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    Dear Christina,
    I really enjoyed seeing all the details and objects that you incorporated on your box. Your box clearly shows who you are as a person and what you like. I think that you did a very great job with all the colors and details on your box. God job on your project it was honestly really beautiful!
    Kenya Sanchez

  • Dear Marleni,
    I am very happy for you because your box came out very beautiful and detailed! Your box really stood out to me because its very colorful and its shows so much about you. For example the Salvadorian Flag that clearly shows a part of your culture and it extremely beautiful. Good Job on you shadow box!
    Thank you!
    Kenya Sanchez

  • When people look at me they might think that I’m dangerous or that I’m an immigrant which is my dominant narrative.But, I’m not dangerous nor an immigrant I am a strong independent Mexican female who enjoys compe

    • Dear Kenya,

      Your shadow box is really beautiful. I like how you incorporated many pictures and objects to express your counter narratives. One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was, “I choose to try my hardest and never give up.” That sentence stood out to me because it is good to have that in mind. Also, its better to have a growth mindset then a fixed one. Another sentence that stood out to me was, “When people look at me they might think that I’m dangerous or that I’m an immigrant which is my dominant narrative.” You as a young latina female it is very important to break down those sterotypes. You did really good work!


    • dear Kenya,
      i really like the way your shadow box looks and the baby pictures are very cool

  • Dear Leslie,
    I really enjoyed reading your artist statement I feel like it made a really big impact on me. The things that you included in your shadow box were really nice like the seashells and the makeup even the little artifacts were beautiful. Good job on your shadow box! It was truly beautiful.

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