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    While looking at the image, it shows a few people protesting about being a survivor of a genocide. By the title of the poster “I am a Descendant of warriors who survived Genocide , I am not a Mascot” i can say

  •    While looking at the image there’s a lot of message behind it. For example Woman power. All Woman look like they united and are protesting because of their facial expression and poster’s they are exhi

    • Hello, I would just like to address that women are actually able to vote, they have been since 1920.

    • Education, free speech, and suffrage are all rights that women have had for years in the United States, and all over Western Civilization in general.

  •  By observing the imagine and examine the quote  i can say that the message is; If you’re an immigrant from another country you must speak English. I found this very rude because not all people have the res

    • While learning a new language is a very hard task, I think immigrants should learn English. Since an overwhelming majority of Americans speak English and it is our country’s official language, it makes sense that an immigrant would be expected to learn English. You may be able to get a job not speaking English, but being able to speak English will make you be able to communicate better with most citizens and it will definitely help an individual move up the job ladder. It would especially help that person as they could speak two languages and many company’s see that as an advantage.

    • Hi Keily, I think that you bring an interesting point into discussion about learning English. You specifically mentioned immigrants learning English. It is important to know different languages, especially learning English in America because so many of us speak it and it is easier to communicate with one another. It is okay, however, to not know English and live in America because America celebrates diverse culture and language. There are still ways to communicate with others without the use of language. I agree with you that knowing English is helpful, but it should not be forced upon non native speakers.

  • Let’s start by saying you need money your entire life and especially for emergencies. A good way to start saving money is opening a bank account and dropping money off every time you can. Trying to get a

  •  Police brutality goes way back to 1872, that’s when it all started. When the Chicago Tribune reported on the beating of a civilian under arrest at the Harrison Street Police Station. For the past years in wh

  • In my opinion, Donald Trump shouldn’t be president again for the negative impact he has given us. For example being extremely racist towards immigrants. Trump made border between Mexico and U.S higher and even

  • “The Absolutely True Diary of a part-time Indian” by Sherman Alexie is about an Indian boy named Junior who was born with a variety of medical problems. Junior was born with too much brain grease, which is bas

    • Keily
      I read this book in class as well, I enjoyed the book it was good to see junior progress as the book went on. Junior grew a tremendous amount as the book went on and i was surprised by how he turned out. He had a great journey to get where he ended up.

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    Dear Mariely:
    I am very impressed with your your post “Let Things Out” because you’re a very nice human being and very talented.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I like writing; I just have a lot to express and when I think I’m done expressing there’s more I want to say so I think I can write forever about the things I am…[Read more]

  • Thank you!!!

  •    My name is Keily Mendez, a short ,dark- haired, light-skinned Latina. I was born in Dominican Republic in 2002. I lived in the DR for 5 years with my grandparents. When I turned 6 I came to the U.

    • This is a very inspiring story! I like how you said you will not allow yourself to give up and how you are setting an example for your son. Good luck and I know you will make it to college!

    • Thank you to sharing your amazing story and I strongly agree that education is a responsibility to our life. When we have kids it is important to set an example for them because parents are their first teacher in the world. You are such a brave girl who can decide leave your country for a better future. You said “I’m not scared of being a failure because I would not allow.” I know you are an motivated girl and you are positive and you don’t fear to face the problems. I can see you will do a good job in college. Best wishes for you!

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