• Sophie, I really like what you had to say about this. I find it very interesting that some parents vaccinate their kids while others do not. I think that everyone should be vaccinated because it will help prevent these diseases from spreading. I found a great source that could help if you wanted to look into it further.…[Read more]

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    Mariely, I really like this post. I feel like texting and driving is one of the most dangerous things out there. No one can multitask, even if they think that they can. It is becoming a very life threatening thing that teens do just to respond to their friends. No text is worth dying over. I found a great website that can help you further your…[Read more]

  • Legalizing marijuana to be a medical option has two sides to it. The side supports it has a lot of pros that show that marijuanna, should in fact be legalized. Marijuanna is known for helping alleviate pain or

    • Hi Kaya,
      I really liked how you added both the pros and cons in your writing. You gave a lot of good evidence to support both of the sides, and I agreed with your final paragraph about how it could solve a lot of problems we have today and how it is a way safer method for pain relief. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this. Good job!

    • Dear Kaya,
      I 100 percent agree with your post, because medical marijuana has helped so many people and it is natural. It is also much cheaper than most over the counter drugs, which can help so many people across America with their health and financial situation. I think this was a great post and here is a link to why it should be legalized from another source.

      Great reasons why marijuana legalization is important

      Emily Malouf

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    Hey Kai! I think the project that you and your class mates are doing is fantastic. I completely agree with you that Marijuana should be legalized. I think the pros that come with legalizing it is way better that the cons that come with it. I found an article that states pros and cons of legalizing it and I think it would be very helpful in your…[Read more]

  • Hey Dakota. I really like your view on the school uniform. I believe a lot of what you believe due to this. I believe that uniforms take away from the student because they are not able to express who they are fully. Another issue with uniforms is how uncomfortable they can be, and making someone wear it for a good majority of their week in unfair.…[Read more]

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    Abortion is often a sensitive topic to discuss. It is one of the most divisive issues facing our nation today. However, it is necessary to understand all sides of the topic in order to formulate a thoughtful

    • The writing of your article is great. I had to read it a few times to really understand how you feel about abortion. If you are pro-life, what are some things you do or think need to be done about babies who are given up for adoption? Even though some women give birth instead of aborting they still don’t keep the baby. They don’t always because they don’t want he baby, but because they can not look at the child. people who question abortion’s aren’t always there because they didn’t use protection or a complication. They were raped and they shouldn’t have to keep that with them. Which brings me back to my first question.If you are pro-life, what are some things you do or think need to be done about babies who are given up for adoption?

    • Dear Kaya,
      I agree with your article in the fact that people need to fully understand both sides to fully make their own opinion. I think you could’ve included a little part about your own opinion and make it known to the readers why you think it is important to address this topic. You could also include information about the majority opinion of people about abortion and data about abortion. I found a site that might help include more information than just what pro-life and pro-choice is.

      Public Opinion on Abortion

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