• Dear Doranelo & Valeri
    To begin with thank you I agree with what you’re saying. Although I am pro-life I am impressed with your letter to Planned Parenthood because this is a very risky and sensitive topic that hits home. I was also very excited to read this because I recently did a research project on the topic abortion so this intrigued me.…[Read more]

  • An important purpose of government, as stated in the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution is promoting the general welfare. The president of the U.S plays an important role in ensuring our government’s actions are w

  • Dear Chris,
    I agree with your post, “Is school lunch a problem?” because I can relate to many of the points you made. Such as how students start ro bring their own food after having a bad experience with the food taste or getting sick from it.

    One sentence that stood out to me was “The fact that the lack of experience is extraordinary shows that…[Read more]

  • There are limits to everything. Life is about choices and the choices you make. You are granted free speech with the First Amendment. However, there are limitations to that freedom that are not protected. For

    • Dear Kaylee:

      I am Interested with your post, “Should Schools be Allowed to Limit Students Online Speech?” because even though you think that schools should not limit students online speech you also know that people will disagree. I also like how in the beginning of your post you don’t just get to the point of you thesis statement instead you lead into in.
      One sentence that stood out to me is, “The school can make as many rules concerning the internet as they like but parents are the ones making rules for when the students are not on school grounds.” I agree with this sentence but also I think that even if parents are the ones making the rules out of school grounds, students will break them if it’s their own parents making the rules.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you right next, because you seem to explain really well what the sources are saying in your own words. Also even if the sources would be for agreeing that schools should be allowed to limit students speech you made it work so that they would be agreeing with you argument.


    • Dear ,Kaylee
      I am agree with your post about how parents should take action on their kids social life and not have the school take control of it because although it may cause a distraction at school there’s only so much a school can do and most of the time when schools get involved it causes a bigger problem for the student . One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is ,”The school can make as many rules concerning the internet as they like but parents are the ones making rules for when the students are not on school grounds.” I think this is a good statement because some children are more afraid of their parents than a school teacher or principal . They will take their parents more serious because there are actual consequences due to the fact that they live with them .

      Thanks for writing . I look forward to seeing what you write next because you make valid points . Also because you see the sides to both sides and then make a decision .

    • I thought the way you introduced the topic of online speech was very relatable because it is something we all had, as well as stating the purpose and importance of how school shouldn’t limit of us from our freedom of speech which is also our first amendment. Using social media acts as a form of expression where posts may cause conflict such as bullying but it is our right to express how we feel as long as no one is hurt doing so. You explained this very well even with adding direct examples,quotations, and statistics from the Association of Teachers and Lectures and Teacher Support Network. I think will create an even stronger argument for why online freedom of speech should exist is, adding the viewpoints of the opposing side and as to why they are wrong. Otherwise very well written and I agreed with much of what you had to say.

  • Dear Kalani,
    I am surprised with your post, “Prostitution in Oakland”, because this is a sensitive topic that is not really talked upon by others.

    One sentence you wrote that stands otr for me is “ Many people might say Prostitution is like modern day slavery because females are kidnapped to work hard doing dangerous labor and for their pimps…[Read more]

  • Dear Dean,
    I am intrigued with your post, “Max Stress During Finals” because I can personally relate to it especially
    being a senior and all everything seems to pile up. I am also experiencing a lot of what you mention as I lack sleep because of homework which I can now say leads to my stress. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “It…[Read more]

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