• KayaH

Luis, I disagree with what you had to say. I believe that animals are precious and should not be used in medical testing. I believe that there are other alternatives then testing on animals. I also believe that we should not be dissecting animals just to learn about the...

Hey Aria, I love this post. I like how you took what is happening with us and made it into something that is beneficial. Like you said, there are a lot of benefits to be able to do schooling online. It has many perks to it such as getting...

Boys Need to Listen View Comment
  • @KayaH
  • January 17, 2020

Hello Ana. You did an amazing job on this article. I believe that sexual assault is a huge problem, especially in America today. I have friends that have been sexually assaulted and it really messed them up. I believe that teaching young boys that no means no could help...

Teen Vaping ? View Comment
  • @KayaH
  • January 17, 2020

Good morning Simon. I think you have some really clear points laid out. I believe that the amount of teens that vape is very out of hand. They can easily get addicted to nicotine and then they can not stop. This can cause harm to brain development and can...

Hey Sagrario. I am sorry that you have struggled with this. I think it is absolutely terrible that people shammed you for your body. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways. It is hard to be happy when others are bringing you down. I found some sources that show...

Hey Charlie! I really like what you have said. I believe that college should be free and affordable for everyone. It is not fair that people can not go to college because they can not afford it. Even when you get financial aid for college, the prices are still...

Sophie, I really like what you had to say about this. I find it very interesting that some parents vaccinate their kids while others do not. I think that everyone should be vaccinated because it will help prevent these diseases from spreading. I found a great source that could...

Stay alive View Comment
  • @KayaH
  • November 22, 2019

Mariely, I really like this post. I feel like texting and driving is one of the most dangerous things out there. No one can multitask, even if they think that they can. It is becoming a very life threatening thing that teens do just to respond to their friends....

Marijuana Project View Comment
  • @KayaH
  • November 5, 2019

Hey Kai! I think the project that you and your class mates are doing is fantastic. I completely agree with you that Marijuana should be legalized. I think the pros that come with legalizing it is way better that the cons that come with it. I found an article...

Hey Dakota. I really like your view on the school uniform. I believe a lot of what you believe due to this. I believe that uniforms take away from the student because they are not able to express who they are fully. Another issue with uniforms is how uncomfortable...

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