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  • I liked most of the points you were making. Immigration is a scary thing most of my family being immigrants could agree that it is not easy going from their native country mexico to America this mainly being because of the language barrier making it harder for them to take advantage of any job opportunities that require them to be able to fluently…Read More

  • Matt, I liked your topic and the points you presented. They were interesting and expressed you views on the matter as well as highlighting the opposing view on the death penalty, I personally believe that the death penalty is somewhat of a flawed system and we could live without it though it is a debate worth having. If wanting some more…Read More

  • It is enlightening to see an article discussing the culture representation in education. We often neglect the time in which there was no diversity in schools and it was all majority and no minority. Though diversity is something some schools still lack today the fact that the schools are acknowledging it and devoting their time to find solutions…Read More

  • Drug legalization has always been an interesting topic whether it be medical or recreation both not only would it be economically beneficial but the legalizing recreational marijuana would cause for a decrease in imprisonment rates for minor offenses. This being said I liked your post and the points you were making if curious about other benefits…Read More

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    During the time period of the Vietnam war, there was a brief period where the drinking age was lowered to 18, causing numerous amounts of conflict regarding safety. Lowering the drinking age began to take a toll

    If it is medically and cognitively irresponsible to lower the drinking age from 21 then why is it a debate we are having?

    During the time period of the Vietnam war, there was a brief period where the drinking age was lowered to 18, causing numerous amounts of conflict regarding safety. Lowering the drinking age began to take a toll on the...

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    • Kianna I have to say that when reading this I agree with you one hundred percent. I really liked that you to come the time to do the research and look into the history of a specific area. It made your point all that stronger. I also found another article on the national drinking age act that I believe that would help you a lot.

    • I feel like that this kind of issue regarding the drinking age has become such an uninformed and polarized issue in modern day politics. You make valid points about the medical consequences of alcohol and how dangerous it can be, which are things that I had not even seriously considered. Here is some more info on the topic that could help you:

    • Kianna, this is so interesting. In the times that we’re in, the drinking age seems to be unimportant. It’s nice to see this and have attention called to it. I like this discussion post and I think this link would provide an interesting pro/con list for this topic.

    • Kianna, I agree that this is an important topic to look at. I think that there are many pros to having the drinking age at 21. However, I think it’s also worth it to read about how other countries are dealing with underage drinking. You may know that different countries use different ways to tackle this issue, be it politically or culturally. I think that the problem with drinking does not lie within a legal age, but the overall culture around. I think you might find this article interesting.

      Alcohol Culture in America – Where Alcohol Is King

    • Kianna, I think this is a very interesting read. I enjoyed how you discuss everything from an impartial point of view and offer statistics to prove the harm in a lower drinking age. I think that this is a conversation that we should be having more often in order to come to a conclusion. I think that including counter arguments could really strengthen this piece. Here is a link to an article that gives potential reasons for lowering the drinking age.
      Great job!

    • This article is very interesting. I had no idea that there were more highway fatalities when the drinking age was lowered to 18. This is a very interesting discussion topic, here is another article you may find useful.

    • Thanks for writing this Kianna. I have been to countries where the drinking age is as low as 14, and while those societies seem just as tame as our own, it is important to consider the effects just below the surface. I like how you approach this issue from an absolutist point of view: just because other people do it does not mean its write. This makes sense on a personal and societal scale.

    • Kianna,
      While I was reading your reproach I came to a realization that completely agree with your statements. Your statement about under age drinking is certainly a problem and needs to be fixed as soon as possible before it gets worse. Your research that you did was very well done and was very compelling. And thats why I think your article is so good. Thank you and you did amazing.

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