•           My project was about something we would want to be upstanders for and my topic was Domestic Violence. This topic is very important to me because I feel its talked about as much as it should be which

    • I think that it is extremely important to think of how this issue has changed overtime. Domestic abuse used to be one of the biggest issues by far, just by sheer volume. It was common for a man to come home and beat their wives, and now it is much less so. This is not saying that it is not an issue, I am just saying that it has gotten better over time and that, to some degree, the issue has gotten better. I think that you should bring up the drop in domestic abuse that happened after the introduction of no-fault divorce and how people feel as though they must stay together, even if they hate their partner. Why I bring this up is that you need to bring up the history around domestic abuse to help explain that it is still a problem. Another thing that I think you could bring up is the whole situation around Chris Brown. This situation has a lot of information around it that wasn’t focused upon and I think that it says a lot that Chris Brown has just generally been forgiven for all the terrible things he has done against his partners.

  • Dear Geno,
    I am kind of confuse with your poem, “It’s better than nothing,” because you didn’t really give me any background of what the topic was and what I’m reading about. In the beginning of your poem you talk about having fun and how you couldn’t find it but after that you talked about how things don’t go right. I believe that…[Read more]

  • Divergent by Veronica Roth, is about a society that divides themselves into different groups, they call them factions. Each faction is known for something different and has their own rules. For example the

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    Thank you for reading my blog. The part of your comment that stood out to me was when you said that my blog could motivated women to speak out about their stories because this is the main reason I wrote my blog about this. A question I have for you is do you think my blog would help people speak out.Look forward to hearing back!

      • Dear Khalid,
        To start begin I like how you started off with a story about yourself and then bring in your claim. I like how you added your question and then there answer to show what they are answering. The only you need is a conclusion to make it all come together.

      • Dear Kalani,
        How I feel about your topic is it is very powerful and something that isn’t recognized as much as it should be. Some advice I would like to give you is when you but evidence don’t forget to give some context about it and where it came from. Also, don’t forget to give powerful reasoning on why that piece of evidence conne…[Read more]

      • Dear Jai’Kari,
        Thank you so much for writing this but reading through your paragraph it started to get confusing. A place I started to get confuse was when you started to introduce a quote but your quote ended up being about asking a question to your mom. Some advice for you would be to either write about an interview in one paragraph and t…[Read more]

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        Why do we rape?

        In 2016 there were been 260 rapes reported that were unfounded of men and women who have been raped in Oakland. Also there was 11.2% causes of rape  in 2016 that have not been addressed or have

        • Dear Kayla,

          I am surprise and sad about your blog “Why”, because this blog can be touching for women that got raped and they maintain their silents. One sentence that stood out for me was, “Secondly, women need to remember to speak out about their stories because so many are not addressed. When they speak out about their stories it would help others speak out about theirs and feel empowered”. This sentence stood out to me because women that got raped don’t need to hide their stories. They need to share out with other people so they can feel empowered and motivated. I do agree with you because there is rape in Oakland happening and you addressing this problem is really helpful for other people. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because it’s really helpful and interesting topic to write about.


        • Dear Kayla, I am really empowered by your poem because you have really clear statements about how men should start realizing their actions and how females should love themselves although they were scarred and how they should open up about it because they are not alone, if anything people would support them. I think overall you chose a good topic one that is important to you, and you are completely right people don’t talk about rape nowadays like it isn’t an important topic. I’m glad you brought this specific topic up because you want to bring awareness to this issue and writing about it will get people to hear your voice and your story. Keep up the good work, you have a powerful mind.

        • This was a solid blog post. Keep up the good work. I am impressed by the extensive research you did with your works cited list. Check out my blog here: https://arp.video.blog/

        • Dear Kayla,
          I appreciate your post on rape culture. It is really informative and inspires me to talk more about this topic. In fact, my teammates and I actually have a blog dedicated to ending rape! Please check it out.

        • I really liked this blog post because it was very informative and addresses an issue in society that shouldn’t be overlooked. It is so important to share survivors’ stories to raise awareness. It is also important that you emphasized that it is not the victims fault that they were raped, and they need to be protected. This blog talks more about this topic as well- http://fight4victims.home.blog

      • Dear Kelly,
        I would like to start off by saying I love how you cite lines from Romeo and Juliet. One of my favorite lines in your poem would have to be “She wears wings that shine with golden light”, this would have to be my favorite line because one you pulled it from the book to show how it connects to Romeo and Juliet. But it also sho…[Read more]

      • I wrote a story that connects to Romeo and Juliet. My story connects because it talks about the fighting between the both of my parents and how Im in the middle. My story is very similar to the Montague and

        • Dear Kayla,
          You did such a great job in your poem. You showed and expressed so much emotion into your poem which is really good. I think your claim about war between your parents is very clear and very deep. I think it’s very brave of you to say such things as the ones you have explained. I really like the part when you say,”Y’all cause me to leave the people I love, This is why it’s hard for me to find trust”. I think it’s a really good quote and I wish I could hear your poem since it shows lots of emotions. Thank you for expressing your words, keep on writing your really good at it. -Tania

        • Dear Kayla,
          Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. A line that stood out to me was “At times I felt y’all weren’t even there for me And you caused me to separate from my other siblings” because I think this line is very emotional and deep. A connection I made to your poem is that I can understand how hard it is to be part of two worlds. Thank you so much for writing and I look forward to reading your next post.

        • Hi Kayla, awesome job on your poem, you did an amazing job connecting your personal home experience to Romeo and Juliette. I’ve never been in your shoes but I do have friends who have been, however I have been there for them every step of the way and it’s not easy to watch. Throughout your poem I see how you strongly express yourself and that is not so easy to do, very brave of you to share. You mentioned in your poem, “This is why it’s hard for me to find trust”, if you don’t mind me asking, have you found someone to be able to share your feelings with and express yourself? Whenever I find myself in a situation where I’m feeling upset talking to someone besides the person you might be upset with helps soothe your mind and feelings, sometimes they have the comforting words. Overall very great poem I loved it even more because you were able to connect it to your very personal life.

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        Dear Victor,
        I really like how your shadow box is showing how you are a big fan of the Oakland Raiders. How it also shows that you are from the USA but also Mexico, I really love how you showed that you don’t support Trump. But something you could have done was put him on the outside to show he is the person creating more stereotypes about mexicans.

      • Dear Alison,
        I really love how you put quotes on the outside of your box because it was very detailed and showed a lot about who you are. Somethings I saw in your shadow box and I didnt even know about you. Another thing I really loved was the baby pictures of you because you were so tiny and adorable.

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