• As shown throughout this book, Orwell uses the Marxist lens to display the paranoia and anxiety Winston had while working. Therefore the thought police had an advantage and the ability to overhear and spy on the

    • Kevin,

      Orwell’s 1984 is definitely an incredible book, on many levels. Your post on the emotions the protagonist, Winston, goes through is certainly a fascinating take on his message. The idea of instantiating a “false consciousness” throughout the citizens of Oceania had not occurred to me before, so thanks!
      —————-big book spoilers ahead, so please don’t progress until you’ve finished it!————————————

      I would like to recommend you look into the mechanics of how Winston is captured. Do you believe he was ever truly free from Big Brother? Again, thanks for your post!

    • Great post! I also thought that the anxiety that Winston feels really stands out. Orwell describes it in a way where we can understand Winston’s point of view, and see how difficult it would be for him to escape the situation. I think “paranoia” is a great word choice to describe what he was feeling throughout his whole life. I also liked you title a lot, it is what drew me to your article.

    • Kevin,

      1984 was an interesting read indeed. I enjoyed reading your post about how the government creates fake conscious and how citizens are hiding from their own thoughts and feelings. It really does make someone think about how this came about and how this can be true in today day; as people hid from their own emotions because its easier to trick yourself than to submit to disturbing thoughts you have.

    • Kevin, great piece of writing! Our class also read 1984 and it’s such a great piece of dystopian literature. It was so cool that the government creates fake conscious and how citizens have to hide from their own thoughts and feelings from fear of the thought police! It’s a great read. Do you think Orwell was trying to warn us as readers that our society will eventually fall to such a low, government controlled, point? Do you suspect that the purpose of the book was to illustrate what he imagined societies would look like in the year 1984?

    • Kevin, I have just recently read this book too. I thought it was cool and it made me question how free we really are. I know some people argue that our society today is like the one in 1984. Here is a link to an article if you’re interested in reading more. Great Job.

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  • Dear Alison,

    A lot of people do have prejudice within a person when they meet you, that’s how life works, due to our society being judgemental and in an area where it’s very diverse, people have certain stereotypes within a culture, would you agree that it’s because of the community we live in people have bias stereotypes? I’m asian but people…[Read more]

  • Dear Nevin,
    This post of your shadow box intrigued me, how you talked about other peoples perspectives on mexicans, why do you believe that other people say that Mexicans are criminals? Next you said that your older brother likes to drive you around town, what do you enjoy when you guys driver together? Lastly, you spoke upon coming…[Read more]

  • Dear Izaiah,

    I am Intrigued with your post “Listen up, America” because one sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “These issues should be their priority because bombs like the ones North Korea has are lethal and could mean no America anymore. ” I think this is improbable because United states compared to North Korea is definitely more st…[Read more]

  •   This post is a boy version of “Girl” from Jamaica Kincaid

    Make sure you eat all your rice, or else each rice grain you don’t eat will turn into cockroaches when you die and you will have to eat them; make su

    • I found this story very well-written and interesting. It was a very good idea to italicize your responses to your mom telling you what to do. I think it’s very good that you’re speaking up about unrealistic pressures and standards as well as stereotypes. Also, how does your idea of the American Dream differ from your mother’s?

  • Dear Leaders of America,

    Hello my name is Kevin Nguyen, I’m currently a senior at Fremont High School in Oakland, California. Research about Charlottesville, brought a lot of attention to me because of the i

    • This is a really nice letter. I agree with you mate, and the leaders of America should prioritize healthcare so everyone can have access to it.

    • Kevin,

      Your post was very interesting. I really like the way that your title makes someone want to read what you have to say. I agree with you that growing up in a diverse place is a great thing. When you have multiple viewpoints that shape your values, you can have a more unbiased perspective of the world. I like your suggestions for the leaders of America, but I’m wondering if you think that they should first prioritize health care or striving to stop issues of race from occurring? We definitely should be trying to become more open minded and accepting. Do you have an ideas on how we could do this? You said that “To help with this issue is to have more safety net hospitals around lower income areas. Safety net hospitals help anyone regarding their background so they accept everyone.” and I think that’s a good idea because we need to improve our health care system for people in need. Overall this was a great post, thank you for sharing.

    • Dear Kevin,
      I really like the idea that you have about prioritizing health care and making it affordable and accessible to people who really need it the most. I really think that is a good idea because there are family’s out there that cant afford healthcare, but it they prioritize it and make it affordable for all it wont be a problem for all people.

    • Dear Kevin,
      I am quite happy with your post, and am struck by it’s validity. It gives me hope that there are people striving for change across the US, it makes me feel not so alone. I grew up in a mostly white neighborhood, and have not had much experience with those of other races and cultures. I am incredibly sad about this, because I feel like it is extremely important to have an understanding of people, their cultures, and who they are, so that I can stand up for them during their times of need. What do you think i can do to get more involved with these cultures? I genuinely want to learn, and I think that others wouldn’t be so judgmental if they knew more about others.
      Thank you for your article and your time,
      Lexi Thomsen

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