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  • Kate wrote a new post

    Is storytelling still the same today as it once was?

    Storytelling (in a straightforward sense) was once important to humans. We used storytelling to connect, entertain and pass along information all the way from 15,000 B.C.. Now, storytelling isn’t used to sit down and tell a story by heart,...

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  • Isabella, I thought that this was a very good topic to touch on! With Covid going on, it’s been increasingly difficult to keep on top of schoolwork, or other work if you have a job or volunteer. Most people who have mental illnesses have noticed that it has been harder to cope because of Covid and I’m glad you recognize that the younger pop…Read More

  • Kate wrote a new post

    Blossoming Genius

    The flower, sometimes known as a ‘bloom or blossom, which have been adored and admired by humans to bring beauty to their environment, and also as objects of pure romance, medicine, ritual, religion and even as a source of...

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    • Dear Kate,
      I am fascinated by your post because of the captivating and informative way you described the various uses and symbols tied to flowers throughout history. Flowers are often an indication of beauty, health, healing, renewal, and power, as you explain. It’s an important reminder, then, to recognize that the colorful plants are genuinely good for our mental wellbeing.

      One thing you said that stands out for me is “ there has been research found that have indicated that flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods after being exposed to flowers on a regular basis.“ I think this is pure and a beneficial fact to know because of the simple remedy that it provides, applicable to numerous scenarios. Flowers carry with them not only an indication of happiness and celebration, but essence of the earth itself. The air and elements of the earth around us provide what we need to survive, so why wouldn’t flowers help do the same?

      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. Once, I got a plant while roaming through stores with a friend. I thought it was beautiful, and I liked the idea of taking care of something and watching it grow. As it did just that, it genuinely did improve my state of mind, as the study claims, and it was a reminder of the life that exists out of our daily preoccupations.

      Thank you for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I really enjoyed your elaboration on one of life’s simplicities. I also appreciate art history and mythology, and I loved your inclusion of those elements in connection to the flower. The voice in your writing is artful and vivid, and I’d be happy to read more.

    • Dear Kate,
      I was very intrigued as I was reading your post, I really liked how you told the different ways a flower can be used for. I believe it’s pretty impressive how a flower can be used to represent romance or even be seen as a source of food.

      The sentence that stood out to me from your text is “Over the years there have been more medicinal substances founded that have included flowers in some sort of way, commonly seen in herbal tea blends, and essential oils…”. I think this is very interesting how a beautiful plant such as a flower can be used for health benefits.

      Thank you for your writing, I can’t wait to read what you write next. I like how detailed you are along with the topic you chose. I hope to see you continue telling such radiant information and facts.

  • This is a very interesting post, Sharlee! I do agree that Disney and other big brands are moving away from 2D animation as it may be time consuming and less realistic than 3D animation, as you said, “Disney… announced that none of their animation companies were working on traditional 2D animation and never plan on returning to it. Although, hav…Read More


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