• Student Drug Testing Alienates Students from Schools

    This article discusses the issue that happens when schools drug tests their students. Using evidence from different studies the author shows how drug

  • Love this poem and its message! It connects so deeply to pressing issues that many teenagers encounter today. It is disheartening knowing that youth voices aren’t being heard despite our interest in issues and how drastically they effect us.

  • Wow, great post. It’s interesting, I have never thought about the pledge in that sense. It’s odd that a country that portrays itself as religiously diverse has such strong connections to Christians the ideals of them. Its a contradiction in all senses.

  • The environment has become quite the concern of many people. However the reasons behind the efforts to move to a more sustainable life have become less ethical in reasoning and more to follow a trend. Modern

    • Even with the “skip a straw, save a turtle” trend going around, many followers of this don’t recognize or care about the other plastic the comes from cups or lids. Like you said many people just hop on this bandwagon without realizing what they’re actually doing. Much like how joining the trend of juuling or vaping can be harmful to our bodies, these environmental trends might be harming the Earth more than the trend followers think.

    • Maybe people are just being sustainable because it is trendy, but does it matter? The impact of actions toward sustainability is more important than the reasoning behind it. Although I agree that people should be sustainable for reasons that have to do with saving our planet I think that it is a good thing that people are following trends that urge sustainability. For example Teslas, these are cars that are electric and hence better for the environment, does it really matter if people get a Tesla to show off how much money they have or to reduce their carbon footprint?

    • Such an interesting connection between social media and social movements, whether for sustainability or other movements like Black Lives Matter and Me Too. I totally agree with you–while limiting plastic straw use is a step, we consume SO much more plastic that doesn’t always make it into a recycling bin. I, personally, am shocked that SLC hasn’t banned plastic grocery bags like other major cities (Chicago, LA) have as we are literally in the center of such natural beauty. Like plastic straws, banning plastic bags seems like a given. Also, having recycling bins alongside garbage bags on public streets.

    • Megan replied 1 month ago

      Sustainability has become more of a social trend than a true issue we are facing. Matter of fact, at times those who use reusable straws or cups are made fun of by society. Even with these actions and steps taken, the amount of damage is insurmountable when compared to the actions taken against it. This boon said, I am shocked that it has come to governments, “banning,” various uses of plastics, such as bags. Even with people knowing how bad it is for the environment, they still use single use plastics for the convenience.

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