• Hey Asha,

    I think you’re topic is very interesting. Psychology has always intrigued me from the beginning. Your research has caught my attention because I feel a kids childhood and upbringing has a huge impact on their personality and behavior. Freud’s theories are very interesting and very odd at the same time. In my opinion, the oedipus complex…[Read more]

  • Hey Lena,

    I really can’t wait to see all the data you gather from the surveys. I have heard so many things that may come in the way of getting a goodnights rest. I always wonder how much of that is actually true. I feel like for a high schooler any sleep you can get is not enough. We always seem tired and want to sleep all the time. I look…[Read more]

  • Hey Tala,

    Your research topic is very different and unique. In a public school environment grades are so important that it sometimes takes out the true meaning of learning. If a kid doesn’t get a good grade on a test or an assignment it can be very discouraging especially when they have studied so hard. Students may know a topic very well but may…[Read more]

  • The topic I have been researching is GMOs. I have been in the process of gathering information to argue that GMOs are safe. There are many studies and research that have helped me grasp a more in depth knowledge

    • I’ve always thought of GMOs a bad. You’ve made me realize that there isn’t anything really that bad about them. I read this article about organic and GMO harmony in New Zealand. It might give you some good info. Good luck with your paper. GMO education is much needed the times we are living in.

    • I think you did a nice job. I think a lot of the times GMO’s get a bad reputation, and people try and avoid them at all costs. However, as you showed, there really isn’t much wrong with them. There are in fact lots of benefits to using them, and it could help solve some issues. I think this was interesting and I could tell you researched it well.

    • Hey Man-Winder,
      I am with you on your point that GMOs are a force of good and not evil. They could be very beneficial in coming years, especially with increasing populations. I think in the future, you should spend a little more time proofreading, but other than that great essay! I’m excited to see where your research takes you!

    • Hey Manwinder,

      I really agree with what you are saying that GMOs are beneficial to people and should not be feared. I too have been researching a similar topic, genetic engineering, and I have been finding similar fears and issues in getting the technology. Good luck with your writing, can’t wait to see what you have for a final product!


    • Hey Manwinder, first of all great post. I totally agree with you that GMO’s are perfectly safe and that the benefits of them outweigh the possible harmful effects. You already have loads of good factual information so i can’t wait to see what you’ll add to further your essay.

    • I agree with your opinion that GMOs are safe and beneficial. I remember researching about GMOs a few years ago and recall learning about how scientists have genetically modified rice by adding Beta Carotene. In doing this they were able to introduce the vitamin into populations that typically do not have access to it, specifically in West Africa. I also think it would be interesting to see how many members of the anti-vaccine movement are also against GMOs. Very good post!

    • Thank you for shedding light onto the hot topic of GMOs. I agree with you that they are much more
      beneficial to us than they are harmful. I think the whole term “genetically modified organism” scares people into thinking they’re bad before they know what they actually are. Nice evidence supporting your stance.

  • People have different opinions on almost every topic. So different opinions lead to arguments as to which opinion is right. The same goes for genetically modified organisms or GMO’s. Some people think they are

  • This election cycle has been really crazy in every aspect possible. The candidates that are now in the run for the presidency have been campaigning for well over a year and a half. That is a lot of time spent

  • Hey Cami,
    It is not easy coming out and talking about something you’ve had to deal with for a very long time that causes you pain. You can never really tell what a person is going through until you ask the person. Like for example, I had no idea about this problem you were facing until I read about it in your article. If more people talk about…[Read more]

  • This political season has been very nerve-wracking in terms of candidates and their policies. While watching the news I always see the debates on tv between politicians about LGBT+ rights. There are some

  • Gun violence is a huge problem in our society. The fact that gun violence is increasing is very scary. I think one problem is that acquiring a gun is not that difficult. Getting a gun via black market or just getting it from the shop down the street is very easy. That needs to be stopped. There needs to be an increase in gun control and background…[Read more]

  • I agree with you on the fact that college costs and debts are very high. I feel like whatever time students spend worrying about costs and debts they could focus that time on studying. This issue needs to be addressed to make life easier for college students.

  • For so many families a war is right at their doorstep. Death, hunger, and poverty looms over the people that are victims of war. I like most other people cannot come to comprehend what is like to live in countries at war. But I can say one thing that it leaves nasty marks that last a lifetime. For a family a war is never truly over even if it is…[Read more]

  • Without hope, life is meaningless and lost. This word is so powerful that it can change the course of someone’s life. Either by getting them back up from a tragic and earth shattering event or just guiding them.

    • I really like reading your post, Manwinder. I agree with you that finding hope helps you get through some hard times. I can relate to things that you are talking about because in order for me to get through the tough times of my medical experiences, I had to have hope. I think when you have hope in yourself, you will gain a lot more out of life. I thought your analogy was very clever.

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