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    Kerly D commented on the post, Kyle

    Dear Isiah,
    I am excited with  your poem because you explain something important in your life but with specific details.
    One thing I learned from your writing that stood out for me is: “Isiah, you’re going to be a big brother.” I think this is interesting. You’re gonna be a big brother and your mom  told you, that means a lot because it is so cu…Read More

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    The Biggest Change of My Life

    It was 7 in morningWalking to my school in Ecuador, the last day for meAll my friends in class talking between themA lot a noisy could hear in the classFeeling so sad that dayTelling my friends that I’m going...

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    • Dear Kerlyi:

      I am impressed by your post, “The Biggest Change of My Life,” because it is impressive how calm you sound to be moving to a different country. I think it’s impressive that you are going to slowly adapt to a new atmosphere.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I understand but this is a opportunity for a better future for you and sister.” I think this is awesome because parents go the extra mile to make sure their kids have a better future even if it is in a completely different country. 

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because of how you expressed emotion. I would like you to continue telling me about what is the hardest thing you had to adapt to.


    • I really like the way you wrote this post. I feel like in a way I can put myself in your shoes and experience the ways you were feeling.

    • Hello!
      Your post was very intriguing! It provided me with a first-person perspective of what it would be like to be new to a country.

    • Dear Kerly,

      I really enjoyed reading your poem, “The Biggest Change of My Life”. It is very touching and the tone made it very interesting to read as it sounds so calm explaining such a big change. The personal picture you added also adds to the poem making it interesting to read as it is a picture of your travels.
      When you said “I understand but this is a opportunity for a better future for you and sister” it really stood out to me. My parents also immigrated to the U.S. for a better future for all their kids and you including this in your poem displays the selflessness immigrant parents have for their kids. I read the book “Call me American” which also connects to immigrating to new and unknown places.
      I really enjoyed your poem as it lets me know something about you and what you have experienced. I liked the tone you used and how you made it easy to read. I especially liked that you took us from before you left Ecuador to arriving and starting your life in New York. I really appreciate you sharing this part of your life and hope to read more of your posts in the future. I hope you and your family are living the life you traveled here for.


    • Dear Kerly, I really enjoyed your poem. I can relate to it because I came from another country to America. In my first day of school I saw people using computers in school and it was something new from me. I want to say thank you for bringing those memories back. I hope you having a great day!

    • Dear Kerly, I truly enjoyed your poem because it talks about the grievance when leaving your home country. It gave me a first person perspective on what that experience might feel like. I hope you have found your peace in the US. I love the personal photo you used as well !

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  • Dear Genesis,

    I am satisfied with your introduction because you said “This is a person who was in New York the first time” and also you said “ok let me show you this is Manhattan la gran manzana.”

    One thing I learned from your writing that stood out for me is: “he just working out of the bus station and somebody heard him speaking in Spanish,…Read More

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    Dear Diego,

    I am Kerly, and I am satisfied with your introduction because you said “ I am funny and I am a chill person.” Also how you said “I was in an online school and it felt different.”
    One thing I learned from your writing that caught my attention is that when you said “I was in an online school and I felt different”, I think this is v…Read More

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