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    Adreanna, I know it can be hard to deal with people, but it will all be ok. Toxic relationships are not worth it.

  • Once, there was a little boy named Nova from Indiana who loved to play. He liked Legos, building, and a silly striped hat that he wore every day. He also loved building blanket forts and playing with Baby Brother.

    • Dear Katie,
      I liked your short story about Bear very much! I thought that you had a lot of good sensory details which made the story come alive and brought it closer to your audience. I hope you write another piece that starts off where you ended, describing one of the adventures Bear and Nova go on! Thanks so much for your story!

    • Katie,
      for some reason while reading this story I was nervous the whole time that Nova was going to lose Bear. At the end, I thought perhaps Daddy was going to throw Bear away. You really had me captivated! Also, I think Bear is a great name (I had a stuffed cat when I was younger called “kitty”). My question for you is whether this story came from something personal in your life (Did you or one of your siblings have one of these bears?) or was this from your imagination? Here is a cool article from Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-guest-room/201407/more-just-teddy-bears … that talks about how kids are learning to regulate themselves by caring for their stuffed animals, and how it is an awesome phenomenon.
      Let me know what you think!

    • Katie,
      I really enjoyed your short story that you shared with us. This story was very well structured making it easy and fun to read. I also really enjoyed the words that used and the way that you used them. It let me vividly experience the story. I hope to see more stories similar to this one in the future!

  • Brandon, this was a really good poem. I think it was brilliant playing off of Coatsworth’s concept of a pet and owner dialogue. I especially like how you used the phrase “you will toss and tumble straight to the ground.” I look forward to seeing more of your poems.

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    Abigail, you did an amazing job on this poem. You are truly a poet! I love the reoccurring theme of music and orchestra, I truly appreciated that in your poem. I’m looking forward to seeing your next poems.

  • Jaden,

    This was absolutely beautiful. I loved the pictures you painted about life in the country. I felt like I could actually see everything you were describing. You did an amazing job!

  • In me there is a love greater than the sum of my being

    Greater than the universe himself

    And look into the endless darkness!

    That void of a night sky!

    It waits for my presence to fill its ever

    • I love the emotion portrayed by this! Your idea that you exist and you cannot change that you exist is powerful, and I find it to be a good self-love piece. It was also so beautiful to see the way you expand to a large lens – the universe and cosmos – and then go back to an individual on a single street. Very good circular thought.

    • I love this a lot. The passion that is expressed in this piece is beautifully seen. I really love all of the wording that you used, and I think my favorite part is the end where you mention humming songs and in the distance you hear another humming it as well. It’s just overall, powerful and expressive.

    • This is a beautiful poem i love how you placed the words and made it all connect

  • Noah, it can often be hard to do the whole, writing and getting your ideas down, thing. But based on what I’ve heard about your process, I’d say you’ve probably done a good job.

  • The process of writing my research paper was a stressful one, filled yet with bounding interest and curiosity. My research topic was that of the American education system’s flaws and because I have family m

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  • I’m researching the ways in which K12 students attending public school are effected by the schooling system. Please take this survey only if you attend public school.


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    This poem is amazing. After having read it all acne departed from my face. My grades got better. My reading level increased. When anything is stressing me out I simple recite your poem to myself and I feel better. When life intimidates me and tries to scare me into hiding, I stroll along, unaffected, boldly exclaiming, “wen is a bat not a bat? wen…[Read more]

  • Hello, I’m working on a research project about how the American Education System effects children negatively in both a mental and emotional aspect. Here’s my prospectus:


    In my research paper, I wish to

  • This is truly very fascinating. I am also very interested in myths and folklore and am interested to listen to the podcast that you have described and I hope that you write more on this topic.

  • Honestly? This is amazing. I love this so much and I started tearing up when reading this. The only thing I would like to add is that it’s very important to show the things you’re struggling with (illness-wise) because although ableist people may discriminate against you, many people will still love and accept you

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    I found this story very well-written and interesting. It was a very good idea to italicize your responses to your mom telling you what to do. I think it’s very good that you’re speaking up about unrealistic pressures and standards as well as stereotypes. Also, how does your idea of the American Dream differ from your mother’s?

  • John,

    You used a great job of seamlessly incorporating evidence into your piece. I agree that conservation is a very important topic of discussion in America. Something I would do if I were you is that I’d put more emotion into your piece (look up the pathos persuasive appeal). Overall, I think this was a very well-written piece. Also, maybe you…[Read more]

  • Adelle,

    Your piece makes some very strong points and I can very much appreciate where you’re coming from. The diction and persuasive elements are absolutely brilliant and I look forward to seeing how other people respond to this. I personally think that Common Core should be disintegrated all together, but I acknowledge that your argument is the…[Read more]

  • Sexual abusers will have abused roughly one in every three girls and one in every six boys will have by the time these boys and girls have reached eighteen years of age (“Rape Culture,” para 41). It is not eas

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