• Birth control has always been a huge debate on if we should even use it or not. The new debate about birth control is if it should be available over the counter or not. There are two sides to this, both with good

    • I think you make great points! I completely agree with you opinion because teens can be too scared to approach their parents about birth control, but need it. If it becomes over the counter teens can take control of their body in the way they want no matter what their parents believe.

  • Luis, I disagree with what you had to say. I believe that animals are precious and should not be used in medical testing. I believe that there are other alternatives then testing on animals. I also believe that we should not be dissecting animals just to learn about the brain. There are other options then killing an innocent animal to run certain…[Read more]

  • Hey Aria, I love this post. I like how you took what is happening with us and made it into something that is beneficial. Like you said, there are a lot of benefits to be able to do schooling online. It has many perks to it such as getting classwork done at our own time, not having to drive to school, and sleeping in. There are also a lot of bad…[Read more]

  • Hello Ana. You did an amazing job on this article. I believe that sexual assault is a huge problem, especially in America today. I have friends that have been sexually assaulted and it really messed them up. I believe that teaching young boys that no means no could help the issue because some simply do not understand. I looked up ways to help stop…[Read more]

  • Good morning Simon. I think you have some really clear points laid out. I believe that the amount of teens that vape is very out of hand. They can easily get addicted to nicotine and then they can not stop. This can cause harm to brain development and can be a gateway to using other tobacco substances and alcohol. I have found a great source that…[Read more]

  • There are many pros and cons about lowering the legal drinking age to 18 in the USA.  Those who are for lowering the drinking age have very good points. One major topic that they bring up is that “when you tu

    • I think drinking will do nothing good to people’s brain especially to kids. We drink only for fun.
      To be bold and strong, don’t let alcohol control you. You must control them.

  • Hey Sagrario. I am sorry that you have struggled with this. I think it is absolutely terrible that people shammed you for your body. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways. It is hard to be happy when others are bringing you down. I found some sources that show why you should love yourself. Do not let others bring you down girl. You are…[Read more]

  • Hey Charlie! I really like what you have said. I believe that college should be free and affordable for everyone. It is not fair that people can not go to college because they can not afford it. Even when you get financial aid for college, the prices are still extremely high. Making college free would help with college debt as well. I found a…[Read more]

  • Students struggle getting enough sleep because their lives are so busy. It is hard to manage time in young adults. Sleep is necessary. In order to get more sleep, young adults need to realize that it is a

    • Dear Kaya:
      I am surprised by your post, “It’s Bed Time,” because I didn’t know that sleep deprivation could cause our everyday life and mindset. The fact that not getting enough sleep causes brain break/damage is very shocking to me and as a result lowering our concentration is also a moving fact.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is: “Young adults need to realize that it’s a necessity to be the best versions of ourselves,” I think this is a fabulous line because, young adults encounter different events and facts in life that can shape their future, as for this line, it is implied that one must never lose it’s own real identity and never give up in order to succeed in life.
      Another sentence that I liked was: “Getting sleep can help with these negative thoughts and increase the overall mood of a person.” This stood out for me because it shows the most essential benefits of sleep. Humans like machines need a break to gain more energy which is done through sleeping. However, I think too much sleep time can have an opposite (negative) effect on people, for it may make us more lazy.
      Have you seen this article https://www.healthline.com/health/sleep-deprivation/effects-on-body#4. I thought you might like this because it has sleep deprivation side effects with proves through science and everyday life evidences.
      Thanks for your writing, I am look forward to seeing what you write next, because I find your post informative: It helps us build up a better foundation and decisions for becoming the best versions of ourselves.

    • Dear kaya,
      complete agree with you on how it’s hard to get enough sleep during the school year. It would definitely help us if were on our phone’s less. When it’s time for us to go to sleep to put our phones in another room so we get a better night sleep.

    • Hey Kaya, I totally agree with your take on lack of sleep causing lots of problems for students. If we students do not get enough sleep, their entire day can be affected. From their mood, to their ability to study. With increasing responsibilities for students it is harder and harder to get a full night of sleep. The tips you gave for getting more sleep, are very helpful. Another article that I found is helpful is https://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/college-resource-center/guide-to-sleeping-for-college-students-and-teens/.

    • Great writing Kaya! I think you made some great points about sleep deprivation and its effects on teens. Sleep is crucial for everyone especially those in schools because sleep is key to their success. Whether we are talking about the academic or emotional aspect of it in their education. I believe that adding a few steps for those who have sleep problems because some of those steps you mentioned about do not apply to them. Here is an example that might give you some insights https://www.verywellhealth.com/sleep-problems-and-hiv-49407 .

    • Kaya,
      I too feel that it is a necessity to get good sleep. We as teenagers should be getting between eight and ten hours of sleep per night according to https://www.sleepfoundation.org/articles/teens-and-sleep. I believe that reading this article could help broaden your knowledge on the lack of sleep amongst teens. The line, “When a student stays up to do homework all night, it will actually cause the students grade to lower because it is harder to concentrate.” is really interesting to think about. Often times, we as students stay up late working on homework and end up tired the next day. We should work to find a good balance between work and sleep. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


    • From my point of view, phone is a big problem that can influence your bedtime. Depending on age, gender, marital status, amount of homework, drunkenness, and many other factors, this period ranges from 0:00 to 23:59:59. It is often simply defined as a person going to bed, although there is some debate as to whether this means going to bed or actually turning off the lights, closing your eyes and trying to sleep.

    • Kaya,
      I really enjoyed reading your post about sleep deprivation. I find this information to be very important and very relevant to teens today. I myself struggle with putting the phone away at night and taking naps during the day. I think to improve your writing it might be helpful to cite where you got your information from so that readers may be able to gain further information. I think you should continue to research this topic. Some websites that may be helpful are https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6143346/ which is a medical website with lots of information on how sleep affects the brain. A lot of what I read in this article kind of shocked me and makes me wonder how we can make effective steps towards changing our sleeping habits. Great work!

    • Kaya, You are absolutely right on point in regards to your post regarding sleep. Teenagers seem to be torn in so many different directions, and unfortunately sleep seems to be the one item that suffers the most. When we attempt to prioritize the various responsibilities we have in our lives, getting to bed and obtaining restful sleep is the first one on the list that gets reduced. However, in listening to others, regardless of age, it sounds like this situation may be more of a lifelong challenge than just a teenager problem. Adults have deadlines, appointments, and many other demands on their schedules as well. I have witnessed many older people that have the same problems with sleep habits as you have discussed regarding teenagers. Similarly, when I have travelled to other Countries, it also does not appear that this is solely an issue related to Americans either. In fact, if you go anywhere that someone has the opportunity to just sit and wait for something to occur, I have noticed that when there is nothing else to do, a person will simply shut their eyes and nod off to sleep. Clearly this is a more wide spread issue than just for teenagers, it extends to the entire human race. You have raised awareness to a topic that we as teenagers must further investigate because the adults that have proceeded before us obviously have not found the answer either.

    • Kaya,
      I found your article about sleep really interesting. Sleep is something we all need to live healthily. What I liked about it the most was the problems that causes sleep deprivation, and also the benefits that sleep gives us in our everyday lives. Here is an article I think you might like based off your article. https://childmind.org/article/teenagers-sleep-deprived/

    • Hey Kaya, I found your post very interesting because of how I can relate. School and other distractions often effect my sleeping schedule. I agree that getting in a good routine and limiting distractions is a good idea. I found an article that goes deeper about school and how it effects sleep patterns, https://drugfree.org/parent-blog/school-stress-teen-needs-good-nights-sleep/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAvJXxBRCeARIsAMSkApqb4VYZhf611Lnkma6yQtf0b2A9HyDriGWNCrTZi-nUiaG2e-CDGPgaApUSEALw_wcB


    • Hey Kaya!
      I really enjoyed your post on the topic of sleep deprivation and the effects it has on students. I was primarily drawn to your post because I personally struggle with getting enough sleep, whether it be because of homework, sports, phone distractions, etc. I liked how you have raised awareness for this issue as well as give different ways that students can start obtaining better sleeping habits! I found another source that goes into further detail about the effects of sleep deprivation: https://www.healthline.com/health/sleep-deprivation/effects-on-body#4.

      Sincerely, Madi

  • Sophie, I really like what you had to say about this. I find it very interesting that some parents vaccinate their kids while others do not. I think that everyone should be vaccinated because it will help prevent these diseases from spreading. I found a great source that could help if you wanted to look into it further.…[Read more]

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    Mariely, I really like this post. I feel like texting and driving is one of the most dangerous things out there. No one can multitask, even if they think that they can. It is becoming a very life threatening thing that teens do just to respond to their friends. No text is worth dying over. I found a great website that can help you further your…[Read more]

  • Legalizing marijuana to be a medical option has two sides to it. The side supports it has a lot of pros that show that marijuanna, should in fact be legalized. Marijuanna is known for helping alleviate pain or

    • Hi Kaya,
      I really liked how you added both the pros and cons in your writing. You gave a lot of good evidence to support both of the sides, and I agreed with your final paragraph about how it could solve a lot of problems we have today and how it is a way safer method for pain relief. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this. Good job!

    • Dear Kaya,
      I 100 percent agree with your post, because medical marijuana has helped so many people and it is natural. It is also much cheaper than most over the counter drugs, which can help so many people across America with their health and financial situation. I think this was a great post and here is a link to why it should be legalized from another source.

      Great reasons why marijuana legalization is important

      Emily Malouf

  • Hey Kai! I think the project that you and your class mates are doing is fantastic. I completely agree with you that Marijuana should be legalized. I think the pros that come with legalizing it is way better that the cons that come with it. I found an article that states pros and cons of legalizing it and I think it would be very helpful in your…[Read more]

  • Hey Dakota. I really like your view on the school uniform. I believe a lot of what you believe due to this. I believe that uniforms take away from the student because they are not able to express who they are fully. Another issue with uniforms is how uncomfortable they can be, and making someone wear it for a good majority of their week in unfair.…[Read more]

  • Abortion is often a sensitive topic to discuss. It is one of the most divisive issues facing our nation today. However, it is necessary to understand all sides of the topic in order to formulate a thoughtful

    • The writing of your article is great. I had to read it a few times to really understand how you feel about abortion. If you are pro-life, what are some things you do or think need to be done about babies who are given up for adoption? Even though some women give birth instead of aborting they still don’t keep the baby. They don’t always because they don’t want he baby, but because they can not look at the child. people who question abortion’s aren’t always there because they didn’t use protection or a complication. They were raped and they shouldn’t have to keep that with them. Which brings me back to my first question.If you are pro-life, what are some things you do or think need to be done about babies who are given up for adoption?

    • Dear Kaya,
      I agree with your article in the fact that people need to fully understand both sides to fully make their own opinion. I think you could’ve included a little part about your own opinion and make it known to the readers why you think it is important to address this topic. You could also include information about the majority opinion of people about abortion and data about abortion. I found a site that might help include more information than just what pro-life and pro-choice is.

      Public Opinion on Abortion

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