• Dear bryan i like how your personl life mostly on soccer

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    thank you for reading my blog . the part of your comment that stoodout to me was when you incuriged me that it is good

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        thank you so much for reading my blog.

          • On December 13th, I was in my car and somebody hit us when they were running away from the police after robbing the apple store. This made me feel that Oakland is messing up more and more every day. I feel this

            • Dear Khalid,
              I was happy to read your blog about violence because I also wrote my blog about violence Oakland and why it happens. Something that I enjoyed from your blog was that you had some evidence that gave good explanations about your topic of violence. A question I have is why did you not include another interview in your blog for evidence? A piece of feedback I have for you is to do your citations so that people know where you got your evidence from and to be more precise in your analysis. Thank you for your writing and I look forward to seeing what you write next.

            • Dear Khalid,
              To start begin I like how you started off with a story about yourself and then bring in your claim. I like how you added your question and then there answer to show what they are answering. The only you need is a conclusion to make it all come together.

          • Love is love

            Love is visiting my father in the hospital


            Love is helping my mom clean the dishes


            Love is buying my sister her watch

            Love is fighting with my older brother

            Love is hugging my sister like s

            • Dear Khalid,

              Your poem was great. I like how you explained love in different ways and forms. You said love can be visiting your dad in the hospital, helping your mom do dishes, or showing compassion like hugging your sister. I believe your trying to say that love doesn’t just have to be someone having a boyfriend or girlfriend and they have love for eachother , but can be someone like your mom, sister , or dad. I also like how you showed in you poem different ways you express your love for the people you care about. You talking about how you hug your sister is a way you show your love for her. When you explained it you did very well you said ¨Love is hugging my sister like she’s a bear that is chunky, but funny that giggles when you hug¨ that was said very well and a great simile. Overall you did very good.

              Great Job,

              Jadyn W.

          • The 2 main identity in my shadow box is being male and Yemenis. When people look at me they see, a terrorist, bomber, and stupid. Which is the dominant narrative. Many people assume that I’m going to kill them b

            • I can relate with this because that is racial profiling and as a black person living in the U.S. we are profiles as a nigger or killer.

            • Dear Khalid

              I like how you showed that stereotypes won't hold you back and how you showed a picture of the bible because I think that very empowering that your not afraid or ashamed to show that you believe in GOD.

            • Dear Khalid,
              I like how you represented who you really are and showed why you aren’t what society claims you are. The Bible in the picture is also great because it shows your religion and beliefs. I also like how you represented your culture. I hope to see more work in the future.

              Jadyn W.

            • Dear Khalid,

              Oh my lord this is so great! I really like how you talk about your counter and dominant narratives and how you talked about how you feel when people make assumptions about you and how racist people can be. I really thought this was a really good summary. GOOD JOB BBY!!!!

              from, jennifer

            • Dear Khalid,
              This is such an amazing post. I can relate to you very much in the way that I am Mexican and have been called and viewed as stupid. You have to be brave, true to yourself, and stick up for what you believe in!

                • Khalid,
                  Your statement is extremely empowering. My favorite part to read was your point of view “I am smart, intelligent, and a caring person”. I can tell just by your picture that you are very brave, you cherish your culture and stand behind your beliefs. Thank you for sharing this!! Awesome job!!!


              • you did a good dacration and how you let it stick out

              • sorry my name is khalid

              • You had a good box l like the hat and dacration and your flag on the box

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