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Police Brutality Reflection

In this project I learned many things. I learned that I have a voice. I learned that I am more than capable of standing up for what I believe in. But most importantly, I learned how to be an upstander and what being an upstander means. The project that was assigned to me was police brutality. Although this topic was […]

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Raise Awareness on Police Brutality!

Dear Anne E. Kirkpatrick: We are choosing to write to you about the actions of your police department. Since you are the chief of police you are known as the leader of the OPD. Therefore, you lead and check over your department to enforce the law that makes the city safe (“Police”). The harm that OPD has caused to innocent […]

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Police Brutality Cause and Effect in Oakland

What is the cause of police brutality and how does it affect Oakland residents? Hillary Walker, a teacher at Life academy and an Oakland resident believes that police brutality is based on the way that people of privilege judge others by their image and value (Walker). Police cause brutality because they put communities, youth, and institutions in danger. Effect In […]

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My Community

Hi! my name is Kenya Sanchez. I’m a 9th grader at Life academy. My poem is about my community and all the tragic events that happen in my community. I chose to write about this topic because it’s important that people know that not everybody lives in a very safe community and that it’s important to stand up and advocate […]

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My Shadow box

When people look at me they might think that I’m dangerous or that I’m an immigrant which is my dominant narrative.But, I’m not dangerous nor an immigrant I am a strong independent Mexican female who enjoys competitive swimming and embraces her culture this is my counter narrative. I have chosen to include pictures of my childhood to show how I […]

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