• In this project I learned many things. I learned that I have a voice. I learned that I am more than capable of standing up for what I believe in. But most importantly, I learned how to be an upstander and what

    • This is so informational!

    • I really like your project, but there are a few flaws with it. First, by only having black and white headshots of people, you make them seem very disconnected and you take away a little bit of our relatability to these people. This is a major problem when you are trying to emphasize how these are people and that they are being completely and utterly mistreated. Another thing that you should think about with you project is how people tend to argue against police brutality. A lot of people just say that you should just listen to the police and you will be fine, but I think that it would be important to get cases where people are hurt regardless to how well they listened to the police officers. This could help to outstep people who would just try to take away meaning from your project before they could even try.

  • Dear Anne E. Kirkpatrick:

    We are choosing to write to you about the actions of your police department. Since you are the chief of police you are known as the leader of the OPD. Therefore, you lead and check

    • Dear Kenya, Adrian, and Costello,

      I really enjoyed reading your post on this important issue in society. Police brutality has been an ongoing issue that happens everywhere over the world. I am glad you guys gave more attention and research to this topic. What stood out to me was “Do we stay quiet or do we fight towards a more equitable world?” and I couldn’t agree more! We all need to speak out and fight for what we believe is right. Secondly, you guys did an amazing job researching about individual victim cases and giving potential solutions to raise awareness. I thought you guys came up with great and mature solutions that focused on nonviolent resistance. I do have a question for you guys as well, is there anything else you guys plan to do to educate your peers about police brutality? Lastly, you guys did a fantastic job with this post and I even learned a thing or two about police brutality. I look forward to reading more of each of your writings as well!

    • Dear Kenya,
      This topic that you and your group decided to take upon is very important and also controversial in these times. I really like how you guys were able to give many examples of different forms of police brutality towards colored people. It was nice to see that you had them from different times instead of just one specific year. I also enjoyed how you guys were able to tie in film that is relevant to this issue today. One thing I would say is look at both sides of the argument you are making. Look at the training that police officers receive when they are in preparation in becoming a officer is important. Asking and talking to an office can add on to your argument. I know that they can’t really trust anyone in any situation, but you could bring in the argument of who do they feel safer around: white American people or colored people and why?
      But, overall, you guys did a really good job!

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    Dear Piper,
    I am am very happy that I got the opportunity to read your poem ¨Open Your Eyes¨ because it is truly inspiring and the topics that you mentioned were very powerful. To me the main message of your poem is that people in our society and communities have to become woke about these world wide issues that people face everyday and that i…[Read more]

  • Dear Brendan,
    I would like to thank you for commenting on my blog. It was great to read your comment and learn from your perspective on police brutality. What really stood out to me from your comment was when u stated, ¨How what you think your community can do to help end police brutality and what programs can you come up with to help bridge the…[Read more]

  • Dear Celeste,
    I think that you made a very convincing statement when you said that Music is a “MUST” for Oakland schools. Personally as a student who attends an Oakland public school is a struggle especially when it comes to having a lot of work or being around people you don’t necessarily want to be around with can be highly stressful. Music…[Read more]

  • What is the cause of police brutality and how does it affect Oakland residents? Hillary Walker, a teacher at Life academy and an Oakland resident believes that police brutality is based on the way that people of

    • Dear Kenya,

      I like your blog “Police Brutality Cause and Effect in Oakland”, because you talk about how police brutality impacts people and the community along with the effects police brutality has on the people and the community. One sentence that stood out to me is when you wrote “Oakland has been affected by this factor because police officers who protect the city and keep Americas laws intact end up breaking the laws and creating a serious reputation that makes police and Oakland seem as an unsafe place”. This stood out to me because I love how you talk about how and why Oakland has a bad reputation not being safe. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next. =)

    • Dear Brendan,
      I would like to thank you for commenting on my blog. It was great to read your comment and learn from your perspective on police brutality. What really stood out to me from your comment was when u stated, ¨How what you think your community can do to help end police brutality and what programs can you come up with to help bridge the gap between police and community”. Your comment helped me expand my thinking on how our communities can fight and stand against police brutality because it is indeed a problem that we need to address as humans. I also agree with you about how police brutality doesn’t only happen in Oakland which is also why I feel like we should take a stand and fight against brutality to prevent there being any more negative interactions between police and people. Hopefully i get to hear back from you again and your perspective on police brutality!
      Thank you!
      Kenya Sanchez

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    Dear Irvin,
    Incredible job on your poem! You’re poem is extremely touching and I honestly really enjoyed reading it. I think you did an outstanding job coming up with each line of your poem, it’s really clear that you tried really hard on this assignment. I really liked the line where you said, ” Love is like a tree it has deep roots and grows…[Read more]

  • Hi! my name is Kenya Sanchez. I’m a 9th grader at Life academy. My poem is about my community and all the tragic events that happen in my community. I chose to write about this topic because it’s important that

    • Dear Kenya,
      Amazing poem you have! Community is a big topic because in those communities we have a thing called home. I liked how you used “A plague Plague of both houses?Nah a plague on the people who created this“Street Disturbance” this part is outstanding. Usually we think about problems breaking out because of two households but it’s not always like that. You were very detailed and each line made sense. Your description is so detailed and it explains what you will be talking in your poem and why you chose it so it wouldn’t be confusing. Good job!

    • My favorite part of your poem was ”I try to imagine that the sound
      Of shattering glass is diamonds
      But, in reality its glass windows”.
      And I also like how you instead of writing about love, (a topic that almost everyone wrote about) you wrote about violence. Also, your choice of words was great, you are an actual poet!!!Good job, I really like your poem, and I look forward to seeing what else you upload.

    • Dear, Kenya
      I like how you decided to write a poem about your community! A line that really stood out to me is when you said, “Me and my mom locked in the car. You know nothing new, another shooting”. That stood out to me because that was a way you decided to describe your community and it’s just like damn. Overall your poem was really good.
      Sincerely, Bryan Moreno

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    Dear Christina,
    I really enjoyed seeing all the details and objects that you incorporated on your box. Your box clearly shows who you are as a person and what you like. I think that you did a very great job with all the colors and details on your box. God job on your project it was honestly really beautiful!
    Kenya Sanchez

  • Dear Marleni,
    I am very happy for you because your box came out very beautiful and detailed! Your box really stood out to me because its very colorful and its shows so much about you. For example the Salvadorian Flag that clearly shows a part of your culture and it extremely beautiful. Good Job on you shadow box!
    Thank you!
    Kenya Sanchez

  • When people look at me they might think that I’m dangerous or that I’m an immigrant which is my dominant narrative.But, I’m not dangerous nor an immigrant I am a strong independent Mexican female who enjoys compe

    • Dear Kenya,

      Your shadow box is really beautiful. I like how you incorporated many pictures and objects to express your counter narratives. One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was, “I choose to try my hardest and never give up.” That sentence stood out to me because it is good to have that in mind. Also, its better to have a growth mindset then a fixed one. Another sentence that stood out to me was, “When people look at me they might think that I’m dangerous or that I’m an immigrant which is my dominant narrative.” You as a young latina female it is very important to break down those sterotypes. You did really good work!


    • dear Kenya,
      i really like the way your shadow box looks and the baby pictures are very cool

    • Dear Kenya,
      I really like the way you decorated your shadowbox. I really liked how you gave examples of your dominant and counter narratives. What did the rest of your artist statement say by the way? Good job staying strong fighting against these dominant narratives ! Have you gotten any awards from competitive swimming? I would love to hear more about it.
      Thank you!

    • Your shadow box is very decorative and showcases how proud you are of your heritage. I like how you talked about your characteristics and how they defy what people usually think of you. One phrase that stood out to me was “I am a Latina who has a lot of power and I will not let anyone tell me otherwise or dehumanize me for being a strong Independent female.” this type of strong mindset is what we need people today to have. And to make sure that no one ever makes you feel like you cannot achieve something because of your race or biological sex.

    • Hi Kenya, I am a junior about to be a senior at San Jose State University. I really liked how you did your shadow box. It’s very creative and gives me some insight into who you are. I think that you did a excellent job combining everything about yourself. The way you have pictures of important traditions that you and your family follow. I too am proud to be a Latina, I think its wonderful that your parents have done things like your baptism and how you want to keep that tradition and later on, baptize your children as well. I also like how you are into your religion. Its greatcoat you are so proud to be the person you are. Never hide or feel discouraged because of your ethnicity or sex because what others think. I am so glad to her you say you are proud of who you are because it will take you far. Keep up the great work and I wish you luck in your future! (:

      Summer Thompson

  • Dear Leslie,
    I really enjoyed reading your artist statement I feel like it made a really big impact on me. The things that you included in your shadow box were really nice like the seashells and the makeup even the little artifacts were beautiful. Good job on your shadow box! It was truly beautiful.

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