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    Tim was an ordinary boy until he became a tornado. It happened so quick and Tim was hurt ever since.

    Now that he’s a giant tornado, he’s filled with rage and houses which is not a good combination.

    Tim t


    This piece inspired by Angie Thomas, who wrote the book “The Hate U Give”  The speaker in the poem is Khalil’s Angel who was murdered by Office 1-15 in front of his best friend Starr Carter. Khalil like many ot

    • This poem is so powerful and if it is about you or the character in the book I really appreciate the thought and hard work you put into it. You managed to tell an entire story with just a few stanzas! Very powerful and well written,

    • the poem was written really well i like how he kept it third person point of view it was also detailed really good keep up the good work. Ramon Velez

    • Khala,
      I really like your work. I think this is a very powerful piece. This is also a very prevalent issue in our world today and I really enjoy the way you chose to approach it. It is so heartbreaking that there are so many African Americans out there who will never get justice like the boy you wrote from the perspective of. Thank you for sharing a piece like this.

    • Khala,
      This is a great poem! I really like the way you wrote it and the topics that you talk about within it. It conveys a very powerful idea and it makes you think.

    • Khala, I absolutely love your poem! Your inspiration for writing it is so important in our society today. Everyone deserves justice in our world and it’s so sad that not everyone gets that opportunity. You’re poem is very well written and emotional. I love how you felt strongly about this topic and expressed your feelings in this way. I hope you continue to write poems. Your writings are making a difference!!

    • This was a very great book , The movie was amazing as well. I hope you enjoy watching The Hate U Give & Reading it.

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