• This comic is a good piece of work. The graphic weight I noticed was you stading near a couple buildings and just standing there as if you are thinking. Also the part where your comic charcter says you have a chance not alot of people have was good grphic weihgt.

  • Your memoir is strong and explains who you are today. This piece is a good explaination of how far you have came because of muscle cars and photogrpahy. This memoir helped you realize that photography is a big part in your life and might always be.

  • The Way I  Am

    By Kevin M


    I have always been honest

    No matter how harsh It is or how nice It can be

    Some People tend to not understand who I am

    It’s like they are worried more about me than the

  • Hella Lazy tavio but same. This poem is good because It is very honest about yourself and how you are lazy.

  • This is a good poem because It explains how being chill can be better than being annoying. Also, chill is similar to what I wrote about so I can connect to this poem as well.

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    Good job on explaining why you are happy as hell. This poem shows how being happy helps people get trough the hard times. This poem is a good solid poem.

  • This poem is strong, it is very descriptive of what you have a passion for. This also shows the type of person you are and how you feel towards yourself. The part where you put quitting as not being an option shows your persistence in accomplishing what your aiming for.

  • Laid Back As Hell

    It’s effortless to be laidback

    Especially when nothing

    No Words

    No One

    Can get in your mind to make you feel declined

    It’s complicated

    Especially, for a young male who is ver

    • Dear Kevin,
      I am glad that you are laidback and do not let the fake people get to you. Where it says “Myself and my mentality is what matters” really resonated to me because I agree with you that’s exactly how it has to be . So yea do ya thang kid.

    • Dear Kevin, I like how you wrote this poem, it kinda made it seem like you was writing a rap song or something cause you rhymed a bit. Im glad that you don’t care about what others think of you and you don’t let anything get to you. Good job!

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    This is a good name memoir especially the fact that you used your name as a Mexican God. Also the fact that you used your whole entire name was a good form of keeping this name memoir strong.
    Okay I See You ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  • This name memoir is very strong because she explains how she is who she wants to be. Her name is a big part of who she is and how people view her. Everyone calls her by Yaqui except her mother who was the first one to give her, her birth name. The name memoir is a good description of how her name describes who she is.

  • To me my name means kind and respected. To my family my name means bad news. It means troublemaker, It means bad temper. It’s like a dark grey color. Means It can turn out to be bad or underwhelming.

    This was

    • This is very deep Kev you have created a powerful and strong memoir to describe your name. I got to learn a lot about you and your family. Thanks for being so open.

    • Your name seems like a heavy weight to carry for you in your family. I’m sorry! But, I agree with this, “Kevin. I have carried on the name with me after him but don’t want to carry the lifestyle that comes with alcohol and disruption. I don’t want to inherit his sorrowful words through the phone.” That won’t be you. It just won’t.

    • Dear kevin,

      I am fascinated with your name memoir because you had a lot of great information about your name and where it came from. One sentence you wrote that stand out for me is “ I will like to introduce myself after the same name but with a different form of saying It with a different perspective from my family. A name I feel more comfortable in, something that matches me. Kevin can turn into “Kev”, something simple that doesn’t have a huge meaning nor a bad background.” I thinks this is really great because you want to make your name your name not a name in that past that has done a lot of bad things in the past.

  • this is a strong and descriptive blog.

  • This has a strong statement about if athletes are overpaid or not.

  • This blog is good because It proves why young teens join gangs to fit in.

  • This blog is strong because It clearly explains to the author how young kids are badly affected by gangs.

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