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  • midsummer


    i am trying to sleep

    in the hot summer night

    the AC is on

    but alas the heat still clings

    to everything in the room

    to me

    the humidity is killing me

    as though i were

  • Nice job on the post Mary!

    I would like to point out it would take millions, perhaps billions, of years for the sun to expand to a size that will begin to affect the goldilock’s zone of the solar system. Also another key phenomenon related to star expansion is when mid sized stars (our Sun) expand they cool off, so maybe earth would be…[Read more]

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    Thanks for reading. Expect more poems coming soon. 🙂

  • Kevin commented on the post, A Poem 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    Thanks for reading!

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    Hi Billy!

    Thank you for enjoying the poem. I will look into the poetry website. Again, thank you!

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    Thank You!

  • Hello Alexandria,

    Thank you for the insight into YouTube’s algorithm. I just have a question about the term extremist you used. Do mean literal terrorists like ISIS or white supremacy groups that are using YouTube as way the recruit new members. Or do you mean channels and YouTubers who purposefully spread misinformation and incendiary…[Read more]

  • Hello Ravi,

    This is a really touchy topic, with the creation of new ways to alter the very genes that all life is based on. But one key thing that many people opposed the GMOs often leave out is that we, humans, have been genetically modifying organisms for our own benefit for our entire existence. For example the modern dog and corn are all…[Read more]

  • Hi Charlie!

    Really awesome idea for an essay. I think a lunar base is necessary if humanity wants to create stable colonies on Mars, or other planets/moons. Even if the lunar base acts as just a simple “halfway” stop, it will still end up being cost effective.

    Although scientists have found massive oil reserves on Mars, the Moon also holds…[Read more]

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    Something I did for class, but I am really proud of it
    The Dragon and The Knight
    Wake up, ancient wyrm! Tis I, Don Quixote, the knightiest of knights!
    I have travelled far and wide, galloping with t

    • K-
      Wow! I really like this. The ending is hilarious, but actually so true, considering how quixotic Don Quixote was. This really captures the essence of Don Quixote and seems like it could have been a scene from the story either right before or right after he meets the damsel in distress of the story. well done! -V

    • Kevin, I really enjoyed your poem as a whole and how your formatted the structure of the story. It almost felt as though I was there witnessing this great battle unfold. The lines that say, “You talk mighty talk dragon, but when we clash I will have the end glory. A perfect ending to this knight’s story” were just so perfectly written! I really loved reading this, and will post a link to a site where I think you should publish this amazing poem. Thank you so much for sharing and please continue to produce great works such as this.


      • Hi Billy!

        Thank you for enjoying the poem. I will look into the poetry website. Again, thank you!

    • Kevin, I really like your poem! It seems very professional. I think it really fits the character and theme of Don Quixote. The ending is very well structured. It reveals the surprise ending in a funny way, again following the characteristics of Don Quixote. I remember learning about his foolishness in Spanish class. Thank you and I look forward to more poems.

    • Hey kevin, i really admired this poem. This is very unique and it tells a story painting vivid pictures. The character development is great and i like how you structured the poem. This was a very intriguing poem that sparks interest in the reader about Don Quixote. I really liked the line “My name will be in both bard song and prayer” because it is a powerful line that shows the arrogance in Don Quixote’s character. I hope you continue to write because you being able to put your work out for others to see simply because you enjoy it shows that you have amazing potential to become a fantastic writer.

    • Nice one, Kev. This poem demonstrates your memeing abilities to the fullest extent, as well as your ability to write poetry. Good stuff.

  • Image Credit: https://thetriangle.org/opinion/becoming-desensitized-to-violence/

    Over the past few years we as nation have witnessed a series of mass killings that have appalled the general public. The horrific

  • We live in a world where we have near constant access to information and entertainment. The Media (news, movies, TVs, books, video games) have grown to become the biggest influencer in how we think and behave.

    • Dear Kevin,
      I agree that we live in a world where there is a lot of violence in the media. People find it as something entertaining even though real violence in our world causes very many issues. People enjoy watching these movies and videos because it seems as if none of these events would ever happen. I think maybe playing video games where you kill people all the time could be changed, but otherwise it doesn’t have a huge affect on people. The link below is an article of violence in media and what goes along with it.
      Thank you for sharing your opinion, I look forward to hearing from you.

  • From movies like Alien; to hit TV shows like The Walking Dead; to video games like Grand Theft Auto; to books like Game of Thrones, our world of entertainment strives off the depiction of ultra-violence. We can

  • Hello Noah,

    Nice analysis of a very important problem that our society is struggling to deal with today. I agree with your stance: it is our decision to become so engrossed in technology. As you have stated there is no proof that technology itself is inherently addictive and most people are aware of the time they spend on their smartphones. Yet…[Read more]

  • As thousands of fans descended onto Seattle’s Key Arena this August to cheer on their favorite teams, millions more tuned in from home through streaming websites such as Twitch and YouTube. The teams were not c

    • Kevin, this is a very interesting topic. I think this industry is one that deserves to be looked at because gaming and sports are so different since sports rely heavily on natural talent while skills with video games are something that can only acquired through playing a lot, along with maybe some natural intelligence and strategic skills. I also fully agree with your final point, that the gaming companies need to just focus on the games. Advertising is useful but it is not what is going to bring more success because if the advertising makes the game seem too fake and cheesy (as I often experience with games I play) then the real players may get annoyed and the games would lose their base skill and talent and it would just be less fun to watch. It is a tricky thing for these industries to try and figure out, the line between spending time on advertising or improving the game for people that are already a part of the community.

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  • I clearly remember my Mother telling Chinese folktales to me as a young child with her soft Mandarin lulling me to sleep every night. To her moving to America was not about assimilating into the white

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