into it. I also love it and keep up the great work.

    • Hi Kimberly,
      I am happy about your work because you talked a lot about your nationality. Also because you talked woman stereotypes and that men have more privilege. One sentence you wrote that stand out tome me is “Many people assume that women aren’t as strong as men because “women cry for men.” Also, because men get paid more than women and men have more privileges than women”. I think this is true because men do have more advantage than us woman since years ago and its still happening now. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I wanna hear more woman stereotypes since you mentioned only few and I think there is more. Also because I liked how you expressed your identity and your nationality.

    • Dear ____kimberly__________,

      Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Nelida and I am a student at Fremont High School.
      Something I liked about your work was the fact that you mention your family because your family is the most important thing they are always with you in good and bad time. Also there struggle a lot for you
      Something I have a question about is the picture shown on the box that has the fat and skinny girl. Why did you put it there. Please feel free to comment on my work in the future. The address of my student blog is
      Thank You!

    • dear,kimberly I really like your shadow box i like how you said “i was born in the usa but some of my family but have a family that was born in Mexico. I am a very proud of being a Latina”it connects to me because i also was born here but have family in mexico and i like how your proud of your heritage and so am I,sincerely, anthony

    • Dear Kimberly,
      I really like your shadow box and I am inspired. For example, one part of your art piece that stands out to me is the picture of the woman that says “we can to it !” I think society is focused more on women and the stereotypes and dominant narratives they have set on us. The fact that that image stands for feminism and you decided to include it in your shadow box is absolutely stunning. I think I might include it for my own shadow box. Thanks for your art. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because I also like how you mentioned that you have family in Mexico and that makes you relatable because I also care about my Mexican family.
      Thank You!!

  • Dear Ruby,
    I really liked your post because I just thought it was really cool how you joined a protest so you can fight against violence and racism. I also think that it is really unfair that little kids die at a young age and that women don’t have the same rights as men. I also agree with you because just because people are different skin colors…[Read more]

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    • Hello Kimberly, my name is Long and I attend Fremont HIgh School where I did the same project. A question I have about your work is are you religious? What did you mean by when you put change in your shadowbox? I really loved that you showed both flags of Mexico and America to show both your identities.