• My project was about the body image expectations society has and how to break them. For my actions my partner and I first created an instagram @b0dyimage where we posted empowering pictures to encourage

  • April 26, 2019

    Dear Monique Pillard. CEO of Elite Model Management, and Ivan Bart. CEO of IMG Models,

    Did you know that society has set beauty standards that are harmful to youth? YOU have created the

    • Hi Kelly and Ivy,
      This is such a great topic because it is so relevant in today’s society. The image of beauty, as you mentioned, is being tall and skinny. This specific body type is deemed desirable and attractive, and appears most frequently in media such as magazines, television, movies, social media,etc. I agree with you that these media outlets are responsible for the negative impact they have on their audience because they are reproducing the same damaging societal expectation that there is only one right body type. Media needs to incorporate more body representation and more Nonwhite models/actresses to better represent their diverse audience. I think it is a great idea to write to these corporations and agencies demanding more body positivity, more ethnically diverse models, and less editing. In Europe it is now legally required to say under the photo that the image has been photoshopped, and I think this is such an important law that should be required in the United States as well to bring more awareness and understanding that people do not naturally look that way, and what they are looking at is not realistic. This piece is brilliantly thought-out and well-written.

    • Dear Kelly and Ivy,

      I really enjoyed your post, “Fighting Body Standards.” I actually have done a paper recently discussing the effects of social media and how it can cause adolescents, specifically females, to feel like their body is not good enough which causes insecurity. It certainly correlates to your post. I feel like this has been a reoccurring issue and typically targets young women. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “True beauty and perfection can only be achieved when one is skinny, and when one has a clear complexion with no imperfections.” It seems like in today’s world, thinner women are idolized. This is why a lot of people feel the need to compare themselves, it’s because they’re in front of a magazine or they’re the Victoria’s Secret angels. True beauty should not have a specific shape or form. It’s really sad that these are the expectations of society. Most of the time, we see these images on Instagram, for instance, and it just really looks unrealistic. Another sentence that stood out to me is, “These actions are not limited to just plus size people, but also to petite, skinny, darker complexion/people of color, or people with physical disadvantages, we want this movement to go big, and be open to everyone who gets oppressed because of their body image.” It’s great to see that you guys are taking action and constantly reminding women that they are beautiful no matter what color, shape, or size they are. I certainly have learned more about movements and ways to help out regarding this topic. It’s important because feeling insecure about your body can lead to harmful and depressive behaviors which is not something I would want to see in these beautiful women.

    • Dear Kelly and Ivy,

      I really enjoyed your topic and reading about all of your ideas and I think that a topic such as body image and body positivity is so important especially at this time in society where issues with body image are so prevalent. because of the huge increase in social media use and the many platforms that the youth have to compare themselves with images of others that just aren’t realistic such as models and celebrities, I think that bringing awareness to this topic could help the younger audience understand that not everything they see in magazines or on social media is realistic to every day people and that it is okay to look exactly the way you are and that they should feel accepted by society in their own skin. I really liked the point you made where you stated “This is why you need to promote a more diverse range of models that people can relate to. People’s overall confidence can increase when they are being celebrated”. I really like this point because when all that young people have to look at on their social media sites or in magazines is unrealistic body types and nothing that they can truly relate to, then they begin to ask themselves “why don’t I look like that”? or “am I suppose to look like that”? which are two very dangerous questions because that is social comparison and that can ultimately lead to negative rumination of ones own body. If the media and society learns to celebrate all body types as equal and beautiful then the idea of the “perfect” body type because extinct and everyone can then learn to love themselves just as they are. I think that your proposal of the instagram page to support all body types and self-love is such a great way to start a movement towards positive body image and getting the youth to see that there are people out there who look just like them and that they can be celebrated or be models and be themselves at the same time. I am curious as to your idea of reaching out to the magazine companies and modeling agencies and what they may reply to you, and what you could do with those responses afterwards. I admire your persistence and I hope that your instagram page brings you both success in following through with this proposal! Your post was very well-written and thoughtful, I think your ideas and words will help to bring awareness to this issue and shed light on its importance for the youth.

    • Kelly and Ivy

      Thank you for your advocacy and action to fight body image bias. The media and popular culture in general contributes a lot to this scourge to society.

      I appreciate that you forcibly call out Monique Pillard and Ivan Bart. As leaders and executives that play a role in promoting body image bias. I even appreciate more that you are developing a @b0dyimage social media response to promote diverse positive body images. You should check out the poem “Fat Girl” (https://www.youthvoices.live/2019/04/17/fat-girl/ ) one of my students composed to address the exact issue you are tackling.

      Did you consider using your @b0dyimage social media campaign to get consumer to boycott magazines and media executives who promotes body image bias? Hitting dispassionate executives like Monique Pillard and Ivan Bart in their wallets could be more effective than them calling out.

    • Dear Kelly and Ivy,
      I am very excited to share with you guys that I absolutely loved the post. There were many valid points that were addressed in which companies and high-end corporations unfortunately oversee now and are less concerned of the detrimental effects that it has on every single individual. I actually commend both of you for the amount of courage and dignity that you guys have to stand up against these modeling companies because I know it is not an easy thing to do. Sticking by your truth about how these beauty standards come in all shapes, all sizes, through all types of imperfections, and regardless of skin color and etc., it will definitely reach all ears of the community who needs to hear and receive the positive message that true beauty starts within themselves. If one is not confident with himself or herself, one will never be satisfied with the effort he or she puts in except when they feel the need to gain social acceptance and validation through others.

  • Dear Warisha Ashfaq,

    Thank you for commenting on my post and taking the time to read this, I really appreciate! I personally have not experienced any immigration issues but my family has. Both my parents are immigrants from El Salvador and they have personal reasons to migrate to this country. I am very sorry that you have had to experience…[Read more]

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    Dear Medina Lam,
    I am loving your poem, “Fires,” because it talks about a serious issue. I love how you explained what were the devastating effects of the fire because it is important to know who was impacted. To me the main message of your poem is that the fire was a disaster. I know this because of how you said “Tinder-dry plants and trees…[Read more]

  • Thank you for reading my Poem! I also read you poem and thought yours was amazing too! One question I have for you is, what would you add to this poem? what can I work on?

  • Thank you very much for reading my blog and taking the time to comment on my blog. I have one question, What is your experience with immigration? What do you think is wrong with Trump’s comments on immigration? Again thank you for reading my blog!

  • Dear Valerie,
    Your blog really summarized all the negative effects on students caused by OUSD. One of my favorite lines was were you stated that food cuts also affects families. It stood out to me because it shows that students aren’t the only ones affected and it makes the problem bigger. You did a great job!!
    Sincerely, Kelly

  • Dear Tania,

    One of my favorite lines from your blog is when you wrote, “This proves how much Trump doesn’t care about humans, but Only the “rich and wealthy” humans because he thinks that those with privilege are people who don’t do anything dangerous”. I like this part because I really agree with what you said, Trump is being racist and classis…[Read more]

  • Dear Wendy,

    I agree with you on that people who deal with suicidal thoughts should have a counselor or someone someone to talk to that they can relate to. I agree because like you said if they can’t relate then the person won’t feel safe or comfortable. Also, the person they are talking to should not judge because then that will make the per…[Read more]

    • Dear Kelly,
      I was very excited to read your blog about immigration because it’s a big problem we have going on right now in the United States. The interviews you did stood out to me because it gives us a perspective from someone who knows about this topic since they have lived it. Some sentences thats stood out from your blog was “Getting harassed while doing normal activities can also be an effect of the words Trump keeps reiterating. Immigrants don’t deserve to experience discrimination and harassment because they don’t come into this country to be corrupt and sinful people”. The reason why this stood out was because this happens to many immigrants since Trump portrays them as bad people who can’t be allowed to live in the United States, but he is wrong because they actually don’t come to hurt no one.


      • Thank you very much for reading my blog and taking the time to comment on my blog. I have one question, What is your experience with immigration? What do you think is wrong with Trump’s comments on immigration? Again thank you for reading my blog!

    • Dear Warisha Ashfaq,

      Thank you for commenting on my post and taking the time to read this, I really appreciate! I personally have not experienced any immigration issues but my family has. Both my parents are immigrants from El Salvador and they have personal reasons to migrate to this country. I am very sorry that you have had to experience those types of jokes. Have you ever expressed your feelings to the people who joke about your experience? I personally feel like you should because they might not know that their words are really hurtful. Again, thank you for leaving me this comment. 🙂
      Sincerely, Kelly

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    Dear Imelda,

    I think your poem is amazing and very detailed. One part I like is that you put ¨typing¨ to make it seem like someone was actually typing. I like that your poem is relatable. ¨Falling in love is like a Ferris wheel it’s going all good until it stops in the middle you don’t know what’s wrong but you gotta stay strong¨, is one of my…[Read more]

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    Dear Beatriz,

    One thing that I like about your poem is that you talked about sexism. I like the topic because it does connect to our society since people think men are better than women. But also sexism connects to Romeo and Juliet since there was many comments made about women needing to get married to a man. I really like how you said, “Their m…[Read more]

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    Dear Tania,

    I think you did a great job on your poem about Romeo and Juliet and about love. I love how you repeated the phrase, “Love doesn’t have a meaning, But it does have emotions”. I like this because you can’t describe love in just a couple of words, love is powerful and complicated. I also like how you described how the feeling of love fe…[Read more]

  • This poem talks about the topic of love and how it’s like to be in love. The poem connects love to Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. Love is amazing but can have obstacles which is what my poem describes. Im

    • Dear Kelly

      Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. A line that stood out to me was “Love grew into a tragedy

      But the ultimate tragedy was their agony.” because it really described most of the relationships i’ve witnessed.

      A connection I made to your poem is how committed some people are because that one person in a relationship might be the only person they have.

      Your poem also reminded me of a beautiful description of a love movie.

      Thank you so much for writing and I look forward to reading your next post.


    • Dear Kelly,
      I would like to start off by saying I love how you cite lines from Romeo and Juliet. One of my favorite lines in your poem would have to be “She wears wings that shine with golden light”, this would have to be my favorite line because one you pulled it from the book to show how it connects to Romeo and Juliet. But it also shows that you know how to connect two things and add different styles to your poem.

    • Dear Kelly, I am very thrilled to have read your poem because it really showed us the connection to Romeo and Juliet’s love story. I liked how the similes you used especially “she wears wings that shine with golden light”, the reason why I liked it is because you can actually imagine Juliet being like that since she was very happy to be with Romeo. Thank you very much for sharing your poem and I look forward to reading other work you publish.


    • Dear Kelly,
      Your poem is beautiful. I really likes your last line “But the ultimate tragedy was their agony”. That last line was powerful and it rhymed. Looks like you put two topics in and made it all one. I also liked how you used exact lines from the book/film of R&J. Your use of metaphors is really strong and good. Overall your poem is very detailed and it has an amazing meaning to it!
      Imelda :))

      • Thank you for reading my Poem! I also read you poem and thought yours was amazing too! One question I have for you is, what would you add to this poem? what can I work on?

  • Dear Ivy,

    I love you shadow box because you have many different pictures and I like how you decorated it. I also like how you build a roof on the top of your box. One part of your shadow box that stands out to me is where you put like I said before the roof. This stood out to me because I think it was a unique idea and I don’t think anybody e…[Read more]

  • Dear Beatriz,

    I love your shadow box I like what you added inside it. I also love your shadow box because of the bay pictures you put in it (you were so cute!!). One part of your shadow box that stands out to me is when you said that people assume that you are not strong because of your gender. This stood out to me because that is very true in…[Read more]

  • Dear Juan Mendoza,

    I really like you shadow box because it has a lot of pictures. I also really like the flags you put to represent where you where from. One part of your artwork that stands out to me is the promotion pictures you added. I think is was a great idea to add them because it shows that you were successful in your other schools and…[Read more]

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  •                                                                                            Who I Am


    The shadow box represent me a

    • I personally really enjoyed hearing about your family being Salvadoran. I definitely know that I do not always connect Latina or Latino with being from a state other than Mexico. I often attempt to keep an open mind when I hear the term Latino or Latina because I was never really sure what it meant until recently. I would like to hear more about experiences that you have had concerning being Latina and Salvadoran. I found you story to be interesting and powerful. I now that I have heard the stereotype that the oldest often has the strictest set of rules, but you seem to be taking those rules and standards and raising the bar even higher. That is hard thing to do as a high schooler and also struggling with people thinking you are one person but really you are another.

    • Dear,Kelly i really liked your shadowbox and all the characteristic about it I also liked how you represent girl power and the counter narratives to it but you show the opposite of them which is really amazing and empowering another thing that really stood out for me was the 3 flags that you show pride in all of them but i’m guessing you like mexican pride the most since its the biggest.overall youre shadow box is really good!sincerely, Anthony

    • Hey Kelly,

      I really like how your shadow box embraces multiple identities. One part of your art piece that stands out to me is the “girl power” logo, which shows you embracing this important piece of your identity. It is also great that you decided to include where your family is from because it shows that you are proud about your roots. I look forward to seeing the next thing you post related to breaking down stereotypes and proving society wrong.


    • Dear Kelly, I found your post to be extremely insightful and you have a great perspective. I love how you mentioned that your parents immigrated to the U.S. in order for you to have a better life. It seems that you are extremely appreciative of them and as a child of an immigrant myself I found myself relating to you throughout that section. Often lost in this narrative of Donald Trump speaking negatively of immigrants, is the fact that these were just individuals who wanted a better life for themselves and their children.

    • Dear Kelly,
      I really enjoyed reading about your shadow box because I could relate to it since my parents came here from Mexico and automatically there are people who think that I was also born there or they assume where I am from just based on how I look. It is important for people to know that not everyone who is Latino is just from Mexico because there are so many other countries. Your story is really powerful and breaking down stereotypes is something we should all do to get more people to understand.

  • Dear Yureida Gastelum,

    I am amazed by your shadow box because it has many objects and I love the flowers you added. I love how you added the Mexican flag on the sides because that is a really cool idea. One part of your artwork that stands out for me is is where you added cups of rice and beans on the sides. I think this is unique because I did…[Read more]

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