• We live in a world where we have near constant access to information and entertainment. The Media (news, movies, TVs, books, video games) have grown to become the biggest influencer in how we think and behave.

    • Dear Kevin,
      I agree that we live in a world where there is a lot of violence in the media. People find it as something entertaining even though real violence in our world causes very many issues. People enjoy watching these movies and videos because it seems as if none of these events would ever happen. I think maybe playing video games where you kill people all the time could be changed, but otherwise it doesn’t have a huge affect on people. The link below is an article of violence in media and what goes along with it.
      Thank you for sharing your opinion, I look forward to hearing from you.

  • From movies like Alien; to hit TV shows like The Walking Dead; to video games like Grand Theft Auto; to books like Game of Thrones, our world of entertainment strives off the depiction of ultra-violence. We can

  • Hello Noah,

    Nice analysis of a very important problem that our society is struggling to deal with today. I agree with your stance: it is our decision to become so engrossed in technology. As you have stated there is no proof that technology itself is inherently addictive and most people are aware of the time they spend on their smartphones. Yet…[Read more]

  • As thousands of fans descended onto Seattle’s Key Arena this August to cheer on their favorite teams, millions more tuned in from home through streaming websites such as Twitch and YouTube. The teams were not c

    • Colin replied 1 month ago

      Kevin, this is a very interesting topic. I think this industry is one that deserves to be looked at because gaming and sports are so different since sports rely heavily on natural talent while skills with video games are something that can only acquired through playing a lot, along with maybe some natural intelligence and strategic skills. I also fully agree with your final point, that the gaming companies need to just focus on the games. Advertising is useful but it is not what is going to bring more success because if the advertising makes the game seem too fake and cheesy (as I often experience with games I play) then the real players may get annoyed and the games would lose their base skill and talent and it would just be less fun to watch. It is a tricky thing for these industries to try and figure out, the line between spending time on advertising or improving the game for people that are already a part of the community.

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  • I clearly remember my Mother telling Chinese folktales to me as a young child with her soft Mandarin lulling me to sleep every night. To her moving to America was not about assimilating into the white

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