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    I believe that effort is the key to success. By putting your all into every task, goals can be attained much quicker, and your life will improve overall. If you only put in half the amount of effort you have into

  • Rayondre, thank you for sharing these facts and your opinion. I understand your hesitation of genetic engineering, but think of all the great things it could do in the future. I agree with your hesitation on genetic engineering on the front of “designer babies”, or babies that their parents can pick their eye color, hair color, etc. I believe tha…[Read more]

  • Junhyoung, I agree with your statement that America gives opportunity for all, but you must work for it. The story of Mexican immigrants taking the Devil’s Highway is a sad truth, with people wishing to come to a utopia but instead find only fear and overcrowding. I, along with many other Americans, are ready to strive for what’s next, but there w…[Read more]

  • America, the land of equality and opportunity for all. Equality for everyone hasn’t existed for long and is still being fought for to this day. Voting and citizenship rights for women and racial minorities were n

  • Trinity commented on the post, The American Dream 2 years ago

    Noor, I agree with what you think Americans value. Our first amendment is very important to us with the freedom of speech, petition, assembly, religion and press. You mention how much we value free speech and I realized how much we take our first amendment rights for granted. We live in a very fortunate country where our government grants us…[Read more]

  • Trinity commented on the post, American Values 2 years ago

    Srihita, I like how you say that Americans are all aware of the so called “American Values”, but do nothing to live up to them. I agree with your ideal values of equality, freedom, unity and diversity. The point you raise with immigration is interesting and I would like to learn more about how we react to it, and how we can improve the system.

  • America is a land of opportunity, equality, and freedom.

    According to Kohls, the author of “The Values Americans Live by”, Americans value time, their environment, and competition more than many other nat

    • Trinity, I like how you talk about time being an important value and how Americans often take control of their environment. It gave me a lot to think about because I had never thought about either of these things before. I think that our ability to be concerned about these ideas really does show the opportunities we are afforded as Americans. I also liked your comment about how the American Dream is not one idea, it’s whatever you want it to be. I think it would be interesting to hear more about this idea and its embodiment of how America is a land of opportunity and freedom.

  • Sam, I share your desire to know more about what the future of technology holds. By advancing technology in the medical field, space industry, and commercial industry, we will be able to advance our society. I would like to learn more about this visual capitalist, it seems to be an intriguing idea that could help us in the near future. Thank you…[Read more]

  • Trinity commented on the post, Mars, The New World 2 years ago

    Samuel, I agree with your vision of a new world for humans. Because of high tensions between powerful nations and all of the polluting that humans have done, we will simply kill the Earth itself. One wrong political move, and the need for a new planet will be indefinite. I am glad to hear that there has been bipartisan cooperation on this issue,…[Read more]

  • Trinity commented on the post, We Need Nuclear Energy 2 years ago

    Ryland, I agree with your stance on nuclear energy development. Creating clean energy at lower costs seems like an easy decision to make, yet the fear of a meltdown has people holding back. I disagree with your statement that it would not be possible for a meltdown to happen, there is always risk, however we can minimize that risk with adequate…[Read more]

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