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This is also a tough thing to consider, because behaviors that are different than a teachers norms are sometimes associated with being “bad”, but a child who might be overly energetic might just need to be catered to a different learning environment.

That is true but their might be some behaviors that are “unusual” regardless of ones identity, it is good to acknowledge those but i also agree even in this case one should be mindful of the students background.

This might be quite important especially in these times. Students have different needs that are also affected by the identities they belong to.

This is an interesting point, parents might show bias that might be counter productive to their education.

Like with most ideals in education, their is no one fix solution, the best we can do is gather more tools to help understand our students better.

Scratch Programming: My Starting Journey

This is important to help students develop their presentation skills. Having well documented and annotated work helps one to share their work with others which is a skill that will be helpful to students in the future.

This is an idea that should be implemented in any classroom. Aesthetics can be really important for a student's engagement and that is the first thing a student needs to be able to do.

That is what makes math beautiful, its flexibility to solve problems in different ways.

Exactly, students like to be challenged, they enjoy games and puzzles and in a way thats what Scratch programming is. We have a goal and we use these building blocks to help solve them. Their are different answers to bring out creativity.

Working collaboratively is a life skill that everyone should work towards in some degree. Coding could seem both intimidating but that also means it can be adventurous. Struggling through new things it what helps bring people together.

Learning in a meaningful context is always important. Students tend to ask why do we need to know this. Especially, in a math class where they just see numbers without any meaning behind them.

The past few years I have always thought that my lack of speaking clearly was because of my shyness but I see another perspective that I can now take in from these readings.

I like to do things myself, for the reason that I just want to be able to help others rather than rely on them. But as I have had the opportunity to do more group work the notion of filling each others gaps has become more important to me.

It was my experience doing bad in physics is what drove me to take the class. It was my fear of public speaking that made me want to chose paths that would lead to more opportunities to speak with others during my undergraduate years.

No matter what they do, if a student can find a passion in something we should encourage that so that they can rise on their own merits and pave their own journey in a way that works with their learning style and preferences.

Although this is true to a slight degree, we should always put the mindset in our students that we can reach towards a level of creativity no matter how old or skillful one is.

Self-reflection in moments like this can help students better understand themselves and their study habits.

As we age a lot of our ideals and mindsets on topics become more rigid, but we need to understand that they are not fully set. Although it becomes harder we must always be mindful to at the very least consider new perspectives.

This is something I quite agree with. It is very difficult to redirect someone's words because things such as semantics and tone can really disrupt someone's initial point.

I think a balance needs to be found between allowing students to allow their enthusiasm to show with their “blurted out” answers as well as with helping them understand why it is important to take in different perspectives.

I have given up on problems in math so many times, looking them up online or checking the back of the textbook. I realize now it is not about feeling you have to get the answer but approaching towards it.

This is an important because at times memorizing can lead to success in a moment but later in life a lack of understanding can hurt oneself.

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