• Dear People Who Think Doing Drugs and Gun Violence Are Okay,

    To kids, adults, parents, students, moms, dads, and etc. Do you realize the effects that this has on your family or even your kid? When it comes to

    • Kheriya,

      Your post was really interesting as drug use is an issue prevalent in our society and especially the youth community. I agree with your viewpoint that drug use is a serious problem in our society that should be taken into more serious consideration during the legislation process. I especially like the part where you say: “nough work is not being done to help make a change. I hope this letter gets people to connect and build an organization or do community work to help solve these problems, not just that but anything else. ” Here is an article that you might enjoy: https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/addiction/drug-abuse-addiction#1. I hope to read more from you soon.

    • Kheriya,
      I really liked your post as the issues you addressed are sadly very prominent in our world today and specifically in the U.S. I like the persuasion your post has, the passion behind your words is very clear. You appeal to a variety of groups, including teenagers, teachers, parents, and handful of other societal groupings. This not only makes your argument stronger, but also adds to its relevancy, showing that these issues can come to affect many people whether it be directly or indirectly. One thing i would like to see in future posts regarding these issues is a clear connection to outside sources. There is extensive research done on these topics, and presenting both sides will add to your own argument. Using ideas from an opposing viewpoint and refuting them will add so much to your already strong argument. Here is a source about drug abuse in the United states:

    • Hey Kheriya,

      I relayed liked what you had to say. Drug addiction and gun violence is very prevalent in our society and people need to become aware of how much it has affected the community around us. I think you should add quotes from articles to help support your evidence saying in this article here are the facts that other people have found. Adding number and statistics help. Saying x amount of kids die from gun violence a year might help to really show the audience that it is crazy how many people die. https://www.bradyunited.org/key-statistics This article might help with the shocking statistics.

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    Dear, Jhena
    Your poem is amazing. I love the strong words you use. One thing that stood out to me is when you talk about protecting. Also one other thing that stood out to me is when you say “When your sky isn’t so bright, I am the first person that’s willing to fight.” The amount of powerful sentences you use are breathtaking. Thanks for your…[Read more]

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    Dear, Patrick
    I agree animal abuse is horrible. People do not realize the effects. I am amazed on your energy on creating this post in order to address this. I honestly would have wished your project would have received more attention. This is something serious, something that needs to be looked at more. But overall your post is amazing and even…[Read more]

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    Dear, Oghenetega
    I am amazed by your poem. In this society women are not valued enough. The words you use in this poem are very strong and understandable by many. One thing that stood out to me is when you talked about her being rejected. This is true and I agree on that. One other thing is when you were talking about rape and abuse by society.…[Read more]

  • Dear, Cecelia
    I am wowed by your post. I love how you are trying to start something new, not all kids want to do poetry and study the past. Something that stands out to me is when you mentioned Ghandi. I personally look at him as a inspiring individual that the world still needs today. Something else that stood out to me is when you talked about…[Read more]

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    Dear Elai,
    Your poem is powerful and has much meaning to it because of the strong words being used the emotion. When this is being read you can feel so many things taking place. One thing you said that stands out to me is, “I am from death to life to death”. I think this is interesting because this adds for life to this poem. It makes the reader…[Read more]

  • Dear, Mckayla
    I am amazed by your poem because you are right, everything in this poem is true. Its true when your a teen everything is different for you. You get doubted. One thing that stands out for me is, “Oh because your 16 you don’t know what love is”. This stands out to me because this is true they think love can’t be possible at this age…[Read more]

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    Dear Jake,
    Wow this poem is amazing it really made me feel all types of emotions. One thing that stands out to me is, “Freedom for all”. I think this is interesting because I love the way you included it with all the other good things he did for this world. Also the way you make everything flow and connect together is clever of you.
    Thanks for…[Read more]

  • Dear, Denieris
    I am so engaged to your short story because I can relate to this so much. As if right now I know how it feels when everyone in your life dislikes you. When you feel like your parent sees less potential in you then in your sister. That breaks you honestly in my household I get treated less then I am. One thing that you said that…[Read more]

  • Dear Angelina, your photos are beautiful. I find it real amazing how you took a picture from every single angle. I am in love with the last photo and how the sun looked in it. I really enjoyed looking at your photos, i hope you post more like these.

  • Dear Nathan, i am fascinated by your pictures because i love the angles you took them in. One of the photos that stands out to me is the third one i was so amazed with how the lights looked, its so beautiful. Thanks for your photos i look forward to seeing you post more photos like these.

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    Dear, Jovana your photos are jaw dropping. I am in love with your photos, the way you got the angles and everything is amazing. My mom grew up here and i never really got to see it physically but these photos make it look so real. Thank you for your post, i look forward to seeing what you make next.

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    The street I grew onThe street I call homeThe street I learned to ride my first bike onThe street I got my first scar onThe street where I learned how to throw a ballThe street where I chalked

    • Wonderful poem Khierya! I liked how you demonstrated your connection to the street you grew up on. The small details such as the title of your poem, your word choice (first), and poem length and structure played a crucial role in conveying your point. Pointing out that 41st was the street where you first rode your bike, where you had your first scar, and where you first fought shows how the street impacted your life and shaped you as a person. I think adding your perspective of what it means to you now that you have matured will help readers perceive your current view on it.

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    Dear Eclas, I am facinated by your equality post, “Mind Dump”, because you made it right to the point and clear. Its message stands out. One word you that you wrote that stands out to me is, “Race” I think this is agreeable because that is a main part of equality. Your post reminds me of when something like this happened to me one day regarding…[Read more]

    • I really like your slideshow, I wish you would’ve added more slides and more detail on each slide, but great job on the pictures.

    • I loved the slide show. It was very emotional as well as inspirational and of course it says something important!!

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    I love how you mentioned the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that made me see it more visual

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    I love the emotion and details you added into this poem it feels like i am there.

  • This is a beautiful poem i love how you placed the words and made it all connect

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