• To begin, the novel Divergent connects to 2017 because their is people who have more power and privileges and have more “ambition” than others who are not really up to their level they get oppressed. They get put

  • Police relations are very important to focus on because police officers have  killed and harass people of color due to them looking “suspicious”.Instead  asking for an explanation or  handcuffing them, they take m

    • One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “The main reason why we have police brutality is that cops are hired who aren’t from Oakland,with a badge on there chest cops feel more privileged and believe they have more power and they have trust issues between the community and cops.” I think this is a good explanation of why cops form other city’s cause police brutality.

      I appreciate for your writing.

    • This is a heavy subject due to the history of racism within the country, and all of the protests and marches as of lately. It is awesome that you are willing to dig deeper into something so difficult. You brought up some interesting points regarding institutionalized racism and verbal and physical assault. It would be really interesting if in the future you could include an interview with someone who has had issues with the police personally, for a firsthand perspective. Also, do you know of any statistics on people who have been victimized by the police in Oakland? Having that as a comparison would be really interesting.

      Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see how your research progresses in the next article!

    • Dear K´Chelle
      I agree with your views on police brutality, it is not right for them to beat someone up just because the color of their skin or their ethnicity. They should be protecting all the people from harm but some of them are just spreading it. I know not all cops are bad, but in certain areas there is a lot of crooked or dirty cops around that are just not doing their job. Your example of Oakland was a great one, some of the cops are not doing their duty just killing or beating up innocent people based off their ethnicity not only black people that margin could spread out quite a bit. Anyways your article was awesome keep up the great work.

    • Firstly, when you say that, ” cops feel more privileged and believe they have more power and they have trust issues between the community and cops,” are you just assuming that all cops outside of Oakland are like this? It seems that this kind of generalization is dangerous, and it’s what your accusing the cops of doing, but don’t you see it as a little hypocritical?

      In the second paragraph, you only assume that police brutality only occurs to people of color, and no one else. I too, am a person of color, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to cherry-pick facts to push an agenda. There are white people that experience police brutality. Every race as at some point. When you make it seem like that’s not the case, you are blatantly lying to your readers. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

      In the third paragraph, you state that the reporter is credible because ” she is African american and she sees people of her color going through this harassment and killings by policies.” Is that the only reason why? What if she is a blatant lair and because she hasn’t been fact checked, so everyone believes whatever she says, even if she spreads misinformation. Basing her reliability purely on her race seems kind of close minded and racist. Again, If she’s actually super reliable, correct me, please. Also, claiming that “policies” put out “negative vibes” doesn’t mean that it’s protest-worthy, and could you please give some examples of these “policies”? Or is it due to the cops keeping their guard up due to them being in an unfamiliar area (as you mentioned before that Police Brutality in Oakland is due to transferred cops, and not cops who are familiar with the region). Violent crime is very heavy in that area, and you are accusing the cops of being on edge?

      In the final paragraph, you claim that cops are just killing people left and right, with completely no justification, and that “because they have a badge, they can kill people with no consequence”. There have been plenty of cops that have received some form of punishment for wrongdoing. You also love talking about a lack of trust between cops and the citizens. I don’t think this is a two way street, however, and I think that we should trust our cops more.

      Again, I dunno. Maybe I said something wrong, but please correct me if that’s the case. Please provide some evidence if you are going to make a claim, or a counter to whatever I said. Although, as a “person of color”, I have more faith in my police force.

    • Dear K’Chelle,
      this was a very informative article. Your views of brutality really make me think about what is wrong with our justice system. Police officers are meant to protect and service our communities, not harass the colored citizens. Maybe in the future you can incorporate more views from other writers and people who have experienced brutality.