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From Fall To Winter View Comment
  • @Kenneth
  • April 27, 2021

Dear Angie : I am amused by your poem, “From Fall To Winter,” because the words said in the poem make me feel like I'm actually there. It also feels nostalgic. One set of lines  that stands out for me is,  “The smoke dances out of the grill, Waltzing into the...

Dear Liliana : I am proud of your post, “BLM and the Representation of Kneeling During the National Anthem,” because it shows unity to stop all the racial injustice in America. Now athletes and other big names are helping with the cause and showing that enough is enough. One sentence you...

Dear Jessica, I am in agreement with your post because student athletes have a lot of pressure put on them.We are force to keep up with our work and perform at our best which is unfair to our mental health. We have to keep up with 2 things at once. One...

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Social Media and Social Change View Comment
  • @Kenneth
  • December 15, 2020

Dear Maia, I am satisfied with your post because social media is really beneficial for a lot of information nowadays.Im glad you are helping people understand that social media is a good thing. One thing you said that stands out for me is: “In light of recent events, the interconnectivity of...

Dear Miles I am satisfied with your post because it raises awareness about the bad addictions that students are having now. Smoking e-cigarettes is becoming an even bigger problem and is damaging the youth.This post is very helpful to help children try to avoid these. One thing you said that stands...

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A Walk Around The Heights

is this in the past?

is the music loud?

Jazz is really big in this town.

I like the wording and it shows this takes place in the past.

The Blues was a very popular form of jazz music.

“The verve and the jive makes you feel so alive.” I really like that sentence because that's how I feel listening to music.

Who are they talking about?

Agreed. I've been wondering this the entire time.

Since Fonny is locked up Tish has no one to help her. She also needs money so she has to work.

wait. why'd he get arrested? when he said “oh, baby, get me out of here.” I wondered what is he in there for?

are they in jail?

It seems they tried to frame him as a car theif. I think this because it says “I guess they just happened to need a car thief that day.”

I agree. Fonny's been through so much and he's finally getting the help he needs.

i agree.they always say that Fonny is going to go through something bad.

This shows that fonny really loves and cares for Tish.

what did he do to make the police come after him.

I disagree. The whole point of the truth is to decide the winner. I find it stupid that the truth of the matter isn't enough to decide.

I think he was trying to disrespect Fonny by calling him by the wrong name.

I think that joseph will PROBABLY accept her decision but also he might not because parents don't want to see their daughter pregnant.

What was it about his tone that gave her that reaction?

Fonny is such a good respectful person to drop her off and get her home safely.

They are a very loving and intimate couple.

Fonny's family is toxic and don't care about their son's path in life.

Ms.hunt is just not fond of Tish and doesn't like that shes with Fonny and that they have a kid now.


Tish is really upset

she assumed she doesnt drink because of her religious beliefs.

Ageed.He is really upset his son is in jail and can't wait for him to be freed.

Ms Hunt is a religous christian.

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