• Diary of A Wimpy Kid The Third Wheel

    This book is about Greg who had problems with his best friend Rowley. Greg did some things that made his best friend not wanting to talk to him anymore. Rowley started hanging

  • Kevin commented on the post, Police Brutality 3 years ago

    Dear Jada,
    I agree with you that many people are scared of the police not just because they think they might get arrested but because sometimes some of the cop’s could get a little aggressive and start hurting someone. I don’t think it’s fair that many people get hurt by the police just because of their race or anything else. In my opinion I think…[Read more]

  • Devil’s Wake Part 2,

    So far what I have read is about Terry and Kendra trying to find a cure to stop these creatures. They found a hospital where they found many chemicals and they started experimenting with t

  • Dear Athsia,
    I agree with you that many kids skip school. I believe that adults should try finding new ways to make students go to school. I think many kids might not go to school because they might have to go to work. They might not want to learn or they might just not care about education. I believe they should get the education that they need…[Read more]

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    Devil’s Wake,

    The novel that I am reading is Devil’s Wake. This novel is about an apocalypse around earth. This Apocalypse starts by an infection and once they get it then they turn into creatures. They turn rea

    • Dear Kevin,

      Man, oh, man! Does this book sound interesting or what! I’m definitely going to have to check this one out the next time I visit my public library. For sure the next read on my list.

  • Dear Cole,
    I agree with you that family is really important. Family is important because without them we wouldn’t have clothes or food. They work really hard just to take care of us. They also work a lot to get money so that they could get us food and important things that we need. I agree with you that many parents end up losing a lot of money a…[Read more]

  • Maze Runner

    The book Maze Runner is about a group of teens. These teens get chosen to go to a series of mazes and they have to escape. While their stuck in the maze every day there is always something different

    • This is one of my favorite book series! Who is your favorite character? Have you finished the book yet? What was your overall impression?

  • Dear Ethan,
    I agree with you that cell phones can be a huge distraction. I can relate to this because I use my phone a lot and it ends up being a huge distraction because most of the day I’m on my phone and not outside doing something else. I agree with you that cell phones distract us from learning more and going outside. But, then you do learn…[Read more]

  • Being Dead,

    I am continuing from the other post I made. I have read more. So far in the book there is Mark and Jenny that are confused because they saw somebody living in their basement and they went to tell

  • Dear Mae,
    I did not think that animal cruelty was this bad. I’m glad you shared all this information because we need to stop killing and abusing animals. I think it is really cruel to be doing this to so many different kinds of animals. But I think some people would need to kill some animals because they might benefit from getting food or to m…[Read more]

  • Being Dead written by Vivian Vande Velde,

    In this book a boy named Danny was a having a bad day because they were moving to a little town. He was feeling carsick and his sister and brother were being really

    • I sometimes feel that way as well but I just try to go into a open space or space with people just to feel more comfortable.

    • I feel this way as well so I usually stay with groups of people so that feeling that doesn’t always come.

    • I feel like many can relate to that feeling as well. I am very curious to hear what happens next in this book. Is his feeling of paranoia going to translate into something or not?

    • I can relate to that feeling as well. Sometimes I feel like i’m being followed by someone. I bet the book will have a twist and somebody will be following him.

    • That is relatable in my opinion. I sometimes find myself in a similar situation where I think I heard or saw something.

    • Hi Kevin,
      This book sounds really interesting. I like books that are so intense it is hard to put them down. I too get paranoid that someone is following behind me. Everytime I go to my car at night I run to it and jump into my car because I am scared someone could also be under my car. I also run up stairs from my basement and never stay down there alone, as I am scared someone is down their following right behind me.

    • I too get paranoid when I’m alone at the house or walking outside at night. When I’m in these situations I try to take my mind off of it by thinking about the things that make me feel happy and comfortable.

  • Dear Giselle,
    This was very interesting because I did not know that much information about that. I’m glad you made this because not many people think about this. I did not know that the male and female would have been treated the same. Also, that they would be treated different than other prisoners. Then they start to feel lonely and they get s…[Read more]

  • In my opinion, I think that they chose the right decision to not go to school or work because they are fighting so that Immigrants don’t get deported. But, then I also don’t feel that one day of not going to sch

    • Dear Kevin,
      I agree that all the people that didn’t go to school or work made the right decision. This boycott showed many people that immigrants and their children are needed. Even if it was only for a day some people may have realized that if all the immigrants/latinos/hispanics did not go to school, shop at stores, eat at restaurants, go to work for more longer everything in the US would just go down the drain. Even if some people are blinded by all their racist thoughts they will eventually realize that they need us to survive. As a student who participated in this boycott, I felt like i helped my community by not going to school or buying things from stores. More than half of my school didn’t attend because they want to show Trump that he is making a big mistake. I will be looking forward to what you post next. Thank you for your post.

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck

    Greg is disappointed because him and rowley wanted to do some activities but Rowley got a new girlfriend named Abigail and so Rowley abandoned him. Greg is having a hard time

  • Dear Hugo,
    I agree with you that animals have rights just like us. I think that animals have rights just like us because they are alive and deserve to be treated with care. Like how you said in your article that animals could be abused and locked in cages and that it isn’t fair for them and they need to be treated with care and protected. In my l…[Read more]

  • Dear Hector,
    I agree that taking any kind of drugs can affect you. It can kill you and you could get really hurt for being on drugs. But some things I disagreed on because some drugs help people. Some people need drugs to take care of their bodies. But some people might not be using the drugs correctly and they would end up dieing. I also liked…[Read more]

  • Havoc by Chris Wooding

    The book I am reading is Havoc and so far I have read half of the book. This book is after the book Malice. In this book there is a girl named Kady and they said some words and it took them

  • Dear Zahra,
    The books you showed were really great. I have only read some of the Harry Potter books. But the collection of books looks really interesting. I think I’m going to be reading more of these books. I read the Harry Potter books and they are really long and I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and it is really…[Read more]

  • I am reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I haven’t read the full book yet but this is what I have read so far.

    Severus Snape, a member of the Order of the Phoenix, meets with Narcissa Malfoy, Draco’s

    • Dear Kevin,
      I decided to search “Harry Potter” because well, I’m a HUGE HP fan. I’m really glad you decided to write about this absolutely AMAZING book! There are going to be many surprises, that you just won’t believe. I really like the books because they’re full of exciting adventures and… I just love fantasy books. My favorite book is The Deathly Hallows. I think you’ll like it a lot as well. And you better get some tissues ready when you get to the last couple books. Anyways, I hope to see you post more about Harry Potter! I’ll definitely read your reviews about the boy who lived. 😀

  • Dear Writer,
    I agree that to stay healthy you should exercise and eat healthy. If you Exercise and Eat junk food then you wouldn’t be getting healthier. So I think you were right that to eat healthy without exercising would make you lose weight and if you exercise then you would probably be more healthier. I sometimes try to eat healthy and I try…[Read more]

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