• The main topic of our project was mental health, stereotypes and stigma. Our Project was about how we can become upstanders and stand up a topic that we dearly care about. Also making actions on what a real

    • Howdy, Kimberly!

      I love your opinion on the situation of upstanders that if we make changes we may make progress. One example of these is the ecofriendly posts supporting the planting of trees that became prevalent on social media things like “100 likes = 1 tree” gives awareness to the environment.

      Though my goal is small, we would like you to support my petition!

    • I think that mental health has gotten a much bigger spotlight in the last few years and I think that your project would gain a lot from noticing that and adding more to it. I know that I can’t see your poster and that this might have been something that you already did, but I genuinely think that it really helps a lot of projects to notice the time that they are taking place in. So, instead of talking about what you did to help spread awareness to mental health as a singular example, you could use a lot of the examples that have occurred in the limelight to show that you aren’t the only one to spread this information, but what you are doing to add to this information and how you add to this at your local level.

    • Mental health has become one of the biggest issues happening at this time and age. I think adding statistics to your project could help benefit in the sense that we are able to see when it started to get worse as well as how it progressively is getting worse, if that is the case. Also writing some of the causes of mental health issues as well as how it affects you day to day. Maybe you can even interview someone going through these issues today or anyone who has overcome it. But other than that great work kimberly.

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    Dear Diego Thank you so much for reading my blog. The part of your comment that stood out to me was ¨nice evidence use with having 3 interviews so you can get 1 more actual…

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    • Dear Christy,

      I am proud about your topic that you have chosen for your blog. I also liked how you named it Undercover Modern Day Sex Slavery because people who see this and reads it would think multiple things about it, and would want to click on it. I agree with you when you stated in your analysis that “A lot of people don’t know what sex tra…[Read more]

    • Dear Victor,

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “It’s also saying that the parks are very important for everyone so that kids have where to have fun and for the community to have a place to go so that they can have fun as a community and it would also help the obesity rates go down.” I think that this quote’s meaning is strong…[Read more]


      What should we do about gun violence? We can´t let it go. Oakland needs to do something about it. Gun violence is dangerous and unneeded for the Oakland community, so to prevent it in Oakland we can support p

      • Zooie-mama, what an epic blog post. Firstly, nice evidence use with having 3 interviews so you can get 1 more actual oakland person instead of the 2 minimum. Also, you cited your work well so you won’t be sued. Only I think typos hold it back maybe but maybe i’m illiterate who knows.

      • Dear Kimberly,

        I would like to begin by commending your post on bringing awareness to such a sensitive and prevalent topic in the world today which is gun violence. I think that it is especially important for people like you as a student who is involved in the education system, to help shed light on how devastating gun violence can be for communities. I think you made very great points with proposing how we could help this issue by supporting those with anger issues or those who are unhappy because in many cases, guns that end up in the hands of violent people end terribly for the community and the fact that this is such a prevalent issue in our school systems shows that something needs to be done to create change. I particularly like the statement you made when you said ” A support system would make a huge impact and reach them more in their life and would help them find the core of what they’re dealing with” because getting help and seeking support for those who need it can really make all the difference and helping that one person come to terms with what is making them angry or what is causing them so much anger can potentially deter them from turning to guns for violent reasons in school. The use of interviews in your post was well thought out and gave interesting insight to what teachers think about this issue involving gun violence in schools because they are also at the forefront of having to handle this issue. Students and teachers at all schools need posts like this to help give them the knowledge they need to stay aware of gun violence in the education system and what we as community members could do to be proactive. Thank you for the well thought out post and look forward to reading more from you.

        Sincerely- Amber Smith

    • Hi my name is Kimberly, a 9th in Life Academy i’m writing a poem relating to Romeo and Juliet. My poem is about a present version of them showing huge meanings of growing up and a struggle for teenagers in

      • Dear Kimberly,

        Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. A line that stood out to me was “I don’t get the feeling I’m clueless.” I really like the transition from not knowing anything about love and feeling, then not being able to leave once it was felt. I felt that it was beautiful and truthful.

        A second line that was powerful was “I give them lies…” because it reminded me of the cheesy quote, “Love makes you do crazy things.”

        A connection I made to your poem is “Urgent ,I’m growing up, each second time is wasting” ( added some comas.)

        because with every second that goes by, there will always be something you want to do so you wont’t regret it later on in you life.

        Your poem also reminded me of a life of a teenager . Usually not being or just being able to detect the feelings of people and your own.

        I really love your poem and how it also shows how helplessly in love Juliet was with Romeo.

        Thank you so much for writing and I look forward to reading your next post.


      • Dear kimberly,
        I enjoyed reading your poem because it got me intrigued into reading more into your poem. I also liked how you used sound effects to make your poem more lively. Your poem was detailed and I could see the clear connection to romeo and juliet.

    • Dear bryan,

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “ In my shadow box I put some motivational quotes because when I am feeling sad or down I look at motivational quotes because the quotes I find make me feel motivated and they cheer me up.” I think this is cool because I can see that you really love motivational quotes. I can also see…[Read more]

    • Dear Victor,

      One sentence that you wrote that stands for me is “ Soccer is very important to me because All my life I been playing soccer is like a second nature for me I love playing soccer.” I think this is is awesome because I can see that you really love soccer if you capitalize All and state “All my life.” I hope you follow your dreams…[Read more]

    • My Shadow Box

      Kimberly Jimenez-Mendoza


      Many people assume in a dominant narrative when I state “I love drawing”, the first thing that comes in their mind is traditional drawing. Me loving drawing does

      • Dear Kimberly,

        Thank you for sharing this project with me. My name is Marielle and I am a student at San Jose State University. I noticed that you talked about not following things that are traditionally “feminine” such as not liking colors that other girls would like or liking plants over liking flowers. I really resonated with you feelings. I am also not into the traditional feminine things. My favorite colors are blue and green. I also really enjoy nature and would rather prefer being outdoors than indoors. A lot of times growing up, I was teased for not being “girly” and liking more traditionally male things. However, I never really let it get to me because I know who I am and I love the things that I love. I am glad that you were able to share those things with me. It also makes me really happy that you are proud of who you are. Thank you again for your time and I really enjoyed hearing from you!

      • Hi Kimberly, I enjoyed reading about your shadow box! My name is Tahdaja and I am a student at San Jose State University. You mentioned being not as girly as the girls around you and I can totally relate to that. I was never as girly as those around me and I felt out of place, but I never wanted to act like I was girly when I really was not. Society makes us believe that girls only like pink and boys only like blue but that’s far from the truth. My favorite color is green and has been for as long as I could remember. I love how you like what you like no matter what people think. I am happy to see this information about you and I hope you never change no matter what people may think. Thank you for your time!

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