• Dear Mr. President

    Abortions are a problem , the number of abortions expand more than death rates. Abortions are going on everyday and the number of abortions need to be reduced. Some people are okay with

    • Hello Mykayla,
      I absolutely loved the article, and I think your logical approach to this evident problem is a very viable one.I am personally pro life, and I think that people could do with a little more logical thought and a little less feeling.
      But i do think that your essay (being a persuasive one) could use more of an argumentative edge. For instance, doesn’t it upset upset you when pro choice advocates only say, “my body” without any explanation. You were onto something when you brought up the depression in women but you didn’t take it as far as you could’ve. There are lots of tangible arguments that could be used in your argument or at least elaborated upon. again thank you for your care of sensitive social conflicts
      -Joshua N.

    • MyKayla,
      You wrote an interesting paper. I respectfully disagree with your claim. Abortions are very safe in America, and they provide women with options that concern their future. Are there moral questions? Yes, of course. Abortions are always a difficult choice. I would elaborate on your claims. There was a lack of sources and a lack of information. Life is valuable and wonderful, but the life of the mother also needs to be considered. A pregnancy club is a good idea, I would suggest also talking about different forms of birth control to help ensure that less abortions are needed. Churches especially could benefit from pregnancy clubs, seeing that 62% of abortions are done for christian women (Guttmacher Institute, 2014). Thank you for writing this. Hope that the pregnancy club works out!

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