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Ecotourism could help the Amazon reduce deforestation and handle climate change

The Amazon region depends on deforestation for its economy, but this deforestation destroys the natural habitats of animals (many endangered) and contributes to huge amounts of CO2 emissions. Ecotourism is a potential way to replace the economic dependency on deforestation. It allows the economy to shift from something that destroys the environment to something that helps the environment and receive […]

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What is Ecotourism? Concept Explanation and Goals

Although ecotourism can look different from place to place, the goal remains the same- having a positive impact on the environment and communities you travel to, not a negative or neutral effect. This can be done in many ways, a big one being the education of the traveler. Tourists can educate themselves on the best ways to travel in an […]

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Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has rainforests, beaches, volcanos, wetlands, caves, and incredible biodiversity and is, therefore, one of the most popular ecotourism locations. The government takes some actions to ensure that the ecotourism there is actually eco-friendly. For example, some national parks limit how many visitors they can have at a time or require certifications for sustainable practices. There are other measures […]

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Problems with Ecotourism

Website: Ecotourism is travelling to natural environments while doing nothing to change these areas and actually benefitting the region. But there are many problems that come from this type of tourism too that go against the very thing it tries to do. It can overtax the resources of the region, causing habitat and diet issues for the wildlife, as […]

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The Glass Castle- Book Review

I decided to read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls for my English class. I chose to read this based on the interesting plot and my brother’s recommendation. So far, this book has had a very interesting plot that has kept me hooked. I’ve been invested in this story from the very beginning, and have a hard time putting it […]

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What will the earth look like in 100 years?

Even if we make big changes, it’s unlikely that climate change will completely end. In 100 years, oceans will most likely rise, displacing many people, and it will continue to become warm and acidic. Natural disasters like wildfires and hurricanes will continue to be very common and water resources could be scarce. NASA is researching earth to make observations that […]

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