• In this day and age, everyone is all about technology. It seems that everything is being replaced with technology, (I am even typing this on a Chromebook instead of the regular pen and paper). When I was younger,

    • Dear Katie,
      I was intrigued by your opinion and topic, “Teenagers and reading books, what’s the big deal?,” because I really wanted to know what your piece had to offer since the title included the question, “what’s the big deal?”. I think your way of telling people to stop reading online… online… is a very interesting one. In your piece you wrote, “The smell and feeling of picking up a new book is something I had forgotten was so important to me”, this is a line that really stood out to me because I find it reassuring. Like you, growing up I loved reading. However, currently I don’t find reading as interesting as I once did. When you said, “In my English class last year, we read every single Wednesday”, I was reminded by something I used to do at my elementary school a few years back. I remember always being excited on the days I had the opportunity to read. Thanks for your writing. I hope you continue to develop your strong ideas because they truly are important. I hope I get tthe chance to read one of your future posts. Thank you for reopening my opinion on reading.

    • Katie,
      First of all, congratulations on being showcased and thank you for this well written and well informed piece. I completely agree with you in saying that people who do not read are saddening and are missing out. When I realize how little I myself have been reading lately, dragged down as I am by schoolwork, extracurriculars, commitments with friends, etc., I am, quite frankly, ashamed, and I wish that I, as well as people as a whole, were to read more.
      However, lately I have been listening to quite a few audiobooks and, when my phone is muted, I think it holds just as much merit as a physical book. I can immerse myself in a reader’s voice as well as I can in text, and in my experience it makes challenging texts more accessible.
      What do you think? Is there a way to combine literature and technology without detracting from the former, or is it impossible? Do you listen to audiobooks? Do you enjoy them?

    • Dear Katie,
      I also think it is very important to read a lot because now people are only paying attention to their phones. Like you said reading something online isn’t as good as reading an actual book. Plus you might get to distracted.

    • Dear katie
      I do think that kids and teenagers are more into there phones and not there books i really like reading books and i do have friends that like books and we read every single day i think that they do need to read more and get reading and not use there phones even though i have a phone i don´t use it very often like most of my other friends do i just read.

  • I have never read this book, in fact it really isn’t the type of genre I usually read but I have to admit it sounds very interesting and I will check it out. I like how you put deep thought into this book, it shows your interest in it.

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    I really like this poem, I can relate to it which is a very important thing that makes writing good. You use good description that helps the reader imagine two people that love each other. Feelings of love are very powerful, and you channel them well. Great job, I liked this poem and the impact it had.

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    I really liked this poem, it has a powerful message. Even people who don’t have anxiety can read this poem and understand a little what anxiety is like. You do a good job giving detail and maxing anxiety come alive as a person.

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    This was a powerful writing. Love can be one of the most beautiful things and at the same time one of the most painful things. I liked your writing, it is very descriptive. When I read it, memories of past pain that I have felt just like you is brought back through your words. This is a good, keep writing.

  • I like how when you give a summary you don’t give away too much of the book, but you tell just enough to hint that it is a good book. It sounds like it would have a good plot and it seems like a book I would be interested in.

  • After reading this I see your point and I respect your opinion but I do have to say I disagree. Schools do not really encourage relationships, it is not like they say “Okay everyone needs to be dating someone or else they cannot graduate.” School is a social place anyways, and school is a place where kids connect and socialize to grow and develop…[Read more]

  • I love reading, and the fact that you liked this book so much it sparked your mind to write about it, means it is a good book. I also often write about books I have just read because they were great books. This sounds like a book I should read

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    I like how your writing flows, you included both the city aspect and the home aspect. This was a great piece of writing

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    This is a unique and beautiful poem. I like the way you use descriptive words to make your poem just flow. I also have never read a poem from the POV of a seashell so props to you for creativity. I enjoyed this.

  • I have always agreed to the comparison of drugs being illegal but people still find a way to them and if guns were illegal it would be the same. If someone needed a gun to hurt someone they wouldn’t let the law stop them, they would find a loophole. Whether it was restricting guns or completely banning them, not much would be done for violence.…[Read more]

  • While researching I found an interesting article about sexism in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

    Here’s a list of every sexist moment from the Rio Olympics

    These Olympians are amazing, strong, women, yet the media still makes comments about the outfits they wear while competing instead of their outstanding achievements. They are labeled as so and…[Read more]

  •      Everyone has those moments in life where you stop and think to yourself, “I, am going to remember this forever.” Sometimes they are good memories, beautiful stories with friends you will someday tell your c

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    I enjoyed this writing, you used great details in the beginning that I could really just slowly read and be taken back to my own childhood.

  • As a girl who is a junior in high school, this article strikes me. I will soon be preparing to move away from home and into college where my parents can no longer protect me anymore. In this day and age women are not treated right and we shouldn’t have to walk around feeling scared all the time. No one seems to want to stand up or talk about rape…[Read more]