• Mom…Mom

    Why are you leaving me?

    I can’t go back to america without you.

    I can’t no I really can’t

    You raised me for 13 teen years

    And yet you expect me to be okay with you leaving

    Well your wrong


    • Dear Khlood, I am amused by your post “The life I lived” because it is an interesting story. I also thought it was very original. You did a good job.

  • Dear Rodrigo
    I really liked your comic book.It was very interesting and i also like how you mixed Family Dynamics and Love together it was a good mix and family should always have that mix with them. I really liked the part where you said ” Yea I Know all we need now is mom to be a happy family” being with your mom and dad is gonna really…[Read more]

  • Dear Aida
    loved you poem it was very strong and empional. Also I Know for a fact that there is someone in this world that will understand you.I like how you used this poem to get into your feelings. keep writing enjoyed this so much.

  • Dear jenny
    love your poem. Not gonna lie you actually got me seeing the real world and seeing the society we live in so much clearer. I love how supportive you are as well. keep writing loved this poem and hope to see more.

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    Dear jazmin
    love your story of how you got your nickname. the name is very powerful it carries lots of meanings. i find it interesting that your grandma cave you the name and not you mom. hope you continue to embrace your name and nickname.

  • Why I Am Sad As Hell,


    My country is a country that screams for help.

    Yes they screams , they scream for merssee they scream

    A country that’s in war day and night

    It’s a country that never

    • Dear Khlood,

      It is sad, I think that what is happening in your hometown is very sad and scary. Those things are very hard for someone, mainly if you saw them when you were there. One sentence that stands out for me is, “Families from letting their children get an education because of the risks, Hunger strikes children and adults nothing to eat but the rare grass.” The reason why It stands out to me is because families would do anything to make sure that their children are okay, so they would stop the schools. Of course they have to make sure that the kids are okay and well. Also adults being able to eat anything even though it is very tough and they can just get anything to eat and feed themselves. Another sentence that was surprising was, “Yes kids crying in there sleep. Yes my country is a country who thrives through the hard and soft and fights its way through the peoples eyes. Its a country that built us into soldiers that we are today and it’s called Yemen.” I think that this part of your poem has a lot to do with your strength because whether you went through this or not you are still able to keep going and making sure to remain strong. You are also proud of where you come from and make sure to mention it at the end of you poem. I agree with you that this may make you sad because these are very harsh circumstances, but I think that you have some excitement in you, and you can keep working hard.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you can write about many more things and it is good that you talk about yourself.

    • Khlood- this is a really good poem, I liked reading it a lot. I think it is great that you decided to focus on all of the ways we are broken as a country, because it is a reason to be very sad. Each event or aspect you mentioned really saddens me as well, and I hope it saddens all of us. We should not be okay with the way things are going, and it is fair for us to take events in our country personally and care about them deeply. We should all strive to have as much empathy as you have for others in this poem.

  • Dear Lisseth,

    I really enjoyed reading your name Memoir it was really powerful and interesting. I also loved the vibe you had with your name. The name china is beautiful to. And don't worry I will be calling you China from now on I am now part of your family.

    keep writing girly loved it…[Read more]

  • Khlood Theyfallah Algumaie is the name that has followed me through my lifetime. Although I have three names, one of them always puts a smile on my face which is “Algumaie” this name is very important to me bec

    • Dear Algumaie,

      Your memoir really stood out to me, the way you explained what your name meant to you and how it affects your life, you goals, your passion. Being a doctor is going to be a hard path to tread on, after all you have years of college then years of medical school. I hope as you tread on this difficult path, you will remember your name, the reason you are pushing so far, is to stand out, be the counter narrative that you are. Thank you for sharing your story and continue being the strong young woman you are.

    • What a great saying –> “That means that even though you people get into arguments and fights with each other, there is always something that ties us back together.” Thank you for sharing your name and the stories that go along with it. I am moved!

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